“I know who.”

“Do you want me to help you lay the pillows and quilts?” Lu Shen glanced at the packed bedding that was neatly placed on the ground, “And clothes… Can you do your own laundry?”

“I–,” Bian Shengjian took a big breath and pointed to himself, “I’m not an idiot, I’m simply not accustomed to the living conditions here.”

“That’s good,” Lu Shen replied, smiling.

“Since you love to help so much, why don’t you come and help me undress to sleep?” Bian Shengjian was stunned by his own words and smiled.
He didn’t figure out whether there was any irony in it.
He just said it casually.

Lu Shen was stunned, “If you want me to, It’s not impossible.

“Speak one more word, and you’ll jump off the building.” Bian Shengjian turned back and entered the door after he finished speaking.

“Third brother,” Lu Shen stood on the spot and squinted his eyes, looking at the closed door and whispered in a soft tone, “Let me see… what kind of person you are.”

Bian Shengjian spent his noon break pulling out all the things inside his luggage and tidying everything up.
Probably because he hadn’t done it himself for too long, not only did he sweat on his forehead when he laid down the quilt, but the result was also not smooth and flat.
After all, time was also limited.
He could only tidy up the bed casually and put his focus on the last suitcase.

Speakers, keyboards, guitars, and a thick handwritten music score.

When Bian Shengjian placed these items on the table and in the corner of the wall, he exhaled a sigh of relaxation.
As though someone who had been drifting in space for a long time had suddenly touched solid ground, and he was dizzy with joy in an instant.

He cleaned up his body and carefully got the guitar out of its bag during the last ten minutes of the noon break.
He stroked it back and forth, trying out a few notes.
Finally, he sighed deeply and placed his fingers on the strings.

Falling to the dark, and I was like… … 

Falling to the dark, and it was like… … 

There’s no turning back… … 

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This was an English song that he liked very much.
Although he was in an unfamiliar environment, when Bian Shengjian’s fingers brushed the strings, he instantly regained that familiar feeling.
The warm piano room full of sunlight and the city’s boisterous bar, the blowing breeze that swirled across his ear on the streets, and the feeling of absolute absorption.
It is music that transports him to an exclusive universe that no one else can enter or break into.

But you know I know…… 

How it’s been this tough…… 

At this moment, Bian Shengjian suddenly wanted to cry.

But before he could brew a deeper sadness, a soft applause suddenly came from the door, “Awesome!”

Bian Shengjian raised his head suddenly, regretting not having any heavy metal ornament on hand, he turned around to only find Lu Shen at the door and said, “Fuck, who told you to open the door!”

“I thought you fell asleep,” Lu Shen looked at him and the guitar in his hand with a little surprise on his face.
“What song was that just now? You sang very nicely, can you do it again?”

“Do it again, my a**.” Bian Shengjian put the guitar back in the bag, and when he raised his head, his face was a little dark, “Lu Shen, I’m warning you, if you open the door without my permission in the future, I will break your hand at once.”

“I only have two hands, I guess it’s not enough for you to break.” Lu Shen looked down, “How about you include the legs? Just don’t break my chicken neck.”

“What….” Bian Shengjian wiped the corner of his mouth and looked at him in shock, “Lu Shen, how the hell have I never found out that you are so shameless?”

“It’s my pleasure.
There are still many unknown qualities in me that you haven’t discovered yet.” Lu Shen waved his hand humbly.

Because Shengjian was busy unpacking things at noon which disrupted his nap plan, when he arrived in the classroom in the afternoon, he only felt that he was a little top-heavy.

(t/n top-heavy-which means the head is swollen and the feet are weak; it refers to physical discomfort)

“Brother Jian!” Zhou Li ran in from outside the classroom. 

“What’s the matter?”

“Fuck!” Zhou Li wiped off the sweat hanging on the tip of his chin.”Your dad is awesome!”

Bian Shengjian looked at him, and his expression instantly turned cold.

“When I went to the office just now during the noon break to hand in my homework, I saw Mrs.
Chen in front of Lao Tan going crazy! Said she would resign immediately tomorrow or something.” Zhou Li’s tone was very excited, “I went to ask Lao Tan secretly and he said it was her who cried and called your dad during noon break to complain, but your dad scolded her after watching the surveillance video Lao Tan sent, saying that if she can’t teach, she should quit, don’t teach my son something bad and many more.
Damn, I’m so relieved right now!”

Bian Shengjian didn’t speak, and only gave a faint hum after a while.

“And that’s not the point!” Zhou Li placed his arm over his shoulder, “I also heard that your father donated a building…..or half of it.
Anyway, if the principal dares to side with Mrs.
Chen, then I think the principal must be fucking insane!”

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“Damn, Brother Jian, what’s the origin of your family? Is your father in real estate?” Zhou Li’s eyes were almost shining when he looked at him now, and his voice was so loud that Bian Shengjian didn’t even have time to stop him.
“As expected, anyone can be self-willed if they are rich!”

“Shut up!” Bian Shengjian finally pointed at him and roared, “Did you fucking lose your money?”

“I…” Zhou Li was stunned by him.
“Am I not doing this for you?”

“Okay, you don’t have to ask about these things.
As long as Chen Li doesn’t bother me again, it doesn’t matter to me if she begged for food on the streets.” Bian Shengjian tried his best to suppress the irritability in his tone, and put Zhou Li’s arm down.
“Class will start soon, go back to your seat.”

Zhou Li stood there silently watching him before turning around and going to his chair to sit.
This cooperative attitude made Bian Shengjian a little uncomfortable, but he didn’t bother to take care of it.
He spread his book on the table and planned to make up for an afternoon’s nap.
As soon as he was ready to do so, his elbow slightly touched something.

It was another note from Lu Shen.

Bian Shengjian was already annoyed, and was about to swat the note when he caught a glimpse of a figure slowly drifting by the window.

He immediately sat up straight, and after the old man walked by, he hesitated before unfolding the note.

-Zhou Li is the only one left in his family, so his economic situation is not very good.
Just bear with his attitude.

Bian Shengjian was stunned for a moment, then looked up to meet Lu Shen’s serious eyes.
He pointed to the front of him.

Zhou Li’s back was very straight, but his head hung low.
He didn’t know whether he was hit by Bian Shengjian’s words or he was sad because he thought of his situation at home.
In short, Bian Shengjian knew that Lu Shen wanted him to apologize, but he was a little embarrassed.
He was lost for a while, but he moved his gaze back to his table and closed his eyes.

When the school bell rang, Bian Shengjian stood up and said, “Hey-” but before he could finish, Zhou Li picked up his schoolbag, lowered his head, and walked out of the classroom, leaving Bian Shengjian’s outstretched hand frozen in the air in humiliation. 

“Damn.” Bian Shengjian stared at his back for a while, then threw his school bag on his shoulder and walked to the door, but when he passed Lu Shen, he was lightly stopped by one of his hands.
“Where are you going?”

“Go out to eat.” Bian Shengjian frowned.

“Isn’t there a canteen in school?” Lu Shen was a little puzzled, “It’s quite far from the commercial street, so it would be troublesome to run there.”

“My taste buds are numb, and there are only a few dishes to choose from in the dining hall.” Bian Shengjian sighed.

It was true.
Although the food at No.
4 Middle School was barely passable, it had a lot of components.
However, Bian Shengjian has hit a wall everywhere these days and he’s not happy anywhere.
There is an urgent need to soothe the soul with a favorite food, such as hot pot, spicy hot and so on…..thinking about it, he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.

(t/n hit a wall-which means to be hindered or rejected, and also refers to things that do not work or fail to achieve their goals)

“Okay,” Lu Shen lowered his hand, “Remember to come back before seven o’clock, there is an access control.”

“You care about me?” Bian Shengjian didn’t look back as he proceeded to the hallway, and snapped his fingers impatiently behind him.
“Up to you.”

The author has something to say: 

The title of the song is ‘Tall into the dark’, written by a very talented 14-year-old girl.
I think I didn’t know what I was doing when I was 14 years old….
(Wangtian will continue tomorrow).

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