“Alright, you can continue,” Wang Teng said nonchalantly after flicking away the two balls of Forces.

Round Ball suddenly felt dispirited.
However, its eyes lit up quickly, and it said, “Since you have wind and lightning Force, I can add the wings of wind and lightning to your battle armor!”

“Wings of wind and lightning?” Wang Teng was stunned.

“Yes, wings of wind and lightning.” Round Ball nodded.
“With them, your speed can increase by two to three times.”

“That’s amazing!” Wang Teng exclaimed.

Looking at all the martial arts in the world, only speed could never be defeated.

If he could raise his speed by two to three times, he could kill opponents a few levels higher than him.

“The wings of wind and lightning is actually a battle technique.
But it is too expensive.
I’ve only seen it once, but I worked hard and managed to decipher the principle behind it.
I then made runes to create wings of wind and lightning that can be engraved on battle armor.
Although it isn’t as powerful as the battle technique, it’s an incredible item,” Round Ball said proudly.

Wang Teng gave it a thumbs up.
Round Ball’s smithery mastery must be profound as it was able to create a weapon out of a battle technique.

“Hahaha, quick, didn’t you say that you have many star cores and star bones? Take them out.
I can’t wait to start making the battle armor.” Round Ball got excited, and its eyes were sparkling.
It urged Wang Teng to hurry.

Wang Teng smiled, shaking his head when he saw its expression.
He took out all the star cores and star bones he had accumulated.

These were all 13-star and above star cores and star bones.
He had sold the others.

“Not bad, not bad.
These are all planetary disciple star cores and star bones, enough to make a planetary-level battle armor.
With the help of the star core and star bone of the Windstorm Giant Ape, this battle armor can reach the peak of the planetary level.” Round Ball nodded in satisfaction.

“This is…” It suddenly gasped softly.
Then, it jumped up and grabbed two star bones!

“Emperor-level star bones!

“Where did you get these emperor-level star bones? You have two of them!” Round Ball rushed toward Wang Teng and asked him excitedly.

“Erm… don’t get too excited.
It’s just two emperor-level star bones,” Wang Teng said.

“Just?!” Round Ball’s tone went many pitches higher.
It gave him a death glare and continued, “Are you trying to anger me to death?

“Do you know how rare star bones are? Emperor-level star bones are even harder to find.
If you put this up for auction, even cosmos-stage martial warriors will come and snatch it!”

“Really? Aren’t you exaggerating? Even cosmos-stage martial warriors will want it?” Wang Teng exclaimed in surprise.

“What do you think? You don’t know how lucky you are.” Round Ball glared at Wang Teng.
Then, it sighed and said, “If Master Nangong had an emperor-level star bone for his cosmos-level battle armor, he wouldn’t have died.”

“You can make a cosmos-level battle armor with these two emperor-level star bones?” Wang Teng asked.

However, we need some cosmos-level ores too.
Let me take a look.
Master Nangong has probably some leftovers.
You can cultivate.
We’re not making the battle armor today.
I need to reorganize my plan.” Round Ball disappeared to look through its treasures.

Where were its treasures? Wang Teng didn’t know.

He shook his head helplessly when he saw the empty smithery studio.

But he was filled with anticipation too.

Cosmos-level battle armor!

It would be awesome if he had one for himself.
Indeed, he should collect more treasures whenever he could.
There were always surprises when the time was right.

Wang Teng thought to himself happily as he walked out of the smithery studio and headed to the cultivation room.

A universe fleet was silently floating outside a wormhole in a part of the Milky Way.

A young man was sitting in the command room, leaning against a sofa and enjoying some wine.
He was the commander of this fleet.

“I wonder why they sent me to guard this remote planetary sector.
There’s no life planet here.
This is a waste of my time!” the young man complained silently.

He had silver hair, and he looked like a human.
However, there were three silver streaks on each side of his cheek.
From his aura, he was a celestial-stage martial warrior.

“Sigh, it can’t be helped.
I don’t have a powerful family, so they won’t send me to those wealthy planets.
They will only give me this job which no one else will do,” the silver-haired young man sighed and bemoaned his fate.

“I heard that some time ago, talented martial warriors from the federation came to a planet in this planetary sector for the trial.
I wonder what kind of planet it is to be chosen as the trial ground.

“Is there a life planet in this desolate sector?

“How great will it be if I discover a life planet.
I can become a noble immediately.”

The silver-haired man started muttering to himself nonstop.

At this moment, the screen in front of him lit up, and an elder in a gray gown appeared.

“Master!” The silver-haired young man was shocked.
He quickly got up from the sofa and greeted the elder respectfully.

“Klook” the elder spoke in the common universal language.
“I have an order for you.”

“Please go ahead,” Klook replied hurriedly.

“Guard your planetary sector properly.
If anyone comes out, arrest them no matter who it is,” the elder said coldly.

“Even the candidates?” Klook was shocked.

“Yes!” The elder said sternly, “Don’t harm them if they don’t resist.
However, if a stranger passes through, arrest him, dead or alive.”

“Yes!” Klook could hear the anger and firmness in the elder’s voice.

After some time, the command room turned quiet again.
Klook straightened his back and let out a long sigh.
“I wonder what happened.
Master seems very angry.

“No matter what it is, I didn’t cause the trouble.
I’m just in charge of arresting the person.

“This is a good chance.
If I can perform well in front of Master, he might take notice of me.
My future will be bright once he puts in a good word for me,” Klook mumbled.
There was an exciting glow in his eyes.

The higher authorities from the Olant Federation didn’t just send the order to the fleet guarding this wormhole.
All the wormholes in this remote planetary sector, with the Earth in the center, were guarded by different fleets.
All of them received the order for arrest.

The Olant Federation sealed the news immediately when they discovered the presence of the Earth.
Only some high-level officials knew about it.
Thus, the commanders of these fleets didn’t know who they needed to arrest or why.

But this didn’t prevent them from getting excited.
Just like the silver-haired young man, these people didn’t have any background.
That was why they were sent to guard a wormhole in this remote planetary sector.

This piece of news from the higher authorities was a great opportunity for them to rise in rank.

None of the commanders wanted to give up this pie that had dropped from the sky.
They rubbed their hands in excitement and ordered their martial warriors to be vigilant.
They mustn’t let any person leave this sector.

Wang Teng didn’t know that a bunch of celestial-stage martial warriors had laid their eyes on him.
He was cultivating on his spacecraft when the connection he felt some time ago got stronger.

He got up and walked to the window.
A bunch of faint light spots was flying over from afar.
In this vast and pitch-black Dark Universe, the spots of light were extremely conspicuous.
Wang Teng saw them at once.

Round Ball noticed this strange sight and appeared beside Wang Teng.
It stared at the light spots in astonishment.

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