Argus was bathed in golden light.
His fist was covered with golden light too.
It was a dazzling sight.

A fist was released and thrown at the vampire devil lord.

The vampire’s expression changed.
He flapped the wings behind him and turned into crimson lingering shadows as he disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Argus left a trail of golden shadows as he chased after the devil lord.
He stuck close to him while firing punches at the guy.

“Tsk! This fellow likes to put on a show.
Do you think that you’re Super Saiyan?” Wang Teng pouted as he complained.

He didn’t lower his voice, so Argus, who was in the middle of a battle, captured his words perfectly.
The corners of his lips trembled.

He couldn’t do anything to Wang Teng, but he could vent his anger on the vampire devil lord in front of him.

A long spear suddenly appeared in his hand with golden rays of light blossoming at its tip.
It shot through space and stabbed right at the vampire devil lord.

The vampire devil lord resisted in a flurry, but the spear still pierced him.

The golden spear glow penetrated his shoulder, bringing a splash of blood with it.
One of his arms was crippled along with his shoulder.

The vampire devil lord screamed in agony.
Its pale face turned whiter, and large drops of sweat dripped down his forehead.

“Damn it, human.
You must die!” The vampire devil lord roared in anger.
His eyes were filled with bitterness and hatred as he glared at Argus.

Suddenly, rays of black light shot out from his body.
The black light turned dense quickly and swallowed the devil lord.
No one could see what was happening in the darkness.

The black light kept expanding.
It hung in the sky like a mini sun.
Gradually, a terrifying fluctuation flowed out from the black light.

The vampire devil lord was forced to execute his devil transformation because of him.

Devil transformation shouldn’t be looked down upon, no matter what kind of dark apparition used it.
Argus stared at the black light firmly as the wrinkles on his forehead grew deeper.

Suddenly, a pair of flesh wings pierced through the black light.

The wings were extremely huge!

They hung down from the sky, blocking all the remaining light there was.

Everyone was attracted by the situation here.
They were appalled.

Next, a large head popped out of the black light.
What kind of head was it? It looked exactly like a bat’s head.

However, it was gigantic, so it appeared exceptionally scary and gruesome!

The enormous body lifted itself out from the black light.
The vampire devil lord had turned into a giant bat!

“Oh my, this big bat is so scary!” Wang Teng exclaimed.

The devil lord turned his head and looked at Wang Teng.
However, when he saw the towering eight arms rock giant, he turned his head back.

Then, his bitter gaze landed on Argus.

A bellow came from the vampire devil lord’s mouth.
It resounded in the air and formed soundwaves that drilled into everyone’s ear, sounding shrill and unpleasant.

Many alien candidates’ expressions changed.
They covered their ears hurriedly, but they were still affected by the soundwaves.
They felt dizzy.

The devil lords in front of them grabbed this chance and started attacking violently.

Wang Teng frowned.
His spiritual power floated in his mind and dissipated the soundwaves.

He was surprised.
This soundwave was a spiritual attack.

Unfortunately, his spiritual power was too strong, so he wasn’t affected.

As the target of the vampire devil lord, Argus received the greatest impact from the soundwaves.
He felt dizzy too.
He quickly retreated with a grim expression.

The vampire devil lord grabbed the chance to launch his attack.
He flapped his wings and swooped down on Argus at an incredible speed.

Wang Teng’s gaze froze for a moment.
He stared at Argus.

A sudden loud explosion was heard.

Wang Teng turned his head uncontrollably and saw an alien candidate getting stabbed by a devil lord.
Before the martial warrior died, he self-destructed.

The dark apparition suffered serious injuries too.

The commotion caused by the death of a planetary-stage martial warrior was earth-shattering.
Large cracks appeared on the ground.

This was just the start.
Soon after, many other devil lords and alien candidates started sacrificing themselves one by one.
The entire Central Continent turned into hell.

This was what a real battlefield should look like!

A planetary realm battlefield!

The Central Continent suffered a horrifying disaster.
It was as if a magnitude 18 earthquake had struck this piece of land.
The mountains collapsed, and bottomless cracks were visible on the ground everywhere.
The seawater crashed onto the land, submerging parts of the continent.

Constellation Force (Dark)*1200

Imperial Realm Spirit*450

Constellation Force (Earth)*1350

Constellation Force (Water)*2100

Constellation Force (Fire)*1600

Wang Teng looked at the surroundings with a frown while picking up the attribute bubbles.

The Central Continent would be in ruins after this battle.

Fortunately, this continent wasn’t densely populated like the others.
Imagine how many people would die if it was.

But the star beasts went through an unexpected calamity.
They got caught in the battle, so many of them died.
This was why Wang Teng managed to collect a large number of blank attributes.

On the other side, Argus and the devil lord’s battle was getting heated.
The vampire devil lord wasn’t Argus’s match and was almost half-dead.
There were many bleeding holes in his body.
The poor guy looked horrendous.

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