The devil lords and alien candidates were powerful beings, yet they were all staring blankly at the changes on the battlefield.
Although they had witnessed stronger attacks, it wasn’t often that they would see such an impactful scene.

Wang Teng didn’t look strong, but they didn’t expect him to be a violent maniac!

Many alien candidates started fearing him.
They wouldn’t have been able to withstand a strike like that!

The eyes of several devil lords twitched faintly, and some of them even sympathized with him.

That punch, it probably… hurt!

Well, it looked like it would.
Otherwise, why would he scream so miserably?

Strange thoughts were wandering in the heads of the devil lords.

“Hahaha, that was a good punch!” Kathu laughed.
Seemingly driven by Wang Teng, his body was filled with bloodlust as he charged toward the sheep-head devil lord.

They had stopped their fight because of Wu Gu, and now, their battle continued.

“Hmph!” The sheep-head devil lord was fearless.
There was a glimmer in his eyes as he clashed with Kathu with black streaks of light.

On the other side, the giant devil lord attacked suddenly, swinging his huge weapon at Argus.

With his expression unchanged, golden light erupted from Argus’s body.
The sword in his hand produced dozens of golden sword consciouses that enveloped the giant devil lord.
They resumed their fight instantly as well.

The other devil lords and alien candidates also resumed their own clashes.
The tragic war started again.
In an instant, the entire Central Continent was embroiled in a heated battle.

Planetary-stage warriors were so fast that a single leap could cover a thousand miles.
Their attacks were even more terrifying.
Every strike of theirs was devastating.

To think that back then, Wang Teng yearned for such strength.
Now, he had set foot in this realm.

The future was unpredictable.
No one knew what could possibly happen in the future.

The entire Central Continent was shaking as explosions engulfed the land, drowning several star beasts.
It was a horrifying scene.

Wu Gu’s bones started rattling and squirming again, filling the void on his face.
Very soon, a complete skull appeared in front of Wang Teng.
Simultaneously, the ghost fire in his left eye socket split into two, filling up the one on his right.

However, the ghost fires in his eyes had dwindled.

With a sneer, Wang Teng strode forward.
He waved the rock arms again and bombarded Wu Gu’s skeletal body with punches.

Devil Lord Wu Gu kept retreating, but he was unable to avoid Wang Teng’s strikes.

Wang Teng’s rock body was agile and flexible.
It didn’t seem slow at all.
Punches landed one after another on Wu Gu’s body as he roared.

Devil Lord Wu Gu’s body was battered.
He couldn’t withstand Wang Teng’s fierce punches, and there were holes all over his body.

Wu Gu let out an angry bellow.
He had never been so aggrieved before.
He was forced by a human into a situation where he couldn’t do anything at all.

“I thought you were impressive!” Wang Teng snorted and broke three of his ribs with a punch.

“What happened to our duel? Why are you not fighting back!” Wang Teng sneered and broke his arm.

“Weren’t you going to kill me? Why are you hesitating?” Wang Teng shouted as he smashed his right thigh.

“Come on, kill me.
Stop retreating.
Why are you running?”

Wang Teng continued provoking him with every hit.
The rock giant suddenly rushed in front of Wu Gu and grabbed his shoulders.

He then exerted strength, causing his body to make a scraping sound.

The huge force acted on Wu Gu’s body, and in an instant, it was torn apart by Wang Teng.
The skeleton shattered into pieces, the bones flying everywhere.

The huge skull of Devil Lord Wu Gu rolled high up in the sky.
His eyes were full of confusion.

He was defeated just like that?

Devil Lord Wu Gu couldn’t believe it.
He couldn’t accept what was happening.

In the end, his skull landed on the ground and rolled over.

“No, I will not be defeated.
How could I be defeated!” Wu Gu let out an unwilling roar.
The ghost flames in his eyes shone brightly.

The scattered bones flew in the direction of the skull as if they were pulled by an invisible force.

“You’re still struggling!” Just then, a contemptuous voice came from above.

A shadow loomed over the skull before the rock giant appeared in the devil lord’s eyes.

Wang Teng controlled the rock giant and stamped on Wu Gu’s skull, ramming it into the ground.

“Ah, you are going too far, human!” Wu Gu let a roar in devastation.

“Who are you to bargain with me?” Wang Teng scoffed and slowly stepped on his feet with force.

The devil lord was horrified as if he had sensed something.
“What are you trying to do? Stop… No, stop, stop!”

“Do you accept defeat?” Wang Teng asked indifferently as he ignored the devil lord.

“… Yes, I admit defeat!” Wu Gu was silent only for a moment before throwing the towel.
Though inside his heart, he was full of resentment and wanted to crush Wang Teng into pieces.

“That’s good!” Wang Teng nodded and slowly lifted his foot.

The devil lord was overjoyed.
The skull rolled away, trying to get away from Wang Teng’s clutches.

However, after just two rolls, the shadow reappeared over him, and the skull was stepped on again.
This time, overwhelming force crushed him.

“No!” Wu Gu let out a shrill scream.
The entire skull was smashed into pieces, and the ghost fire in the eye sockets was extinguished, disappearing into the sky.

“Since you admit defeat, I can send you on your way.” Just as he was about to lose consciousness, he heard Wang Teng’s voice.

Why did I provoke this brat? With regret, Wu Gu’s consciousness plunged into the darkness.

The other devil lords in the distance saw what had happened and fell into silence.

Wu Gu’s strength was in the top ranks amongst the devil lords.
Yet someone of his caliber still fell into the hands of that human.

The alien candidates were also stunned by Wang Teng’s strength and found it incredible.
A talent like this had appeared on such a backward planet?!

Wang Teng’s strength might probably be on the same level as the five great stars!

Just when everyone’s heads were flooded with thoughts, an irritating voice boomed in the surroundings.
“Hmm, these bone fragments are hurting my feet!”

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