Wulf and Basa didn’t dare to make any sound.
They were afraid of interrupting him.

Honestly, Wang Teng also felt nervous when he saw this scene.
He was worried that Eric would damage the chalcedony heart inside with a tremble of his hand.

Suddenly, Wang Teng was stunned.

He saw a few attribute bubbles dropping from Eric’s body.

Seriously? You can drop attribute bubbles now? Wang Teng was astounded.
He hurriedly picked them up.

As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, some basic knowledge of mining appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.

This was a skill that allowed him to locate mines and mine them.

There was ample knowledge encompassed in this skill.
It required an accumulation of experience over a long time, so this was a profound occupation.

Eric might seem a little unconvincing, but the real mining engineer was extremely powerful.

You might not believe it, but a master-level mining engineer could locate a mine with one look.
He could even detect what kind of ore was present in that mine.

In this universe, this was a high-class and well-recognized profession.

There were many planets in the universe with all kinds of mines on each of them.
Some had more, some had less.
Some were ordinary, some were precious.
Hence, mining engineers were extremely important.

After all, not everything could be detected by machines.
Many special ores with strange energies in them would interfere with the mechanics of the machines, so they couldn’t be detected.

When the tycoons discovered a new planet, they would hire one or multiple mining engineers with huge salaries to scout the planet for ores.

Also, many mining works needed the guidance of mining engineers.
They might even do it personally to prevent damaging the value of the ores or stones.

This was the value of mining engineers.

Wang Teng was stunned.
He didn’t think that this profession was so useful.
He started to view it with high importance.

He looked at his attributes panel and saw a new secondary profession.

Mining Engineer: 8/100 (foundation)

He got speechless upon seeing the eight points of attributes.
This Eric was too unprofessional.
He dropped so few attributes.

No wonder this fellow spent so much effort and took such a long time to slice this jade.
I thought it was difficult, but he’s just an amateur. Wang Teng thought to himself and shook his head.

At this moment, Eric finally completed his work on the jade.
He took out the chalcedony heart.

“Sigh~” Holding the chalcedony heart, Eric heaved a long sigh of relief.
He said happily, “I finally extracted it.”

Wulf and Basa exchanged glances with each other.
They wiped the cold sweat off their foreheads in unplanned unison.

“I don’t want to look at Eric’s mining anymore.
It’s torture.”

“That’s right.
I won’t look at it anymore!”

“He still says that he’s a mining engineer.
He’s not professional at all.”

They used voice transmission to complain about Eric many times.
But very soon, their mood changed.
They stared intently at the Thousand Years Chalcedony Heart.

The chalcedony heart was like a jade egg.
It sparkled brightly.
The emerald green light it gave off was mesmerizing.

“Our ability will rise by a level with the help of this,” Wulf said excitedly.

“I might be able to break through to the second-level planetary stage,” Basa said with enthusiastic eyes.

“What? You’re about to achieve a breakthrough?” Eric and Wulf were shocked.

“Yes, soon!” Basa nodded.

“In that case, let’s go back and cultivate as soon as possible.” Eric took out a jade box carved with lock runes and placed the chalcedony heart inside.

Just as he was about to keep the jade box, a change occurred.

An invisible force intertwined around the jade box.
Before anyone could react, the force pulled it over.

The box fell out of his hand.

“Who is it?” Eric was shocked.
He shouted and wanted to snatch his box back.

But it was too late.
The jade box traveled more than ten meters away in an instant.
At the same time, Wang Teng’s figure appeared from the dark.
He reached out to grab the jade box and kept it in his space fragment without a second look.

“Thanks for your hard work!” Wang Teng finally raised his head after completing the series of actions.
He turned to look at the three candidates and gave them a smile.

“Who are you?” Eric’s expression was ugly.

Basa and Wulf also regained their senses.
Their expressions changed when they saw Wang Teng snatching the chalcedony heart.
They glared at him in anger.

“Let me introduce myself.

Wang Teng was calm and composed.
His expression remained the same even though he was facing three planetary-stage martial warriors.

“An Earthling!” The three candidates were stunned.

They didn’t think that the person who had snatched their treasure was an Earthling!

Was he foolhardy or was he unafraid of death?

“Hand over the Thousand Years Chalcedony Heart.
If not, I’ll make sure you’ll suffer like hell,” Wulf said with a look of disdain.
His gaze turned sharp.

“Did anyone tell you that your green hair is quite pretty?” Wang Teng ignored his threat and changed the topic suddenly.

“You’re tempting fate!” Wulf’s expression turned ugly.

His green hair had been laughed at by many people ever since he was young.
When he grew older, he beat up everyone who had teased him before.
No one dared to mock him again.

He didn’t think that one day, an Earthling would dare to laugh at him.

“It’s alright.
Your life will be better when you have a little green over your head,” Wang Teng said.
“You’ll know the benefits of having green hair in the future.”

Wulf’s face turned black.
Flames of anger almost shot out of his eyes.
“I’m going to kill you!”

He took a step out before finishing his sentence.
Eric and Basa wanted to pull him back, but it was too late.

“He’s trying to enrage you!”

Their expressions changed as they shouted.

Wulf could no longer listen to their words.
He had arrived in front of Wang Teng in an instant and smashed his palm on his head.

Frightening Force floated around his palm.
Anyone’s head would burst if they were hit with this attack, including planetary-stage martial warriors if they were caught off guard.

Wang Teng’s expression didn’t change though.
He allowed the strong wind to ruffle this black hair.
When Wulf’s palm was less than half a meter away from his head, he finally looked up and released his fist.

A terrifying Force surged out within a split second.

Wang Teng’s fist landed on Wulf’s heart.
Boundless Force smashed out of his fist like water from a broken dam.

Wulf’s expression changed.
However, it was too late.

A crisp sound came from his arm.

His arm twisted like a braid, and his body flew back due to the impact of the force.
He spurted a mouthful of blood.

Wulf slammed heavily to the ground.
N agonizing scream of pain escaped from his throat.

“Wulf!” Eric and Basa were shocked.
They rushed over and held their companion up.

Wulf’s face was white.
He was trembling from the pain.

“Are you alright?” Basa asked worriedly.

“My arm is broken,” Wulf replied with a distorted expression.

“Who the hell are you?” Eric was appalled.

How could an Earthling possess such strength? He couldn’t believe it.

“Wang Teng from Earth.” Wang Teng put down his fist and repeated his words.

“You’re really an Earthli—a human from Earth!” Eric wanted to call him an Earthling, but he remembered his strength and changed his words.

“You guys look down on Earthlings, but you never imagined that an Earthling will come to kill you one day, right?” Wang Teng asked.

Their faces turned green with anger.

Just as Wang Teng had said, they felt contemptuous toward Earthlings.
Yet they were forced into a corner by an Earthling.
How ironic.

“Wait, if you’re an Earthling, why do you have a personal terminal?” Eric asked.

“Oh, it’s simple.
I killed a candidate and got it,” Wang Teng said nonchalantly.
He smiled, revealing his white teeth.

The three of them squinted.
Waves of bewilderment crashed onto their hearts.

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