On the top floor of the command building.

In the central control room.

The rows of seats were all filled with renowned figures from the various fields.
Some were important figures from Country Xia while others were top-class martial warriors who had rushed over from other big cities in the country.

Within two hours, all the alien martial warriors in the major cities were caught and brought back to Capital Xia.

No matter how strong the alien invaders were, they were limited by their numbers.
They had to spread out to the major cities in the country to keep watch for the blue-haired young man.
Hence, there were only one or two alien martial warriors in each city.

The martial warriors from Country Xia attacked them and caught them off guard, defeating them one by one.
Not much effort was used.

In summary, the main battle power of the alien invaders came from the blue-haired young man.
Once he was caught by Wang Teng, the other martial warriors posed little threat.

For some reason, there was only one planetary stage formidable warrior among the alien invaders.

Or was it a restriction for them to land on Earth?

“Is Wang Teng here yet?” a general-stage martial warrior guarding Nanhai asked.

“He’s almost here.
I’ve already informed him,” Commander Yong replied.
He was sitting at the front.

“Commander Guardian Sun, we have only been waiting for a while.
Why are you getting so impatient?” Qian Boyu, who had met Wang Teng once, asked.

Commander Guardian was a position.
The status was higher than a governor.
However, only the border cities, cities with a large number of star beasts, or cities with dimensional rifts linking to the Darkland would need a powerful martial warrior to be their commander guardian.

These martial warriors were at least 13-star general-stage and above!

“There’s an alien invasion, and time is tight.
There’s no time to waste.” Sun Yuanju frowned.
“I heard that he has reached a higher realm.
I wonder if it’s true.”

Many important figures around him turned and looked in his direction.
They paid high attention to this question too, but they didn’t voice it.

“Of course it’s true.
If not, who solved the alien invasion problem?” Commander Hong glanced at him and continued, “Commander Guardian Sun, don’t say such things when Wang Teng is here.”

“Commander Hong, I’m asking for a reason.
I guard Nanhai, and I’ve detected abnormal movements from all the other nations.
The White Eagle Nation, Country Inka, and Country Bat, who are on the opposite side of the ocean, have been taken over by aliens too.
They don’t plan to sit and wait for death.
They want to attack the other nations beside them.
If Wang Teng has a higher-level scripture, he should share it with everyone.
When our ability increases, we will be able to resist invasions,” Sun Yuanju said with a smart glimmer in his eyes.

Commander Hong’s face turned black.
He stared intently at Sun Yuanju.

Was he doing it for Country Xia or for himself? No one knew.

All the important figures started to get interested.
Their eyes sparkled.
Many people had the same thought as him.
They just didn’t say it aloud.

Who would reject a higher realm scripture!

if they could get Wang Teng’s scriptures, they could advance to a higher level too!

That was a level above the general stage.
Once they broke through, they could leave Earth and seek a wider world in the universe.

To be able to reach their position, they naturally had their ambitions.

“Commander Guardian Sun, I hope you can stop saying such things.
We have to tide over the difficulty together, but peeping at other’s scriptures is taboo.
You’ve crossed the line.” The Leader of martial arts opened his eyes and glanced at Sun Yuanju.

Sun Yuanju’s expression changed.
He thought that he could ignite everyone’s sense of urgency by talking about the aliens’ movement.
That way, they would support his motive.

They might be unable to defeat Wang Teng, but there were many of them.
If they spoke to him simultaneously and pressured him with a righteous cause, he would eventually give in.

He didn’t expect the Leader of martial arts to be the first to step out and reject him.

The Leader was the closest to reaching that realm.
Yet, he had managed to control his greed.
What right did others have to force Wang Teng?

“Leader, you don’t understand the gravity of the situation.
The alien invasion has destroyed the current structure of the world.
We need to prepare early.
If not, Country Xia might be buried in the annals of history.
I won’t do such an unscrupulous thing during ordinary times.
However, we can only gain an advantage if we forsake Wang Teng’s personal interest.
We have no other choice,” Sun Yuanju still wanted to speak up for himself.
He persuaded the Leader of martial arts earnestly in a righteous tone.

“Enough!” Commander Hong was furious.
He shouted instantly, “Without Wang Teng, Country Xia would have been taken over by the alien invaders.
We’d not be sitting here.
Are you trying to disappoint him with your actions?”

Many people started to feel awkward.
They knew that Commander Hong wasn’t just speaking to Sun Yuanju.
He was warning anyone that had the same thought.

They felt embarrassed.
Wang Teng had saved them, but they wanted to get benefits out of him.
If other people knew about this, they would be condemned as unscrupulous fellows.

“Of course, I’m extremely grateful for Wang Teng’s contribution—” Sun Yuanju wanted to refute, but he was interrupted by a voice before he could finish his sentence.

“Wow, what a lively atmosphere!” Wang Teng’s voice was heard before he appeared at the scene.

Everyone’s expression changed.

Sun Yuanju’s expression became unnatural.
He looked towards the door guiltily.

A young figure walked in slowly from outside.
It was Wang Teng.

When he appeared, all the noises disappeared.

Wang Teng glanced around him, scanning everyone present with his intense gaze.
His eyes didn’t pause on Sun Yuanju.
He didn’t seem to care about him.

Sun Yuanju’s expression turned ugly.
He sensed that he was being disregarded and felt frustrated.
But when he saw Wang Teng’s mysterious gaze, he didn’t dare to say a word.

“You’re here.
Have a seat.” The Leader opened his mouth and pointed to a seat beside him.

This seat was just beside the Leader of martial arts, and it was at the same level.
To him, Wang Teng had the same status as him.

When the others saw this scene, their gazes flickered.
Many thoughts went through their minds.

Wang Teng didn’t reject the offer.
He walked over directly and sat down.

“What were you guys discussing just now? It seemed heated.
Don’t mind me, I’m just here to show my presence.
Please go ahead.” Wang Teng raised his hand to signal them to continue.
Coincidentally, his hand pointed in Sun Yuanju’s direction.

Everyone looked over involuntarily.

Sun Yuanju’s face turned green.
Wang Teng didn’t do anything, but he felt an invisible pressure pressing down on him.
It made it hard for him to breathe.

Sun Yuanju’s expression kept changing.
He felt exasperated.
He finally understood that in front of absolute power, every other effort was futile.

Everything he had done was a joke.

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