Wang Teng floated down from the few hundred meters tall building.
He threw the blue-haired young man on the ground as if he were throwing a dead animal away.

The blue-haired young man rolled a few times due to inertia.
His entire body was covered with dust, and he looked tragic.

No one could see any signs of arrogance in him anymore.

“You!” The blue-haired young man trembled in anger.
His face turned green.
He had never suffered such embarrassment.

He struggled to get up.
Even though he was defeated, he wouldn’t allow himself to appear miserable.

Zi Ling was standing not far away.
When the blue-haired young man raised his head, he saw her standing there absentmindedly.
He was furious.

“Why are you staring into space? Help me up!”

“Oh, right.” Zi Ling was dumbfounded by Wang Teng’s fearless actions and had just regained her composure.
She quickly rushed forward, wanting to help the blue-haired young man up.

However, at this moment, Wang Teng walked over.

Zi Ling’s eyes landed on his indifferent face.
Her body tensed up, and she didn’t dare to take another step forward.

“Do you want to die?” the blue-haired young man roared.
His entire body was in pain.
His expression turned distorted when he noticed Zi Ling’s hesitance.

“Did I say you can get up?”

A voice entered the blue-haired young man’s ears.
His expression changed uncontrollably.
However, before he could react, Wang Teng stepped on his head.

The blue-haired young man felt a strong force, and his head banged into the ground involuntarily.
It gave a dull thud.

Wang Teng stepped on the blue-haired young man’s face, allowing him to have intimate contact with the ground.

The blue-haired young man widened his eyes in astonishment.
He didn’t believe that Wang Teng dared to do this to him.

Zi Ling was dumbstruck.
She stared at Wang Teng in a daze as if he were a devil.
Her face turned pale, and she took a few steps back unconsciously.

“Wang Teng!” The blue-haired young man squeezed these two words out of his throat in exasperation.
He sounded bitter and furious like there was a deep hatred between the two of them.

Wang Teng lowered his head and met the blue-haired young man’s gaze.
He remained calm.
However, the edge of his lips lifted up a little.
“I like your expression.

“You look like an evil dog wanting to bite a person but is unable to.
After all, you’re just a dog.”

Anger shot out of the blue-haired young man’s eyes.
His gaze turned cold and ruthless.
He said angrily, “Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t want to know the identity of a dead person,” Wang Teng replied calmly.
He increased the strength of his leg and pushed the blue-haired young man’s face against the ground, rubbing it violently.
Bloody wounds appeared on his face due to the abrasion.
More blood flowed out of his mouth.

“Haha, ignorance is bliss!” The blue-haired young man snorted even though he was being tortured.
“The entire Country Xia—no, the entire planet will pay a terrible price for your actions.
All the humans on this planet will die because of your arrogance and ignorance.

“You can kill me but none of you can stay alive either!

“Remember, none of you! Your parents, your woman, your friends, everyone will suffer horrendous torture before dying and it’s all because of you.

“Do you think you can rest in peace after defeating me?

“Naive, ridiculous, ignorant!”

The blue-haired young man’s gaze was filled with bitterness and contempt.
He seemed to be mocking Wang Teng for overestimating his ability and his ignorance.

“That’s right, our young master is the direct descendant of the Lan family from the Olant Federation.
Do you know what kind of status the Lan family has? It controls three life planets.
The martial arts progression and technology on them are many times stronger than your planet.
If you touch him, the entire Earth will die.”

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Zi Ling seemed to have found her confidence again.
Pride reappeared on her pretty face.
She looked at Wang Teng with disdain and said, “Release Young Master and kneel to beg for mercy.
Young Master might act benevolent and spare the lives of the other humans on this Earth.”

Dan Taixuan and the Wang family walked over at this moment.
Their expressions turned ugly when they heard Zi Ling.

Control three life planets!

They didn’t dare to believe that there was such a frightening huge figure.
If they got targeted, Earth would be done for.

No one expected another terrifying presence to come out after they finally defeated the alien invaders.

There seemed to be dark clouds hovering above them, pressing down on them until they couldn’t breathe.

Wang Teng was stunned too.
He wasn’t frightened, but he didn’t expect this blue-haired young man to have such a powerful background.

Three life planets? This power was amazing!

“Are you scared? If you are, release Young Master.
When the martial warrior troop from Lan family descends on Earth, you will regret your decision.” Zi Ling thought that Wang Teng was afraid when she saw his expression and looked at him proudly.

“Noisy!” Wang Teng frowned.
He waved his hand, and his Force gathered into a large hand.
He slapped Zi Ling violently.

Zi Ling spat out a mouth of blood along with two teeth.
She was thrown a few meters away.
She covered her face in disbelief.

This Earthling dared to hit her?

“I never hit ladies, but you’re too evil, so you’re not a lady.” Wang Teng glanced at her.

What do you mean by I’m not a lady!

This fellow said that she wasn’t a lady because he wanted to find an excuse to hit her!

Dan Taixuan’s expression turned strange.
She stared at Zi Ling as if she was an idiot.

This lady wasn’t powerful and was just a servant.
Where did she get her sense of superiority from? How dare she order Wang Teng as if she had control over him.

She deserved to be beaten.
She didn’t understand her own ability!

“Good job!” Lin Chuxia shouted.
She complained to Wang Teng, “Brother-in-law, she bullied us just now and even wanted to groom us so that we could serve her young master.”

Wang Teng looked at the Lin sisters apologetically when he heard her.
Then, he squinted slightly, shooting out an ice-cold dangerous glare at Zi Ling.
“Have you decided how you should die?”

This lady dared to lay her hands on Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia.
She must die!

Zi Ling shivered.
She could feel the killing intent from Wang Teng and quivered in fear.
Her beautiful face turned extremely pale.
She stuttered, “I, I didn’t.”

“I’m asking if you have decided how you should die?” Wang Teng frowned and asked again.

“No, don’t kill me.
Young Master, save me!” Zi Ling felt Wang Teng’s desire to kill her.
She trembled like a leaf in the wind in fear and started pleading for help from the blue-haired young man below Wang Teng’s feet.

… What an idiot! The blue-haired young man cursed in his heart.
He couldn’t even save himself.
How could he help him?

Wang Teng looked at her in disdain when he saw her acting like a bitch.
He raised his hand and pointed.

A blood rose blossomed on Zi Ling’s forehead.
It was beautiful!

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