Chapter 683: He Was Originally A Pure, Naive, And Brave Child

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‘The black giant ape was exceptionally terrifying.
The two fireballs shot toward the metal armor flaming scorpion and Little White like cannons.


Aloud explosion occurred in the sky.
The high temperature of the fireball lit up the trees around it, resulting in a fire.

“Oh my, run!” The metal armor flaming scorpion was given a fright, screaming as it ran.
However, the fireball was extremely fast.
It arrived behind him in an instant.

‘The fireball landed less than three meters away from the metal armor flaming scorpion.
When it exploded, the metal armor flaming scorpion was thrown into the air.
It flipped into the air.

‘The other fireball rushed towards Little White, bringing along scorching heat waves as it soared through the sky.


Little White screeched in anger.
It turned around and spurted out a ball of green-black flame, which collided with the fireball.


A loud explosion shook the eardrums of the trio, and the residual force swept through the forest.

The resulting flames surged towards Little White.
There was a huge difference in their power.
One hadn’t entered the lord level while the other was already at middle-tier lord level.
Little White wasn’t the ape’s match.

“shit!” The metal armor flaming scorpion’s heart dropped when it saw this scene.
It rolled and stabilized itself.
Then, it rushed towards Little White.

Why is this crow fighting with the giant ape when it can’t win? If anything happens to you, how am I supposed to answer that brat?

‘The metal armor flaming scorpion rushed over, but it was too late.
With a loud bang, the flames engulfed Little White.

“Damn it, it must be dead.”

‘The metal armor flaming scorpion was shocked.
Regret appeared in its eyes.
If it knew this would happen, it wouldn’t have offended the giant ape.
The other party was just too powerful.


The Fire Blast Giant Ape was elated that it had killed an invader.
It roared in triumph.

“Noisy!” At this moment, a calm voice drowned the giant ape’s victory call.

There was a moment of silence.

The metal armor flaming scorpion shuddered.
It was extremely familiar with this voice.
It wouldn’t forget it even if it died.

It was that person!

That brat!

He was here?!

‘The Fire Blast Giant Ape’s roar got stuck in its throat.
It felt like vomiting blood when it got interrupted midway.

‘The ape was a middle-tier lord-level star beast, so it was as intelligent as a human.
Hearing the voice, it knew that this person was a formidable warrior.
Its gaze turned vigilant as it looked up at the flames burning in the sky.

At this moment, a green ball of light blossomed within the crimson flames.
Then, the crimson flames started contracting as if they were being devoured.

“Emerald Glazed Flame!” The metal armor flaming scorpion was astounded.
It confirmed that the brat had come.

On the other hand, the Fire Blast Giant Ape was alarmed, staring intently at the sky.
Within a few breaths, the crimson flames had disappeared.
A young man’s figure appeared in everyone’s vision.

‘The unruly crow was now obediently flying below him.
An ordinary-looking ball of green flame floated in his palm silently.
Yet, this was the same green flame that had devoured the Fire Blast Giant Ape’s attack.

What flame is that?The Fire Blast Giant Ape was confused and frightened.

It observed the human and realized that it couldn’t see through him, leaving it in disbelief.

“You’re having a fun time!” A voice came from the young man’s throat.

His gaze landed on the metal armor flaming scorpion, giving him a mocking look.

‘The metal armor flaming scorpion felt a chill rising up its tail.
It took a step back unconsciously and stammered, “I think there’s a misunderstanding.
I just brought it out to play.”

“Caw caw caw… (It brought me out.
I almost died)” Little White suddenly cawed.

Wang Teng understood it instantly.
His gaze turned even more dangerous.

This fellow was leading his pet astray!

“F**k, you’re framing me.
You didn’t hold back when you were eating the spiritual herbs earlier,” the metal armor flaming scorpion got angry from embarrassment and started shouting.

“Caw caw caw… (You eat too much.
You’re always snatching from me)” Little White continued.

“You’re lying.
I didn’t do that.” The metal armor flaming scorpion was furious.
It glared at the crow as if it was wronged.

“Caw caw caw… (It’s you.
Don’t lie)”

You’re the one who ate the most.”

“Caw caw caw… (It’s you, it’s you)”


‘The metal armor flaming scorpion couldn’t do anything in front of the glib-tongued Little White, which couldn’t even speak properly.

‘Wang Teng’s expression turned strange.
These two fellows were arguing in front of him.

Little White couldn’t even speak, yet it could hold its own against the metal armor flaming scorpion.
Wang Teng felt that he had broadened his horizons.

“Roar!” The Fire Blast Giant Ape became furious at getting ignored.
“Human, get out of my territory.”

His roar shook the earth and swept through the mountain.
At the same time, flames burned on its palm.
He slammed it down on Wang Teng.


“You’re looking for death!”

Wang Teng squinted.
Even though the giant palm was coming down on him, he didn’t do anything.

What’s this idiot doing? Was he scared to idiocy? He’s not the ape’s match! The metal armor flaming scorpion felt frustrated.
It took a step back and prepared to leave.

It didn’t have any loyalty toward Wang Teng.

However, it remembered that its Origin Of Soul was in Wang Teng’s hand.
If he died, it couldn’t survive either.

The metal armor flaming scorpion’s face turned green.

‘The Fire Blast Giant Ape’s expression turned savage when he saw Wang Teng standing there without moving.

To think that it was frightened by this paper tiger just now!

How embarrassing.


‘The Fire Blast Giant Ape bellowed and slammed his palm down like a huge mountain.
He wanted to squash Wang Teng to death.

‘Wang Teng released his fist calmly.


A frightening force surged out like a tsunami and swarmed towards the Fire Blast Giant Ape.


‘The next instant, the Fire Blast Giant Ape’s palm erupted.
Then, its entire arm broke due to the overwhelming force and turned into mush, the bits raining down.

‘The Fire Blast Giant Ape howled in agony.
It was thrown back like a cannon by the terrifying impact and stumbled a few times.
Many towering trees had to bear the brunt to help it stop.

‘The ape was appalled.
The reflection of the young man could be seen in its eyes.
This was unbelievable.

How could he be so powerful?

It wasn’t the only one.
The metal armor flaming scorpion was at a loss too.
It froze on the spot in astonishment, finding it hard to believe its eyes.

It was that brat!

That idiot!


The metal armor flaming scorpion shivered in fear.
It felt that its future was bleak, and it would never be able to get rid of this idiot.


After losing an arm, the giant ape was in excruciating pain and kept howling in agony.
Then, it disregarded Wang Teng and ran away.

It stomped on the ground with its huge leg.
In a few moments, it escaped deep into the mountain range.


It must escape!

It was a lord-level star beast, the king of this territory.
How could it die in the hands of a human?

‘The Fire Blast Giant Ape wasn’t willing to die just like that.
It ran away frantically.
Its desire to live was high.

If could head deeper into the mountains, it could attract the attention of the other powerful star beasts.
They wouldn’t let a human off.

“He’s… escaping?

“He was so fierce just now.”

‘Wang Teng’s expression turned strange when he saw the large ape scurrying away.
He said to Little White, “Little White, chase it.”

Little White was already getting restless.
The Fire Blast Giant Ape had been after its life just now, and it was still angry about it.
Since someone had its back now, it grew more confident and decided to kill this stupid ape.

Mind you, the metal armor flaming scorpion did lead Little White astray.

Little White turned into a black-red ray of light and flew towards the Fire Blast Giant Ape.

“Wait for me!” The metal armor flaming scorpion’s gaze flickered.
It quickly followed them.

Hence, a funny scene appeared in the forest.
A crow and a scorpion were chasing a giant ape, causing it to shuttle back and forth within the mountains.

‘There was a huge commotion, alerting multiple star beasts.
They hurriedly cleared the path.

“Oh my god, that’s the middle-tier lord-level Fire Blast Giant Ape.
Why is he getting chased by a crow and a metal armor flaming scorpion?”

“Goodness, where did the crow and the metal armor flaming scorpion come from? They’re not that strong, but the Fire Blast Giant Ape seems afraid of them.”

“Look, there’s a human standing on the crow.”

“Is the human controlling the crow and the metal armor flaming scorpion? Is he the one after the Fire Blast Giant Ape?”

“How dare a human invade our territory? Come on, let’s attack him together!”

“That’s right, kill him! How dare a human mess up our territory!”

“Kill him!”

“Kill him!”

Numerous star beasts roared angrily.
In a matter of minutes, huge star beasts rushed out of the mountains and charged toward Wang Teng.

“Oh my god, we just ignited the crowd’s anger.” The metal armor flaming scorpion’s face turned black.
Its eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

It didn’t think that they would offend the crowd by chasing the Fire Blast Giant Ape.
No matter how strong this brat was, he wouldn’t be able to handle the attacks of so many powerful star beasts!

‘The Fire Blast Giant Ape in front suddenly stopped and turned around.
It glared at Wang Teng viciously.

It must take revenge for its arm.

This was a revengeful big ape.

It felt proud of itself for coming up with this perfect plan.
It must be a wise and smart ape.

Driving out the pack to swallow the enemy!

‘What a smart move

Now, it just needed to wait and see how this human would die.

‘The Fire Blast Giant Ape laughed in its heart, its expression turning hideous.
There were both pain and happiness on its face.

It was expecting to see fear on Wang Teng’s face, but its wish wasn’t fulfilled.
Instead, it saw his eyes lighting up.

His eyes are shimmering!

‘The Fire Blast Giant Ape suspected if it was having an illusion.

This human wasn’t afraid.
He was excited.

Was he a sadist?

Great! I can pick up another round of attribute bubbles! Wang Teng didn’t know that the ape had labeled him as a sadist.
He was elated.
He looked at the star beasts rushing towards him as if they were a pile of attribute bubbles.

This feels so good!

‘This was amazing!

Good beasts, they came all the way to gift him attribute bubbles.

While Wang Teng was praising the star beast, he heard a weak voice beside him, “Master, shall we run away?”

‘Wang Teng turned around and saw the timid metal armor flaming scorpion.
It was already prepared to escape.

There’s nothing to be afraid of.
If you’re scared of these little things, how can you dominate the world with me in the future?” Wang Teng looked at the scorpion in contempt.

The metal armor flaming scorpion was rendered speechless.

To hell with dominating the world.

‘Why was he thinking about the future when they couldn’t even live to see the next day? It didn’t know that this brat was so arrogant.

“Little White, are you afraid?” Wang Teng lowered his head and asked.

“Caw… (I’m afraid!)” Little White replied.

Wang Teng:

‘The metal armor flaming scorpion glanced at him from the corner of its eyes.
Even your loyal pet is afraid.
You can’t blame me.

Disappointed, Wang Teng glared at the metal armor flaming scorpion.
“It’s your fault.
You taught Little White bad things.
It used to be a pure, naive, and brave child.
Look at it now.”

“pfft!” The metal armor flaming scorpion wanted to vomit blood.
“Is this my fault?”



“Kill the human!”

The rowdy group of star beasts had arrived.
They howled and launched their attacks at Wang Teng.

‘Wang Teng turned serious.
A dangerous glow appeared in his eyes.

“Just because I haven’t released my strength, you think that I’m weak? Alright, have a taste of my ultimate… Blood Moon Thorns!”

‘Wang Teng tapped lightly on Little White’s back and leaped into the air.
Countless crimson rays of light covered the sky.

These were all thin blood-red needles.
There were countless of them floating in the air, giving off a bone-chilling glow and aiming at the star beasts below.


The rays of light rained down immediately.

Swoosh swoosh.

‘When the light needles penetrated the star beasts, they froze in place, and their bodies started to turn dark red.

‘The powerful poison had already invaded their bodies.

Bang, bang, bang

Some weaker star beasts fell to the ground directly.
Their bodies started convulsing.

“Howl, human, you’re despicable!”



“You’ll die a terrible death!”

‘The star beasts around him roared and released their Forces.
They wanted to push the poison out of their body.

However, Wang Teng didn’t give them a chance to breathe.
The flying daggers flew out from his body and rained on the star beasts below like shooting stars.


‘The sickening sound of meat being cut was heard.
The flying daggers were like the blades of frightening meat mincers.
They cut through the star beasts below and left a bloody and gruesome scene wherever they went.


“Everyone, run!”

“This human is a devil!”

The star beasts that survived were scared out of their wits.
They screamed and started scurrying away, wanting to escape this slaughterhouse.

At first, they were full of bravado, but now, they were running away in panic.

“How did this happen?” The Fire Blast Giant Ape’s face turned black.
It was shocked and puzzled, shuddering in fear.
Then, it remembered something and turned to run away.

“Where are you going?” Wang Teng shouted.

The Fire Blast Giant Ape almost peed in fright.
It tightened its muscles and run away frantically.
It had never felt so frightened in its life.

This is so scary!

This human is too frightening!

Wang Teng was surprised at its speed.

“Damn it, have you asked my brick for permission before running away?” Accompanying his angry yell, a golden ray of light shot out and smashed into the ape’s head.


The golden ray of light flashed and disappeared into the space in front.
Then, it appeared directly behind the giant ape within a split second.

The Fire Blast Giant Ape heard the sonic boom behind him and was shocked.
It turned around involuntarily.

The golden ray of light zoomed in at a visible speed.


‘The brick landed on its face.

The frightening strength behind the brick smashed into him, and fresh blood splattered everywhere.

There was confusion in the Fire Blast Giant Ape’s eyes.
It felt excruciating pain on its face and leaned back uncontrollably.


The ground shook as its body slammed on the ground.

Wang Teng rushed forward and stretched his hand out.
The brick flew into his palm, and he threw it furiously at the Fire Blast Giant Ape’s head.

Bang, bang, bang

“Why did you run away? Did I say that you can leave?” He questioned as he hammered the brick on the Fire Blast Giant Ape.
The poor monkey started to doubt its life.
Tears flowed down its eyes.

The metal armor flaming scorpion felt a chill up its scorpion spine..
It shuddered in fear as it watched this scene

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