Chapter 641: No Matter How Many Attacks You Have, I Will Destroy Them With A Punch!


Blofled slammed onto the ground loudly.

Wang Teng floated in the air and walked towards the holy knight of the Sagittarius Palace.

A huge presence swarmed towards the holy knight like the water flooding from a broken dam.

The expression of the holy knight of the Sagittarius Palace, Fleta, turned grim.

All of them had underestimated this young man from Country Xia.
What was the result? Out of the seven holy knights that came, one was dead, five were injured, and he was the only one left to face this brutal reality.

Wait, there were still Frose and Alif!

They had to face this martial warrior too.

Fleta found some consolation amid all the despair he felt.
He looked in their direction.
Suddenly, he froze in shock.

They were… running away!

Running away…

Damn it! They were putting their lives on the line by fighting with this young man, but these two bastards were running away!

How could anyone be so shameless!

Alif and Frose wanted to sneak away when Wang Teng and Fleta were fighting, but they were discovered by their own companion.
The scene turned a little awkward.

“Fleta, bear with it.
We’re going to call reinforcements!” Alif shouted.
His speed increased exponentially as he ran towards the Holy Temple on the top of the mountain.

Frose remained quiet.
He felt thoroughly embarrassed, so he just ran away while staring at the ground.
He wanted to get away from Wang Teng.

He couldn’t offend that brick!

Fleta’s face turned black.
He cursed angrily in his heart.

Wang Teng’s expression was strange.
His eyes shimmered, and poison Force seeped out along with his spiritual power.
They flew towards the space in front.

The next instant, an invisible web appeared ahead of Alif and Frose.

These two people were heaving a sigh of relief when they realized Wang Teng wasn’t chasing them.
But the next moment, they knocked into the giant web.

“What is this?”

They were astounded.
They swung their weapons and wanted to break the obstacle in front.

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“Catch!” Wang Teng smirked.
He controlled the poison web with his spiritual kinesis and tied the two of them inside.

Then, it was the same old trick again.
The Emerald Glazed Flame started burning on the poison web.
The scorching heat made it impossible for anyone to get closer.

The flames were burning the poison Force and creating extremely poisonous gas.
It floated towards the two people.

Alif and Frose’s Force started sizzling when it came into contact with the gas.
Their weapons were starting to corrode too.

The duo was shocked.
They were forced to retreat because of the Emerald Glazed Flame and the poison gas.

“Poison Force!

“You’re a poison element martial warrior!”

Alif shouted in disbelief.

Five basic elements, then lightning Force… and now, poison Force too.
How many elements did this monster possess?

Frose found it unbelievable too.

How could someone possess so many elements!

This didn’t make sense!

“Have fun inside.
I’ll take care of you later.” Wang Teng sneered.
Then, he ignored them and turned to face Fleta.

Fleta’s expression was as solemn as it could be.
After seeing the ability Wang Teng had displayed so far, he felt his head churning.
For someone to have such talents, he must be a monster!

However, he was much stronger than Edward and the others.
Among the 12 holy knights, he was one of the strongest.
Hence, he wasn’t afraid of fighting with Wang Teng!

“Your talent is amazing.
The Holy Temple has made the wrong decision by choosing to be your enemy,” Fleta took a deep breath and said.

“Do you concede defeat?” Wang Teng asked with a strange expression.

“No!” Fleta shook his head.
“Since we have reached this stage, both of us, you and the Holy Temple, will need an answer.

“We can only fight!”

“Let’s start then!” Wang Teng remained expressionless and replied calmly.



The two of them bellowed in unplanned unison.


A powerful aura exploded from their bodies and soared into the sky.
When their auras collided in mid-air, an explosion as loud as thunder was set off.

Within a blink of an eye, Wang Teng and Fleta had disappeared from their spots.
They transformed into two rays of light, one green and one golden, and smashed against each other violently.

Fleta held a golden bow in his hand.
Although it was intended for long-range attacks, it could be used in close combat too.
The bowstring on it was extremely sharp and created golden blade glows in the air.
It slashed through space and went straight for Wang Teng.

Mo Que appeared in Wang Teng’s hand.
He slashed it down and blocked the bow.


The bow seemed to have been made from a special material.
It wasn’t damaged after it got chopped by Mo Que and continued to give off its sharp gold glow.

Mo Que was half as tall as Wang Teng.
He held it tightly and chopped it down, giving rise to a powerful force.
He then clenched his left fist and hurled it out.


Terrifying energy spurted out from his fist.

Fleta’s expression changed slightly.
He flew back to evade Wang Teng’s fist force.

He reappeared some distance away and pulled his bow until it became a half-circle.
After a golden arrow formed on the longbow, he loosed it.


Even though the sound wasn’t loud, it still gave off a faint and shrill cry as it broke the sound barrier and cut straight through the air.

The arrow was engulfed in golden light.
It was exceptionally terrifying.
The sharp aura hidden in this arrow seemed to be able to cut the very fabric of space.

Wang Teng’s eyes glinted as he gathered his golden blade conscious around Mo Que.
The light on the blade was glaring.
He slashed it horizontally in the sky.

His attack was also sent out!


The blade glow shot through space and crashed into the golden arrow.
The sharp consciouses corroded each other.
Both sides were unwilling to back down.

Boom, boom, boom!

Suddenly, the point of impact erupted, and a strong gale swept through the surroundings.

Lightning sparked around Wang Teng.
He dashed straight into the gale and charged towards Fleta.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Fleta wasn’t slow either.
He pulled his bow and sent three golden arrows at Wang Teng.

The three golden arrows turned into a golden bird.
It looked life-like.
Its eyes were sharp, and it spread its wings as it soared in the sky.

A shrill screech came from the bird’s mouth.
Soundwaves tossed and turned.

Arrow conscious!

Wang Teng’s expression changed slightly.
The holy knight from the Sagittarius Palace was indeed outstanding.
He could gather his arrow conscious anytime and anywhere.
This exceeded the power of a normal attack.

After firing the three arrows, Fleta’s face had gotten pale.
But he continued to stare at Wang Teng and the golden bird intently…


Wang Teng stared at the bird as it came closer.
Then, he moved.

Ancient God’s Body!

Five-element Fist!

Strength of Ultima!

All his skills were activated simultaneously…

It was the same ordinary-looking punch, but the skills hidden within were out of everyone’s expectation.

No matter how many attacks you have, I will destroy them with a punch!

Fleta felt his heart beating like a drum.
He had a bad feeling.

He had seen that punch before.
Edward was defeated by a similar normal-looking punch.
This was his second time seeing it, yet he couldn’t see through its secret.


Fist power exploded.
There were no earth-shaking scenes or astonishing images.
The punch landed calmly and simply on the golden bird’s head.

At that moment, everything seemed to have paused.

It was as if time had stopped…

Then, the golden bird started cracking, inch by inch.
Its entire body shattered into multiple golden dots of light as if it was struck by a powerful, overwhelming force.
It flew back and soared past Fleta, the wind scattering the remaining dots of lights.

Fleta stared at Wang Teng in bewilderment..

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