Chapter 638: Who’s Next?

An astonishing scene appeared in the sky.
Two Force torrents collided fiercely, looking like two vertical Milky Ways.
For some time, no side was able to gain an upper hand.

However, this was one person versus six people.

The six holy knights turned grim.
They looked at Wang Teng in bewilderment.

Five elements!

This martial warrior from Country Xia possessed all five elements!

What kind of talent was this!

Since they were able to become holy knights, they must be talented, more so than the normal martial warriors.
However, in front of Wang Teng, they felt extremely normal.

This was a huge blow to them!

Was this fellow a monster?

They finally stopped belittling Wang Teng.
He was indeed powerful.
No wonder Margus and Karl had died in his hands.

They died for a reason…

Alif’s face turned black when he realized that the six holy knights couldn’t take down one Wang Teng.
He released his Force and merged it into the holy knights’ Force torrent.

“Frose!” he shouted.

Frose felt helpless.
He had no choice but to release his Force and help the others in resisting Wang Teng.


With the addition of their Forces, the holy knights’ Force torrent expanded in size.
It bore down on Wang Teng like a huge pillar.

Wang Teng’s Force torrent kept moving back.

“Hmph!” He snorted.
The other Forces in his body surged out.

Poison, wind, ice, lightning!

Boom, boom, boom!

As these four Forces merged into the torrent, his Force torrent expanded multiple times too.

How is that possible?

Edward and the others were dumbstruck.
This fellow still had more cards up his sleeves?

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Was he even human?

Alif and Frose were appalled.
They felt that their addition was useless.

They couldn’t fathom how strong Wang Teng truly was.

Where was his limit? How was he able to release his Force again and again like a bottomless pit?

Wang Teng didn’t waste any time.
A green light flashed past his eyes.
The Emerald Glazed Flame flew out like a giant fire dragon, spinning around the Force torrent.
It shot towards his opponents.


The giant fire dragon roared and soared into the sky, bringing along its scorching heat.

“Shit!” Edward and the others were shocked.
They hurriedly retreated without any hesitation.

Wang Teng’s Force torrent shot right into the sky.

Boom, boom, boom!

Force explosions rang continuously.
The six holy knights, including Alif and Frose, were the first to bear the brunt.
Even though they had retreated, they got hit by a huge impact and were thrown back ten meters away.
They appeared to be in a miserable state.

Faces turning green, they felt exasperated.
There were eight of them, yet they were still at a disadvantage.
What a huge joke this was.

They exchanged glances with one another.
Although they were frustrated, they still felt the lingering fear.
If they hadn’t retreated in time, they might have suffered serious injuries if they were hit directly by the Force torrent.

Alif’s heart dropped when he noticed that everyone seemed frightened of Wang Teng.
He hurriedly said, “He’s alone.
The Force torrent must have exhausted most of his Force.
He probably only has 10 or 20% left.”

The others reacted immediately.

Indeed, a martial warrior’s Force had its limit.
A general-stage martial warrior would have a greater reserve, but with Wang Teng’s large-scale output a moment ago, his Force reserve should have dried up.

Wang Teng was still able to stand because of his exceptional potential.
Even so, they didn’t believe that he had much juice left in him.

Wang Teng sniggered at their reaction.

Edward and the others regained their confidence.
Before Wang Teng moved, they dashed towards him, releasing their fists or slashing their blades and swords.
Attacks rained down on Wang Teng’s head.
The holy knights didn’t hold back.

Wang Teng stood on the spot without moving.

As expected, he’s exhausted! Edward and the others were elated.

Alif smiled uncontrollably when he saw this scene.
He was overjoyed.
“Good, this is it.
Take him down!”

Boom, boom, boom!

The next instant, numerous attacks landed on Wang Teng.

“No, wait.”

Edward and the others noticed something amiss.
Their attacks didn’t hit anything, going through Wang Teng’s body.

“Shadow!” They were flabbergasted.

The space behind Demia started distorting.
Wang Teng’s figure suddenly appeared like a ghost.
He was holding a golden brick in his hand and instilling Force in it.
Once the brick became exceptionally heavy, he swung it down.

“Demia, be careful!” Edward shouted.

Demia squinted.
He felt danger dawning on him and wanted to run away.

“Too late!” Wang Teng smirked.
The gold brick smashed violently on Demia’s head.

A large bump started growing on the poor guy’s head at a visible speed.
Demia staggered.
His vision turned black, and he almost fainted.

Bang, bang, bang…

Wang Teng didn’t show any mercy.
He repeatedly smashed the brick on his head.
The speed was astonishing.

Demia turned into a pig’s head quickly.

“Since you like to show off, I’ll bestow you with the horns of glory.” Wang Teng smiled before giving him one last smack.


Demia crashed into the ground at the speed of light and fainted.

There was dead silence.

Everyone felt the corners of their lips twitching when they saw Demia’s tragic state.
They felt that Wang Teng was a devil in human clothing.
He was suffocatingly evil.

After taking one down.
Wang Teng looked at the others.

“Who’s next?” His calm voice spread out.
Then, he disappeared on the spot.

Everyone’s expression changed slightly.
They took a step back involuntarily and glanced around them, searching for Wang Teng in vigilance.

Wang Teng activated his space talent and hid between space.
Even general-stage martial warriors would have a hard time finding him.

“Yafel!” Blofled suddenly yelled.

Yafel’s expression underwent a huge change.
She turned around, and her Force shot out of her body.
It gathered into a bottle above her head.

“Absolute Zero!” she roared.

The next instant, a chill surged out of her body and spread to her surroundings.
A layer of ice crystal appeared in the air.

Everything around her was frozen, including Wang Teng who had appeared behind her.

“Sneak attack?” Yafel heaved a sigh of relief in her heart, but on the surface, she sneered and appeared contemptuous.


Suddenly, she felt excruciating pain coming from her head.
She got hit with something.

“How is this possible?” Astonishment appeared on her beautiful face.
She didn’t know what had happened.

She had frozen Wang Teng.
How did he appear behind her?

Was he really a ghost?

“Didn’t you say that I’m evil? Let me display my evilness then.” Wang Teng’s mocking tone sounded beside her ear.

Then, dull thuds resounded outside the Cancer Palace.

Bang, bang, bang…

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