Chapter 611: The Greatest Form Of Respect!

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Wang Teng possessed the ultimate stage of lightning Force.
When he broke through the brigadier general stage, the lightning Force shot through his spine, forming a bridge that connected heaven and earth.

All the lightning Force in his surroundings was summoned by him and entered his body.
The lightning enveloped him and danced wildly!

Everyone looked at the figure hovering in the sky with thick shock in their eyes.
Wang Teng was actually a lightning element martial warrior!

Also, he had a breakthrough in the middle of a battle and had reached the brigadier general stage!

“A breakthrough in the middle of a fight, and he even managed to do it while being suppressed by Shuen’s lightning Force! What a talent!” At the Large Eagle Nation’s side, Arnold’s eyes were shaking as he exclaimed.

“This guy!” Gerald stared closely at Wang Teng.
His heart was filled with frustration.

He was hailed by others as a talent and enjoyed great honor in the Large Eagle Nation.
However, this exchange event taught him that there was always someone who would be stronger than him!

Country Xia’s Wang Teng was undoubtedly better and more outstanding than him!

On Country Boar’s side, Darwan’s gaze kept flickering.
He took a deep breath and said, “Country Xia is always able to produce such unexpected talents.
How enviable!”

“The man I chose is indeed an excellent one!” Valeria snickered.
That Barbie-like face revealed a hint of cuteness.

“He’s a double-element martial warrior.
His fire Force has already reached the brigadier general stage and is on par with Shuen.
Now that his lightning Force has reached that stage as well, I’m afraid Shuen can no longer match up to him!” Darwan said.

“Even if he hadn’t broken through, Shuen would still be unable to match up to Wang Teng.
He hasn’t even used any skills of a divine spirit master,” Valeria nodded and said.

At the same time, talents from Country Inka, Country Fire, Country Neon, and the other countries were all discussing amongst themselves.
It seemed as though they were trying to get the shock out of their chests.

As geniuses, they had their own pride, but with the talent that Wang Teng had displayed at this moment, they had to admit that this person seemed better than them… by a bit!

Yes, only by a bit!

They wouldn’t admit to anything more than that!

Yoke’s face was turning dark over at the White Eagle Nation’s side.
He felt that Wang Teng was their country’s nemesis.

Time and time again, he had opposed them.
Beating Fortes into a pulp was still acceptable as, after all, he wasn’t the strongest martial warrior on their team.
It was just a loss; the worst was just an embarrassment.

But Shuen was different.
He was their trump card for this exchange event.

If Shuen was defeated in the hands of Country Xia, it would mean that their progress in this year’s exchange event would end here.
Wang Teng would become the wall that they couldn’t climb over.

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“What were those martial warriors doing when they were gathering intelligence? Country Xia had such great talent, and they didn’t even send us any information about him.” Yoke cursed their families in his heart.

If they knew about Wang Teng’s existence, they would have at least made some preparations.
They were caught completely off guard.

However, he didn’t know that Wang Teng’s rise was a sudden and short one.

People had paid attention during the national martial arts competition, but it was only a competition for soldier-level warriors.
It was leagues away from this exchange event, and no one felt that Wang Teng would be able to participate in the exchange event then.

Afterward, the sea beasts’ riot happened in Donghai, and Wang Teng came into prominence in that incident, finally catching the attention of the intelligence officers.

But it was too late!

Country Xia was extremely protective of their talents, and many intelligence officers were killed before they could even get the word out.

Besides, in this age, the countries were separated by the oceans, and powerful star beasts were lurking in nature, making communication even more difficult.

That was why the White Eagle Nation didn’t receive the information in time.

At this moment, everyone in Country Xia found it hard to believe as well.
Many of them were unaware that Wang Teng possessed lightning Force, and then they suddenly saw his breakthrough to the brigadier general stage, leaving them absolutely dumbfounded.

Even Dan Taixuan didn’t expect Wang Teng’s lightning Force to have reached this level.
Her heart was filled with emotions.

This fellow was a monster!

Ji Xiuming, Luo Cheng, and the rest opened their eyes wide.
They already knew that Wang Teng’s five elemental Forces had already reached the brigadier general stage.
But now, why did the lightning Force suddenly appear?

How many elemental Forces did this guy have?!

Everyone found it unbelievable, and some couldn’t even accept the fact.
In the future, if anyone dared to say that they were a talent, they would fight him.
In front of that monster Wang Teng, who would be considered a talent?

Ren Qingcang was bursting from within.

Lightning Force was a mutated element Force.
It was powerful and rare for people to possess it.
That was why he was always proud of his lightning Force.
Now, his biggest opponent had displayed lightning Force, and he had even reached the brigadier general stage, far surpassing him!

How on Earth could he ever catch up to him?

Ren Qingcang’s frame of mind was shattered, and he wanted to swear.

He felt that God was unfair.
Why was Wang Teng so powerful and talented? It was like all the talents in the world were combined into one.


How was it possible for a person like that to exist?

Jealousy had been building up in his heart for some time now.
Since the sea beasts’ riot, he had been suppressing it deep in his heart.
Now, he was raging again.

Jealousy was causing him to break apart!

In the coliseum, Shuen’s eyes were fixed on Wang Teng.
He was frantically grasping his lightning Force, trying to regain control of it.

However, things backfired.
The lightning Force within several hundreds of meters of him didn’t react accordingly, instead all gathering towards Wang Teng.


Shuen’s face was pale.
He felt like he was abandoned by the world.


He felt like crying!

Bathed in lightning, Wang Teng smiled.
“Stop struggling meaninglessly.
It’s useless!”

“I don’t believe it.
I’m already a low-tier general-stage martial warrior, and you have just reached the brigadier general stage.
You are only making use of this opportunity to control the surrounding lightning Force temporarily.
It won’t be long before everything returns to normal.” Shuen sneered.
His face wasn’t looking good, but he didn’t lose his mind yet.

“Haha.” Wang Teng thought that this guy wasn’t stupid, but it was a pity that his opponent had underestimated him.

Now that he had reached the general stage, Wang Teng didn’t intend to waste any more time.
As lightning flashed around his body, he bolted straight towards Shuen.

“As a lightning Force martial warrior, I’ll show you the greatest form of respect by defeating you with lightning Force!”

Wang Teng appeared in front of Shuen in an instant and swiped Mo Que that was on his shoulders outwards, bringing along the unrivaled power of lightning.


The lightning burst, and as Mo Que slashed downwards, it turned into a terrifying blade glow, penetrating the ground.

Shuen was horrified..
At this time, he couldn’t even think about resisting.
He quickly stepped back and tried to get out of the range of the blade glow, but it was too late…

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