Chapter 608: This Love Is A Little Heavy~

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Ancient Country Fire had always maintained a low profile.
In this exchange event, a few martial warriors came out.
Some won, some lost.
But in summary, their performance was extremely ordinary.

That was right, ordinary.
There was nothing outstanding.

However, no one would ignore the martial warriors from this country.
From its name, one could see the reason.

Ancient country!

There were only a few countries that could call themselves ancient countries.
Country Xia was one, Country Inka was another, the third had disappeared in history, and the last one was Country Fire.

There were many legends about Country Fire.
They were known for their ancient sculptures!

Some people said that these sculptures were created by aliens.
Others opined that they were the remains of an ancient civilization, and so on and so forth.
There were no conclusions.

However, there was one thing they could all confirm.
This country had a legacy that outsiders didn’t know.

Ancient countries might not be strong, but they had their own uniqueness.
Also, their foundation wasn’t something small countries could compare with.

Hence, when Valeria sent a challenge to Country Fire, the other martial warriors looked in their direction.

The martial warriors from Country Fire were dressed in unique costumes.
They were as unique as the monks from Country Inka.

Although wearing modern attires, they also had some ancient accessories like golden armbands and anklets…

These people had one similarity: they had drawings on their bodies.
Some had dog heads, some had wolf heads, some had eagle heads… and some even had one eye drawn on their bodies.

When Valeria wanted to challenge them, the people from Country Fire were stunned for a moment.
Then, a tall and muscular bald man got up and walked into the arena.

“Country Boar, Valeria!” Valeria said directly.

“Menkalaf!” the muscular man said in a low tone.

“Please!” Valeria greeted him with a martial warriors’ bow.
Then, the Force in her body exploded, and she strode towards Menkalaf.

Her battle strategy was straightforward as her strength lay in her physical body.
Under the golden Force glow, she looked like a golden war goddess.
She raised her fist and hammered it down.

Menkalaf squinted.
With a loud yell, the Force in his body erupted too, causing his body to grow twice as large as if there was a frightening power hidden within.
He faced Valeria head-on.


The two fists collided and set off Force shockwaves.

However, their bodies seemed to be stuck to the ground, and the image seemed to be on pause.
They weren’t moving, but the circles of Force waves around them spread out.

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The air vibrated as residual force kept spreading.
This scene was definitely caused by an astonishing power.

These two martial warriors were both strength-based martial warriors.
Their attacking method was simple and direct.
They didn’t use any weapons and attacked each other with their fists.
Explosions sounded continuously.

The spectators were astounded.

Their ability had reached the low-tier general stage.
They had seen martial warriors at this stage before, but not many of them were pure strength-type martial warriors.

This attacking method gave everyone a huge blow.

Wang Teng felt exasperated.

Valeria was indeed a unique lady.
How many men would be able to handle that strong body of hers?

He admitted that he didn’t have the capability!

Indeed, he mustn’t give her any ideas.
If she continued to pester him again, he must reject her directly.

A female hunk had no future.

Wang Teng shuddered at the thought of the scene…

Zhu Yushao and the others had strange expressions on their faces.
They had obviously recalled Valeria’s proclamation of love towards Wang Teng in the past.

This love was a little heavy!

Zhu Yushao patted Wang Teng’s shoulder in sympathy, shooting him an ‘I understand’ look.

Qu Fei, Yan Bo, Mu Zhiguo, and the others shook their heads.
They went forward one by one and patted Wang Teng’s shoulder.
Their expressions were the same.
The same sympathy could be seen in all of them.

Brother, it will be tough!

Wang Teng was stunned.

What was with their expressions?

What strange things were these people thinking of?

From their actions and looks, Wang Teng felt that he had become a handsome prince who got abducted by an evil female dragon.
His ending was miserable…

“Go away.
This isn’t what you think,” Wang Teng gritted his teeth and said.

“We understand.
We’re not thinking of anything,” Qu Fei and the others replied in unison.

Wang Teng: …

Boom, boom, boom!

The intense battle continued in the arena.
Valeria and Menkalaf kept colliding with each other, hitting their opponent with their fists.
Dull thuds could be heard occasionally.

These were the sound of fists hitting the body!

But none of them seemed to feel anything.
Their physical bodies suffered huge blows again and again.
They were repeatedly thrown out, yet it didn’t deter them.
They would fly back and exchange punches.

Time passed slowly.
These two martial warriors weren’t robots, so they gradually reached their limit.
At the moment, they were panting heavily and staring at each other without blinking.
No one was willing to admit defeat.

These two people were equal in strength!



Valeria and Menkalaf shouted simultaneously.
They dashed towards each other again.

Boom, boom, boom…

Dull thuds resounded in the arena.

The martial warriors from other nations were in a daze.
Had these two people gone crazy? At this stage, they were both exhausted, but they still continued fighting.

The two contestants in the arena ignored everyone’s gaze.
They climbed up again after each collision and charged towards each other…

Time passed.
They were badly bruised.
No matter how strong their body was, they wouldn’t be able to handle so many violent punches.


At a certain moment, after the final round of collision, both parties were completely exhausted.
Their Forces were depleted, and they collapsed on the ground.


Their bodies remained rigid as they fell.
Dust flew into the air.

Everyone looked at them in silence.

Many people felt that they were crazy, thinking that they only had muscles and no brains.
However, at this moment, none of them were able to voice out their comments.

Anyone who had persevered so long would gain respect.

Moreover, they were honestly powerful.
They were at the top of their peers and could be considered the cream of the crop.

Shuen, Agliro, and the others turned serious.
If they met an opponent like them, they didn’t have the confidence to win against them.

They didn’t know that pure strength-type martial warriors could reach this stage.
How frightening!

Wang Teng sized up these two people in astonishment.
Their strength had exceeded his expectations.
However, he didn’t find it strange that strength-based martial warriors could reach such a level.
After all, he had seen a purer form of strength.

Ancient Gods!

Ancient Gods’ physical bodies were the epitome of strength.
They possessed the Strength of Ultima, maybe even something more powerful.
He couldn’t imagine how strong they were.

The low level of Ancient God’s Body he possessed was enough to defeat Valeria and Menkalaf.
If he reached a higher stage in Ancient God’s Body, how powerful could he be?

He didn’t dare to think about it.

Wang Teng shook his head and looked at the arena.
He picked up the attribute bubbles they had dropped.

Physical Essence*123

Physical Essence*85

Physical Essence*115

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