Owl Marksmanship Club.

Wang Teng parked his sports car at the main entrance and threw his car keys to the doorman to park his car.
Then, he stepped into the lobby of the club.

The Owl Marksmanship Club was a high-class place for the wealthy of the society.

It was extremely famous in Donghai.
This was the first choice of many wealthy young masters and rich young ladies who loved to play with guns.

As the club was crowded with gun enthusiasts, there must be many attributes that would drop.
Although most of them were here for thrill and excitement and were not professionals, there were bound to be some who possessed real skills.

Wang Teng went to the front desk to finish the application process.
He paid the money and immediately became a member of the club.

The staff treated him with respect—

This was how amazing it felt to become a member!

Under the guidance of a beauty wearing a black sheath dress, Wang Teng arrived at the target field.
He scanned the surroundings, and a smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

Many attribute bubbles were floating on the ground.

One, two, three…

Wang Teng knew that he didn’t waste his trip here.
He didn’t waste his money to apply for the membership either.

The beauty wearing a sheath dress explained some details to him.
Then, Wang Teng asked her to leave.
He started wandering around the place himself.

Gun Skill*2

Gun Skill*1

Gun Skill*1

Wang Teng almost wanted to laugh out loud when he saw his gun skill attribute increasing continuously.

All sorts of marksmanship techniques appeared in his mind.
At the same time, his body’s familiarity with guns became stronger and stronger.
His eyes grew sharper, and his accuracy increased a whole lot.

He felt that as long as he held a gun, he would be able to apply some tricky maneuvers easily.
He could also shoot an object a hundred meters away without breaking a sweat.

This feeling was exhilarating!

As his Gun Skill attribute increased without pausing, Wang Teng’s hand suddenly got itchy when he saw other people having fun.

Thus, he ran to the staff and got himself a gun.
He found an empty spot and started fulfilling his addiction.

Wang Teng first familiarized himself with the gun in his hand.

This was a rune gun from the ‘Owl series.’ The design was rugged and handsome, with a wild kind of beauty to it.
Only people who loved guns would be able to appreciate it, though.

He raised his gun and aimed at the target.

His actions were smooth.
He did everything right from the start to the end in a single move.
It seemed as though he was a professional who had played with guns for many years.


He pulled the trigger.

The body of the gun vibrated.
A normal person wouldn’t be able to withstand the force of the recoil, but Wang Teng’s hand was extremely stable.
It didn’t shake at all.

Bang, bang, bang!

He didn’t stop at just that.
Wang Teng fired a few more shots, and his posture didn’t change the whole time.

However, someone with sharp eyes would be able to notice that he adjusted his wrist and elbow slightly every time he fired.
He didn’t stay in the same position throughout the entire duration.

Ten points!

Wang Teng put down his gun while feeling a little unsatisfied.

The difficulty was too low.
He couldn’t enjoy himself thoroughly.

He continued picking up attributes.
Occasionally, he would fire a few shots to cover up his actions.
If not, he would be too conspicuous, attracting other people’s attention.

“Good! Good gun skill!”

A shout was suddenly heard.

Wang Teng walked over and noticed a bunch of people gathered together.
They were watching a middle-aged man firing his gun.

The man had a number two haircut.
His face was firm and stern, faintly exuding the aura of a soldier.

At this moment, he was hitting the moving targets.
He fired occasionally and would hit the bull’s eye every single time.

The other non-professionals at the side couldn’t help but cheer for him.

Finally, someone who has good skills! Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He squeezed through the crowd and inched closer to the man.
He then picked up the attributes on the ground.

Gun Skill*10

Gun Skill*7

Gun Skill*13


The attributes this man dropped were equivalent to the combined attributes Wang Teng picked up from more than 10 non-professionals.


This must be a master!

This was the difference between a master and an amateur.

Wang Teng glanced at his attributes panel.
His gun skill had finally jumped from small achievement to the big achievement stage.
Its strength had increased greatly!

“Brother, your gun skill is god-like!”

After the man finished shooting, someone immediately went forward and started chatting with him.

“You’re speaking too highly of me.
My shooting is just slightly more accurate.
I don’t deserve such praises.
I’m not god-like,” the man replied humbly.

“If you’re not god-like, who is?” A person at the side didn’t believe him.

“You might not believe it, but I’ve seen someone with god-like gun skills before.
That person is a real god!” The man was full of exclamations as he recalled some past events.

“How impressive is that?” someone asked curiously.

“Have you seen bullets that can change direction in the air?” the man with short hair asked mysteriously.


Wang Teng was attracted by their conversation.
At first, he just wanted to pick up attributes, but now, he couldn’t stop himself from listening in on the chatter.

Bullets that can change direction?!

So incredible?

Do you think you’re filming a fantasy movie?

Wait, this isn’t a fantasy movie but a martial arts drama!

In the martial arts era, anything is possible!

The man’s question caused everyone to exchange glances with one another.
This bunch of amateurs hadn’t even seen many powerful gun players, much less a god-like player.

The man with short hair was immersed in his memory.
Then, he sighed and said, “I’ve seen a person who can do it.
That person is the real god of guns.
His shooting skills are god-like, but unfortunately, he’s too arrogant.
He fell into other people’s trap and used the skill he was most proud of to kill the woman he loved dearly.”

His words caused everyone to turn flabbergasted.
They saw the look of pity on the man’s face.
Although they might not have witnessed the scene personally, they felt sad too.

“Tsk!” Wang Teng clicked his tongue.
He didn’t know what kind of expression to give.

“What happened after that?” someone couldn’t help but ask.

The other people looked at the man in anticipation.
They were all burning with curiosity, wanting to know the development of this story.

“In the end, he couldn’t bear the stimulation and turned crazy.
He’s in the western suburb mental hospital,” the man with short hair said with sorrow.


No one had expected this ending.
There was a series of agitated sighs.

“The western suburb mental hospital.”

Wang Teng muttered the name to himself.
There was a glimmer in his eyes.
No one knew what plans he had up his sleeve.

In the afternoon, after finishing his dinner, Wang Teng went straight to the western suburb mental hospital.

The place wasn’t hard to find.
He drove to the western suburb under the guidance of his GPS and found his destination easily.

Wang Teng parked his car and got down.

There was an old building in front of him, mostly black and white.
The walls were mottled, and metal railings surrounded the building.
The paint on the railings was coming off, revealing the rust underneath.
Weeds filled up the corners of the walls.
It looked as though no one had cleaned this place for a long time.

Wang Teng was slightly surprised by how dilapidated this mental hospital was.
It was almost deserted.

By right, in the current society, shouldn’t a mental hospital show more emphasis on its environment?

Why was this place like a haunted house in a movie!

If someone lived here for a long time, they would get mentally ill, even if they weren’t crazy at the start!

Wang Teng walked into the mental hospital with his confused thoughts.
He didn’t know if it was his illusion, but he felt that it was cold and chilly inside.

As a martial warrior, his sense of hearing was sharper than a normal person.

He stood at the entrance and could faintly hear someone running in the empty corridor while wearing slippers.

Tap, tap, tap…


Wang Teng couldn’t help but shiver. Oh my god.

He wondered if he had made the right decision to come to this mental hospital?

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