Chapter 510: The Plan Was A Success

The next day, Wang Teng left the city disguised as Viscount Snow.

Then, he pretended to discover the human’s traces in a forest nearby, and a huge battle erupted.

Yes, this was what happened.

‘Viscount Snow’ wasn’t the opponent’s match, so he sent the reinforcement signal to the city lord.

Blackcrow City, city lord manor.

Three black rays of light shot up into the sky and slashed through the horizon like arrows.
They flew towards a certain direction outside the city.

Not long after, a vampire army dashed out of Blackcrow City.
It was a huge scene.

Wang Teng asked Rodney and Zi Ye to stay in the city.
When they saw the huge commotion, they felt a little anxious and doubtful.

At the same time, many mixed-bloods also noticed the vampires’ movements.
they came out of their houses and looked at the back views of those vampires as they discussed in low voices.

Outside the city, explosions rang out in the air.
The general-stage apparitions were very fast.
They were shooting towards the spot where the human was discovered like lightning.

The three general-stage vampires in the city had moved simultaneously.
In the air, they exchanged glances with one another.
Their eyes were brightly lit.

They didn’t expect the human to be found in Blackcrow City.

The reward from Black Incubus Devil Lord was within their reach.

Even as general-stage vampires, they felt a little excited.
After all, once they reached the general stage, they needed a large number of resources to further their cultivation.
Every single rise in level was difficult.

Hence, they would never give up this amazing chance.

Boom, boom, boom!

Loud explosions suddenly came ahead of them.
The three general-stage vampires were elated.
They dashed towards that direction immediately.


A figure slammed onto the ground amidst a loud eruption and the flashes of lightning.
Dust flew into the air.

In the sky, a figure covered in lightning was hovering in the air.
The powerful lightning attack came from this person.

He seemed to have felt the three powerful presences closing in at high speed.
Glancing at the figure on the ground, he abandoned the opponent he was fighting with and turned around to escape.

When the three vampires arrived, they saw a figure surrounded by lightning charging into the gray primary forest in the northwest direction.

The dust on the ground dispersed, revealing Viscount Snow’s figure.
He was covered with wounds, and there was blood at the edge of his lips.
He hurriedly shouted at the three general-stage vampires, “That is the human.
His lightning Force is extremely strong.
I can’t stop him.
Don’t let him escape.”

“It’s alright.
Since he came to Blackcrow City, he won’t be able to run,” one of the general-stage dark apparitions said confidently.

“Wait for the reinforcements here and lead them to surround the forest just in case.
Don’t let the human escape!” the other general-stage vampire ordered.

“Yes,” Viscount Snow said.

The three dark apparitions stopped talking and chased after the figure.

The ‘Viscount Snow’ looked at them as they left.
A mysterious smile appeared at the corner of his lips.

Soon, many vampire troops arrived at the scene.
Their leaders were the vampires Wang Teng saw in the city lord manor.

When those vampires saw ‘Viscount Snow,’ their expressions changed, jealousy flickering in their eyes.

This side family member had found the human.
How lucky of him!

“The three sirs asked you to surround the forest to prevent the human from escaping,” Wang Teng spoke arrogantly.
He looked like a small man intoxicated by success.

“How did you find that human?” a vampire stood out and asked.
Envy filled up his eyes.

This was the ex-master of Kun Shan.

“That has nothing to do with you.
You should do your things properly first.” A cold glint appeared in Wang Teng’s eyes as he refuted directly.

“You!” The vampire was furious.
He had many subordinates, so he wasn’t afraid of Wang Teng.

“Alright, alright, catching the human is more important.
Don’t mess up the sirs’ orders,” the other vampires spoke up to mediate the argument.

Many of them had been beaten by Wang Teng and were infuriated too, but they didn’t dare to create trouble at this moment.
If the human ran away, they wouldn’t be able to handle the wrath of the three sirs.

“Hmph!” The vampire led his subordinates to the forest in front with a snort.

Killing intent flashed past Wang Teng’s eyes, but he didn’t act on the impulse.

Just when the vampires were trying to catch the human outside, Blackcrow City became exceptionally empty.

At this moment, a black shadow sneaked into the city manor silently.
From the black light on his face, one could see that this was… Wang Teng!

If the three general-stage vampires saw him, they would get a shock.

Weren’t they chasing this human? Why was he here?

Actually, this was Wang Teng’s true form.
The human outside and the ‘Viscount Snow’ were both his clones.

His perfected Darkness Clone Technique allowed him to form two clones at once.

Furthermore, his two clones had reached the 9-star soldier level in power.

When Wang Teng was forming his clones, he realized his advantage.
He possessed many Forces, and most of them had reached the 9-star soldier level.
Also, he had Imperial Realm spiritual power, which allowed him to form two clones that weren’t much weaker than himself.

These two clones would have his battle techniques and his battle awareness.
They were stronger than normal 9-star soldier-level martial warriors.

Wang Teng asked the two clones to perform a show outside the city to attract the three general-stage vampires and the other powerful vampires away.
That way, he would be able to go to the dimensional rift in the manor.

After all, he felt scared to be in this place filled with dark apparitions.
It was better to leave as soon as possible.

Wang Teng executed his concealing skills and sneaked into the manor.
He had already found the position of the dimensional rift a few days ago.

He possessed space talent, so the intense fluctuations of the dimensional rift wouldn’t escape his senses.

The dimensional rift was right below the manor.

Wang Teng found a random vampire guard and got the information about the entrance of the underground passageway from him.

Silently evading the guards in the underground passageway, he felt his way into the underground space.
A long and dark tunnel appeared in front of him.

Wang Teng merged into the darkness and reached the end of the tunnel successfully.

Suddenly, he saw a faint glow of light.

He thought that this was the dimensional rift, but when he took a closer look inside, his eyes widened in surprise.
The ground was filled with all kinds of Force stones, countless precious ores, and an array of rare treasures…

Wang Teng would never think that this was the place the vampires kept their treasures.

Even more, they seemed like unimportant things, piled here like trash.
It was almost the size of a hill.
It was astonishing.

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