Chapter 404: Are You A Saint From Saint Seiya?

Xingshan Military Academy was wiped out too.

Besides Ma Pengcheng, there were a few other 4-star soldier-level martial warriors, but all of them lost.

Ma Pengcheng shared his experience with his companions so that they could be mentally prepared, but they were still shocked by the veterans’ killing intent.
There was no exception.

Finally, it was Huanghai Military Academy’s turn.

Nie Jianqiang arrived in front of the students and said, “You can decide on your order yourself.
The sequence doesn’t matter.”

Everyone was speechless.

That’s it?

You’re not being a responsible leader.

They all complained silently.

“I’ll go first.” Du Yu stood up and leaped into the arena, giving off an ‘I might not come back’ vibe.

The recruits from Xingshan Military Academy and Yunkong Military Academy looked in Huanghai’s direction.
It was universally acknowledged that Huanghai Military Academy was the strongest here.
They wondered how they would perform.

“Du Yu from Huanghai Military Academy, 4-star soldier level, please take care of me.”

“Ran Wei, 4-star.” A muscular veteran holding a battleax in each hand swayed into the arena.

The duel started with Ran Wei charging at Du Yu.
A thick yellow glow congregated on his battleaxes as he smashed them forward.

Boom, boom, boom!

Two minutes later, a figure flew out of the arena.

Without a doubt, it was Du Yu.

Ran Wei shook his head as he walked down the arena.
He hadn’t fought to his heart’s content.

“Huanghai Military Academy deserves their reputation.
Their first contestant persevered for close to three minutes.”

The Xingshan Military Academy and Yunkong Military Academy recruits had to admit that this student from Huanghai was more powerful than their strongest recruit.

Next, the recruits from Huanghai came forward one by one.
None of them won, but everyone lasted longer than the other schools.

This indirectly portrayed the difference in strength between Huanghai and the other two schools.

Finally, only Wan Baiqiu, Han Zhu, and Wang Teng were left.

“I’ll go first.
You two can be the climax.” Wan Baiqiu smiled and leaped onto the arena.

A female soldier came up.
She was a 4-star soldier-level martial warrior, too, on par with Wan Baiqiu.
Her weapon was a chain wrapped around her waist.

She untied the chain and held it between her hands.
The two ends of the chain dropped to the ground.
One end had a sharp angular lock, while the other end had a round lock.

Wang Teng was stunned.

Nebula Chain?[1.Weapon of Shun]

Are you Andromeda Shun?[2.Character from Saint Seiya]

He stared at the female veteran’s throat and found no Adam’s apple.
This was a pretty young lady.

Shun was a cute young man.

Wang Teng got excited.
This was the first time he saw such a weapon, so he found it fascinating.

The battle started.
Wan Baiqiu held her long whip and swung it at her opponent.

The female soldier released her Force and instilled it on her chain.


The chains on the ground twirled around her as if they were alive.
The end with the sharp lock flung towards the long whip.

The two of them fought for more than three minutes.
Then, the female soldier smiled.
Her chain danced in the air and circled the long whip.
In an instant, it arrived in front of Wan Baiqiu, and the sharp lock stopped at her nose.

Wan Baiqiu left dejectedly.

She had given it her best.
Her opponent was hard to deal with, and her weapon was rare.
It was a feat for her to have persevered so long.

After she went down, Han Zhu entered the scene.
He said calmly, “Han Zhu from Huanghai Military Academy, 5-star soldier level.”


The first 5-star soldier-level recruit had appeared.

A fourth-year student who could reach 5-star soldier level was an impeccable talent.

Some figures sitting in the spectators’ stand focused on Han Zhu.
5-star soldier level was a high level.

A 5-star soldier-level martial warrior could undertake tasks alone on the battlefield.

All he lacked were military exploits to convince the crowd.

“Is this your trump card?” Song Wanjiang smiled and asked Nie Jianqiang.

“Han Zhu is not bad, but we have a student who hasn’t entered the arena yet,” Nie Jianqiang replied.

“Oh? That fellow!” Song Wanjiang looked at the nonchalant young man below in astonishment.

He could tell that this young man was different.
He was composed and didn’t seem anxious at all, even after watching all the matches.
He seemed very confident in himself.

On the veterans’ side, a young officer slightly more than 20 years old was sitting right in front.
His features were rugged and stern.
The emblem on his shoulder showed that he was a first lieutenant.

All this while, his eyes were closed.
He didn’t seem interested in the duels in front.

The other veterans looked at this young man.
5-star soldier level.
They had to rely on him.

The First Lieutenant opened his eyes and stood up.
He tapped his feet on the ground and landed in the arena before speaking in a calm voice.

“5-star soldier level, Zuo Ying!”

Han Zhu held his long rod and spread out his Force wings behind his back.
He flew into the air.

Zuo Ying didn’t waste any time.
He released his wings and shot towards Han Zhu with his battle sword.

The two of them collided in mid-air, and explosions kept echoing in the arena…

Five minutes passed quickly.

The two of them separated, wounds riddling both of their bodies.

Blood dripped down the edge of Zuo Ying’s lips.
He had suffered some internal injuries.
Han Zhu was worse off, though.
There were sword wounds all over his body, and blood oozed out from the wounds.

Everyone was amazed!

Han Zhu from Huanghai Military Academy was able to fight with a 5-star soldier-level veteran for five entire minutes without losing.

From their condition, it was easy to tell that Zuo Ying was stronger.
If they continued fighting, Zuo Ying had a high chance of winning.

“Han Zhu is not bad.
I believe that he will grow quickly after gaining some experience on the battlefield,” Song Wanjiang praised.
His eyes were shining.

This was the first time he complimented a recruit ever since the military drill had started.

Nie Jianqiang beamed happily.
The performance of his students had exceeded his expectation.
Furthermore, he still had a trump card.
This was the real surprise he had prepared for them.

“Alright, you can show your trump card now.” Song Wanjiang noticed his anticipating gaze and smiled.

Wang Teng was speechless as he looked at Han Zhu walking down.
“This is just a drill.
Why push yourself so hard? Seriously.”

Han Zhu smiled awkwardly.
“I have to earn some respect for our school.
I’ll pass the rest to you.”

“Don’t worry.”

Wang Teng stood up and stretched his back.
He floated into the air without any extra movement and soared towards the arena.


Everyone stared at Wang Teng floating above the arena in disbelief.
At this moment, they had lost all their words.

Riding on air!

He was at least at the 7-star soldier level!

Wang Teng glanced around him and said calmly, “Wang Teng from Huanghai Military Academy, 7-star soldier level.
Please take care of me.”

“Gasp!” Everyone sucked in a mouth of cold air.

He was really at the 7-star soldier level!

The students from Xingshan Military Academy and Yunkong Military Academy had watched the National Number One Martial Arts Competition, so they knew he had reached the 6-star soldier level.

Yet, he didn’t remain at that level for long.
He had reached the 7-star soldier level.

How did this fellow cultivate? How did he manage to improve so quickly?


The veterans opposite him widened their eyes in surprise.

7-star soldier level.

The most powerful veteran among them was Zuo Ying.
However, there were 2 levels of difference between them.
How were they supposed to fight?

Damn it, why is there a monster among the recruits?

This doesn’t make sense!

Song Wanjiang stood up abruptly.
There was a moment of silence before he shook his head and looked at Nie Jianqiang.

He gave a bitter smile and said, “Your surprise is honestly a bit too huge.”

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