the inspection.

In the past, Wang Teng was worried that the dark Force in his body would get detected, and he would be taken as some betrayer and killed.

But he was obviously thinking too much.

They entered the Crimson Tiger City together.
The buildings and arrangements here were plain and simple.
The roads were straight without any complications.
There were no high-rise buildings either.
The structures here were all two- or three-floors high, and they were made from layering hard rocks or metals.

Wang Teng and his teammates were brought to a one-floor building in the middle of the city.
They were given a room to rest in.

“I will go and report the situation to my superior.
You can wait here first.” After Liu Huaixin finished speaking, he disregarded them and turned around to walk out of the door.

The moment he stepped out, his voice was heard again.

“Yao Jun, come out with me.”

Yao Jun sniggered and glanced at Wang Teng and his teammates provokingly.
He went out of the door.

“What is this? Why is he leaving us here without saying anything?” Yan Jinming frowned.

“That’s right.
Why did he call Yao Jun away? Why is he treating us differently?” Liu Yan said furiously.

“Alright, don’t talk so much.
Since he asked us to wait, let’s wait.
There’s nothing to lose,” Lin Zhan said.

“Why did Liu Huaixin call Yao Jun out alone?” Yan Jinyue asked curiously.

“Maybe he wants to record our statements separately like how they interrogate prisoners.
He probably wants to prevent us from colluding with one another,” Yan Jinming touched his chin and replied.

“F**k, Liu Huaixin is treating us as prisoners?!” Liu Yan’s temper exploded immediately.

“There must be something important in the cave.
That’s why they are so careful.” Wang Teng knew what was inside, but he couldn’t say it directly.

Who knew? They might be surveillance cameras in the room.

If they learned that he knew the contents of the cave, they could link many things together.
He might not even be able to hide the fact that he had tricked Liu Huaixin.

Also, the ore mine was still confidential.
He would be causing trouble for himself if they used this reason to imprison him forcefully.

“What Wang Teng said might be right.
I feel that they are very secretive.
I don’t think that they just wanted to kill the dark apparition.” Lin Zhan contemplated.

“No matter what, we made a huge contribution.
I wonder what rewards they will give us.” Liu Yan chuckled.

“Something practical would be the best.
The military has many good things,” Yan Jinming said excitedly.

“If only they give me a rune gun specially supplied to the military,” Liu Yan said.

“Letting us choose a battle technique is not bad either,” Lin Zhan smiled.

Wang Teng shook his head when he saw them discussing happily.
For some reason, when he saw Liu Huaixin’s expression as he walked out of the door, he felt that something terrible was going to happen.

The few of them waited in the resting room for more than half an hour before Liu Huaixin walked in with a military martial warrior who looked around 30 years old.
He was muscular, and he had a crew cut.

He glanced at Wang Teng and his teammates with killing intent in his eyes.
He then opened his mouth and said, “Based on my subordinate’s report, you defied your orders during the execution of the mission and caused a delay in the battle.
This resulted in the deaths of more than 20 military martial warriors.
Do you know your crime?”

Lin Zhan and his teammates had waited for a long time, but what they received was a series of interrogations.
They were instantly dumbfounded.

“We were just not powerful enough, so we let the dark apparition run away…”

Before Wang Teng could finish speaking, the man with a crew cut was already burning in anger.
He said coldly, “Enough!”

Their hearts jumped.

The man with a crew cut didn’t give them any chances to speak.
He waved his hands instantly.

“Guards, take them down!”

A group of military martial warriors crashed in.
More than ten black muzzles were aimed at Wang Teng and his teammates.

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