When they heard Wang Teng’s words, everyone was speechless.

His values seemed a little crooked!

“We are the martial arts club, not human traffickers.
Why will we need you to sell your body?”

Even Zhuang He was triggered by Wang Teng and glared at him furiously.
He was starting to wonder whether it was the right thing to invite this fellow with crooked values into the martial arts club.

“Then, why are you all staring at me? It’s frightening,” Wang Teng said innocently.

“We want to see if you have three heads or six arms.
We want to see why you’re such a monster,” Xia Qiu said.

“Hey, enough.
Is this how you ridicule others?” Wang Teng said furiously.


Everyone burst out laughing when they saw him suffering a setback.

“Alright, enough.
Stop teasing him.
Give our king of freshmen some face.” Zhuang He smiled too.

Half an hour later, Wang Teng walked out of the martial arts club.
He shook his head uncontrollably.

The seniors of the martial arts club were easy to interact with.
However, they were a little naughty and liked to tease him.

But, this martial arts club is really not simple.
I saw many 3-star soldier-level martial warriors today.

Most of the students who managed to reach the 3-star soldier level were in their third or fourth years.
They had gone through many missions.
Wang Teng could also feel extraordinary auras from these people.

Birds of a feather flock together.
Powerful people will only team up with powerful people!

Wang Teng lamented in his heart.

It was already evening.
He went to the cafeteria to eat before going back to his dormitory to cultivate.

The next day, bright and early on a Sunday morning.

Wang Teng finished his breakfast.
Then, he took his weapons and went out of school.

When he reached the main entrance, he took out his student card and scanned it on the card reader.

He had already accepted the mission, so it was recorded on his student card.
Hence, he was able to exit the school without any worries.

The entrance guard was very familiar with this situation.
He knew that this student was going out to do a mission.
Thus, he didn’t stop Wang Teng.
He nodded at him and said, “Young lad, be careful and come back safely.”

Wang Teng was stunned.
Then, he immediately smiled and replied, “Thank you, uncle!”

The entrance guard looked at Wang Teng’s back view as he walked further away.
He muttered to himself, “These children are the hope of our future!”

Wang Teng left the university town.
He took a taxi and headed straight to Mount Chunhua.

During the two hours journey, Wang Teng closed his eyes and rested in the backseat.
It made the driver in front extremely curious.

However, he noticed that Wang Teng didn’t have any intention of speaking, so he remained quiet too.

Two hours later, the car arrived in a village at the foot of Mount Chunhua.

Mind you, this place was really a little secluded.
If Wang Teng didn’t pay a high price, the driver wouldn’t be willing to drive here.

“You can wait for me here.
I will come back before the sun sets,” Wang Teng reminded the driver.

“Don’t worry, brother.
Since I promised you, I will only drive you around today.
I will not accept any other customers,” the driver patted his chest and promised.

Come on, the money this youngster gave him was equivalent to him working the entire day.
Even more, he didn’t have to run around and tire himself out.
This good opportunity might not even come once a year.
Only an idiot would reject him.

Wang Teng nodded and got out of the car.
He pulled a villager, who was passing by, and inquired about Mount Chunhua.

“You want to go up the mountain?” The villager Wang Teng was a middle-aged woman around 40 years old.
When she heard that Wang Teng wanted to enter the mountain, she looked at him in astonishment and said, “Young lad, the mountain is not safe now.
You’re really young.
I feel that you should go home.”

The middle-aged woman blatantly sized up Wang Teng.
She noticed that his skin was delicate and soft.
Then, she looked at the taxi beside them.
It was obvious that he came from the city.

She was puzzled.
What was wrong with these people? They didn’t want to stay in a safe place and wanted to go to dangerous places instead.
Did they feel that their life was too peaceful?

“I have some matters to settle, so I need to go up the mountain.
I can’t return empty-handed.” Wang Teng smiled and said, “Auntie, don’t worry.
I’ve prepared myself mentally.
I won’t joke around with my life.”

“City dwellers like you don’t listen to our persuasions.
Yesterday, three youngsters wanted to go up the mountain too.
I wasn’t able to stop them no matter how hard I tried.
They haven’t come out yet.
I wonder how they are?” The middle-aged woman shook her head helplessly.

“Oh? Three youngsters?” Wang Teng was surprised.
There were other people who came here? He asked in a composed tone, “How were they dressed? Did they say why they wanted to go up the mountain?”

“Why are you asking?” The middle-aged woman was puzzled as she asked.

“I’m just curious.” Wang Teng took out 200 RMB and stuffed them into the middle-aged woman’s hand.

“How can I take this?” The woman’s eyes lit up.
Although she spoke politely, her hands were extremely honest.
She clenched the money tightly, afraid that Wang Teng would take them back.

“Auntie, keep it.
You deserve it.
Nowadays, the information requires money too,” Wang Teng smiled and said nonchalantly.

“City people are really refined and generous.” The middle-aged woman chuckled.
She then said in a soft tone, “Those three young men were dressed like you.
Their attire was clean and tidy.
I think that they also brought weapons.
They said that they are going into the mountain to look for something and even asked the rhizotomist to lead the way.
However, I don’t know if they found anything.”

Are they looking for Illusion Grass too? Wang Teng wondered curiously. Am I going to fail my first mission?

No, I’ve already come.
No matter what, I have to go into the mountain to take a look.
I just need ten stalks of Illusion Grass.
There might not be a conflict of interest.

After pondering to himself, Wang Teng made his decision.
He said to the middle-aged woman, “Auntie, are there any other rhizotomists in the village?”

“Nope, only that family.
Very few people are willing to go up the mountain now.” The middle-aged woman hesitated.
She only continued because of the money Wang Teng gave her.
“However Old Bai—oh, Old Bai is the rhizotomist.
His daughter often goes up the mountain with him, so she’s familiar with the scenery there.
You can ask her.”

Thank you, auntie.” Wang Teng nodded.
He stuffed another note in her hands and asked her for the address of the rhizotomist.

It had to be said that money was really powerful.
The middle-aged woman needed to farm, but she sent Wang Teng to Old Bai’s house personally.

“Xiaocao, are you home? Open the door.
Someone is looking for you.” The middle-aged woman knocked on the door.

A few seconds later, the door opened.
A young lady around 17 years old walked out and asked, “Auntie, what’s the matter?”

The middle-aged woman pointed at Wang Teng and said, “There’s a young man from the city.
He wants to go into the mountain and needs someone to guide him.
Why don’t you chat with him personally?”

“Enter the mountain?” Bai Xiaocao frowned.
She hesitated for a moment.
Then, she thought of something and nodded.
“Alright, ask him to come and talk to me.”

“Okay!” The middle-aged woman was delighted because she felt that she had facilitated the deal.
She whispered to Bai Xiaocao, “Xiaocao, let me tell you.
People from the city are all stupid and rich.
If you want to bring him up the mountain, you should ask for more money.
Don’t lose out.”

…Wang Teng was caught between laughter and tears.
This auntie was really sly.

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