Chapter 171: Anyone That Plays Tricks Has A Dirty Heart

The next day.

In the huge stadium of Huanghai Military Academy.

The freshmen gathered here again.
Some of them appeared a little tired.
They were the students who got punished yesterday.

After yesterday’s lesson, no one dared to be late today, and no one dared to talk loudly.
They voluntarily lined up in the stadium.

In front of the lines, just below the rostrum, the field was segregated into five large areas.

There were counters set up in each area.
Behind the counters, more than ten staff members from the academic administration office stood there, waiting for the freshmen to register.

At this moment, the five heads of the five different faculties were standing on the rostrum.
Below the rostrum, the instructors of the various faculties stood behind their area and looked at the freshmen in front of them.

“The registration of your faculty will affect the path you will take in the future.
At the same time, it will have a significant impact on your future achievements.
You should know which faculty is most suitable for your talent.
I don’t think I have to tell you how to choose your faculty.

“You should have already looked up the heads and instructors of the various faculties.
They have their own specialization.
All of you just have to consider carefully.

“Also, the heads and instructors can give suggestions or invite students, but they can’t force anyone.
The registration will be based on the student’s wish.
This is all I have to say.
You can start your registration.”

The president, Peng Yuanshan, spoke calmly.
Then, he sat in the middle seat and closed his eyes to take a rest.

The five heads on the rostrum exchanged glances with one another.
Then, a muscular man sitting on Peng Yuanshan’s right stood up.

He looked around 30 years old, but a martial warrior’s actual age couldn’t be predicted solely by his appearance.
All the muscles on his body were bulging, and his bald head shone brightly under the sun.
It was extremely eye-catching.

“I’m the head of the battle faculty—Tong Hu!” His voice was rough and powerful.
It spread throughout the entire stadium.
“I won’t waste your time.
I just want to say one sentence: The people that enter the battle faculty are the most powerful martial warriors!”

Then, he gave off an ‘I’m formidable’ aura.
The freshmen below were stunned by his presence.

“Tong Hu, what you said isn’t right.
Your battle faculty might be strong, but that’s just individual abilities.
During group battle drill exercises, when did you ever beat my command faculty?”

A refined-looking middle-aged young man on Peng Yuanshan’s left stood up and smiled.

“Freshmen, I’m the head of the command faculty, Su Jing.
I’m not saying that a martial warrior should focus on his own ability, but your brain must be able to catch up with your body.
There’s a saying that a wise general is the same as a thousand soldiers.
Only talents who know how to use their brains are real formidable warriors.
My command faculty is never weaker than anyone.”

“Hmph, anyone that plays tricks has a dirty heart.” Tong Hu sneered.

…Su Jing, who was acting refined and indifferent a moment ago, instantly turned furious.

Damn it!

I used my ability to play tricks.
Why are you talking about my heart?

Pfft, this is being smart.
This is not playing tricks!

“How can you say that a commander’s heart is dirty? Don’t you know mapping out a strategy can help win a battle thousands of miles away?” Su Jing retorted.

“Cough, cough!”

Tong Hu wanted to say something, but he snorted and kept quiet when he heard Peng Yuanshan’s dry cough.

Su Jing winked at him proudly.

“Everyone, I’m the head of the smithery faculty, Ou Changsong.
You should know what my smithery faculty does.
I just want to tell you that smithery is an art.
At the same time, it requires talent.
Interested students can apply for our faculty.”

“I’m the head of the dan faculty, Cui Heng.
I don’t agree with what Head Ou said.
Alchemy is real art.
As for smithery, it’s just manual labor.
I find it really difficult to link it to art.
However, being an alchemist requires high talent too.
If you think you have the talent, you can enter my dan faculty after passing our faculty’s test.

“Oh, right.
My dan faculty has many dan medicines.
If you want to eat one or throw one away, it’s fine.”


This was a blatant temptation!

As expected, after the freshmen below heard this, their eyes lit up.
They looked excited.

Eat one or throw one away? This was too extravagant!

“Bullshit!” The head of the smithery faculty, Ou Changsong, glared at Head Cui and said furiously, “Making a dan is just like a chef making a dish.
No skills are needed.
All you have to do is cook it in a pot.
There’s no difficulty in it.
How dare you talk about art!”

Cook it in a pot?

The freshmen were speechless when they heard this. Are you talking about making dan pills or cooking?

Also, are the two of you artists? Why are you talking about art all the time? People who don’t know you might think that you are both artists.

Just as the two of them were about to start quarreling, the last director who hadn’t opened his mouth immediately said, “I’m the head of the rune faculty, Situ Yun.
If you are interested in rune studies, you can come and join my faculty.”

Ou Changsong and Cui Heng were stopped just when they were about to start quarreling.
They felt extremely uncomfortable, as if there was something stuck in their heart.
However, the president was here, so they couldn’t really get into a fight.
They could only glare at each other and fume silently in their seats.

The five heads had introduced themselves, but the freshmen were even more stunned.

None of the five heads seemed reliable!

The freshmen were a little lost.
There were a few seconds of silence.
Yet, no student went forward to register.

The atmosphere at the scene was awkward.

All the instructors wanted to cover their faces at this moment.
Couldn’t their heads appear more normal? Look, all the freshmen were frightened by them…

At this moment, a figure walked out from the crowd and headed towards the battle faculty’s area.

“Wang Teng!”

Everyone immediately recognized the figure.

The head of the battle faculty, Tong Hu, laughed.
He was delighted.

The most outstanding freshmen had chosen the battle faculty.
This was just the start, but the rest had already lost.

“Hmph!” Su Jing sneered.
He felt a little pity.
But, they weren’t able to interfere with the student’s decision.

The other three heads felt pity too.
All of them had high hopes for Wang Teng.
Naturally, they wished that he would choose their faculty.

An outstanding student represented many things.
In the future, he might even achieve much glory for their faculty.
This was a good thing.

Unfortunately, there was only one Wang Teng.
Only one faculty could get this advantage.

However, they suddenly saw Wang Teng heading to the command faculty’s area after he applied for the battle faculty.

“What is he planning to do?”

Everyone at the scene was slightly stunned.
They looked at Wang Teng as he walked to the command faculty’s area.
Before the instructor in charge of the registration could react, he signed his name on the registration form.

Then, he continued heading to the next faculty.
Soon, he had finished applying for all five faculties.

Everyone: ??

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