her collar.
This was an obvious sensual touch, which left Jiwoo in a bit of a shock.

There were times when she didn’t even think that her love for the crown prince would come true, so Jiwoo liked that the crown prince at least felt sexually attracted to her.

She thought that the act of pouring passion into her in his own way and the uncontrollable passion when looking at her were attractive.

She felt enough pleasure while forcing herself to fit in with his tendency to enjoy rough relationships, so she thought this was the type of love she would achieve.

She told herself this: he loved her so much that he couldn’t control his passion.
That was how much she was loved.

But was it a mistake? Even without such desperate feelings, there could be pleasure.
Just like this relationship between her and Lanceil.

“You saved my life and chose me, so my life will be yours forever.”


Lanceil’s words that clearly meant courting, Jiwoo burst out in tears.
As if he felt something unusual, Lanceil immediately stopped.

“Why? No, I’m sorry.”

And he apologized blindly, even though he couldn’t understand the situation.

“I must have done something wrong.
As I said before, it’s my first time meeting a human…”

He did nothing wrong.

Jiwoo hated herself for thinking of the crown prince even in a situation like this.
Even when she was kissed softly like the west wind during spring, it was tragic that her body that was accustomed to rough behavior reminded her of the crown prince.

It was better to think about dying or not thinking at all.
Her thoughts began to run through her head again.

It was painful.
Without a word, Jiwoo only shed tears.

“Oh no… Akarna…”

Lanceil, who knew Jiwoo was refusing to touch him, was restless, unable to even wipe her tears with his hands.

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Pitter, patter.

Perhaps the sky wanted to cover her tears.

Even the dark sky rumbled and raindrops began to fall.
Lanceil looked up at the sky and clicked his tongue.

“Let’s avoid the rain first, okay?”

Lanceil’s long ears perked up, and the tip of one ear trembled.

“There’s a shelter from the rain nearby.
Come on.”

Jiwoo cuddled up snuggly to Lanceil.
However, the tears did not stop flowing.

Lanceil, unaware of Jiwoo’s situation, was confused as to whether to be relieved or worried about her reaction.



* * *



There was a cave nearby.

Lanceil, who ran into the cave holding Jiwoo, immediately lit a bonfire to dry her wet body.
Jiwoo, who looked blankly at the burning flame, opened her mouth.

She felt like she had to clear up the misunderstanding first.



When his name was called, Lanceil looked around immediately.

“Come closer…”

As Lanceil approached without a doubt, Jiwoo quickly touched his ear.
The tip of her finger already has a drop of blood.


When her hand touched him, Lanceil moaned in surprise.
To them, the ear seemed to be a fairly sensitive organ.

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When Akarna’s blood was smeared on it, the healing that had failed last time began to work.
The ear, which had been severed, was regenerated in an instant.


Lanceil touched both of his ears, which had been healed, and soon realized the truth.
His face was stained with shame.

“…I, I made a big mistake in the first place.”

With his face blushing and wandering here and there, unable to put his gaze anywhere, he finally got up because he could not stand the awkward atmosphere.

“I’ll go out and get some food.”


Jiwoo caught him.
It was a small, weak hand that barely grabbed the hem of his clothes.

Small movements that can be overlooked.
But Lanceil was caught as if it equaled a great rake.
It was the first time Jiwoo had caught him first, so he seemed to be worried about this,

“Why? Are you still feeling sick?”

He has good ears, so he would have been able to notice even a small movement like this with agility.
It was just that Jiwoo’s heart had moved a little.

The crown prince was able to give his body and soul to another.
Why did she have to look at only him? Why did she have to thank him for supposedly sacrificing certain things for her sake when all she could do was shudder at his betrayal?

Was that her only option?

Jiwoo bit her lips.

“What if it’s not a mistake?”


“What, what if you were right about what I want…?”

There was no shyness in Jiwoo’s expression when she confessed her attraction.
There was also no pretense of a seducer.
The emotion that was clearly revealed was not even the intimacy of talking to the person she liked.

Her expression, which seemed to hold back tears, but looked desperate for something, resembled fear at most.
It was a longing for life rather than love.
With the face of a dead person who will collapse if touched, the Akarna was telling lies.

However, it also resembled that same desperate expression when she rescued Lanceil, who had been swallowed up by the miasma.

Lanceil took her hand as she reached out to him.

“I told you.
My life will be yours from now on.”

It didn’t matter.

Whatever this feeling was, it was clear that the feeling that had saved her.

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