It was still raining outside the cave.

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Jiwoo closed her eyes and focused on the sound of rain.
First of all, Jiwoo could not easily hide her uneasy feelings about proposing a relationship first.

She was using Lanceil to forget the crown prince.
He seemed to have noticed it too, and she felt very apologetic about it, but she didn’t even bother to verbalize this, let alone complain.

Instead, he just soothed Jiwoo, who had been crying hard for a long time.

The sound of pouring rain gradually subsided.
Insects that had been holding their breath in the rain woke up and let out a faint cry.

As the night became deeper, Lanceil concentrated on comforting Jiwoo until the sound of the crackling bonfire became clearer.


Lanceil’s kiss became a little deeper than before.

And it got bolder.

He was embarrassed when she touched his ear in the forest while the sky was still open, but after entering a private place like a cave, his actions seemed to have become even more unreserved.

Her forehead, cheeks, lips, and the base of her neck.
There was nowhere his lips did not touch.
It seemed as if he intended to kiss her entire body.

Finally, he kissed her lips deeply and pulled back, grabbing Jiwoo’s arm.
Her upper body was pulled towards him.
The scent of wild herbs wafted from him.
Perhaps it was a scent meant to seduce, and so the scent grew thicker the more he got excited.

“Are you okay here?”

After the carriage accident, the Akarna’s recovery was slow.
There was still a bright red scar on her arm.

Lanceil pressed his lips over her scar.
Her body shuddered sensitively, but it didn’t make her feel bad.

The long and painstaking kiss on her arm, Lanceil stroked the back of Jiwoo’s hand with his big, firm hand.

The saliva was dripping.

Until recently, Lanceil had been exploring her mouth, and even her saliva had become as sweet as sugar.

“It’ll recover soon anyway.”

“Really? That’s a relief.”

Even though she said it would heal quickly, Lanceil touched the scar with his tongue like a beast.


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It started from there.

Lanceil, who opened her collar while touching her arm, pressed his lips on Jiwoo’s shoulder when it got revealed.
With their foreheads pressed against each other, he slowly laid Jiwoo down on the ground.

There was no foul smell on the cloak that Lanceil had put on.
It smelled of fresh wild herbs.

It felt like she was lying in a flower garden, and the flower-like person got on top of her.
His large hand loosened Jiwoo’s top, revealing her immaculate chest.

Lanceil, who touched her chest with his big hand to avoid direct contact with the cold air, pulled her breasts out a little more daringly.

The cold air of a rainy day touched her skin, making her chest become pink.


A low, husky voice echoed through the cave.

“They’re like peaches.
How pretty.”

“D-Don’t… say that.”

“Why? I’m telling the truth.”

Saying so, Lanceil grabbed her breasts.
His thick fingers brushed against the tips, and her blood rushed in.


“Can I have a taste?”

“Y, Yes…”

Lanceil took the pert nipple into his mouth, which was warm.
The nipples, which had been briefly exposed to the cold air, were surrounded by the moist, hot flesh.
A shallow pleasure rose as his firm lips squeezed and sucked on it.

“Nnh, wait, nngh, ahn…”

Lanceil’s tongue wrapped around the nipples, which gradually hardened.


Jiwoo’s waist arched as his powerful tongue stimulated her nipples by turning them round and round.
The bumps on the areola gradually swelled due to the stimulation.

On top of it, Lanceil used his teeth to pull it up.

“Hah, AH!”

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Lanceil’s thick arm came under her slightly raised waist.
Just by his light pull, their bodies were pressed against each other.
She could feel his warmth beneath the thin fabric.

Caressing her chest carefully, Lanceil did not hide that he was like a dog in heat.
The firm erection rubbed against Jiwoo’s thigh.

Then, impatiently, he took off his clothes with hasty hands.


Jiwoo glanced at his body, admiring it inwardly.
Lanceil took off his clothes, revealing his reddish, toned muscles.
His shoulders were wide enough to obscure Jiwoo’s width, and his waist was slender.
And every curve was rippling with tight muscles.

His abdomen was dented along clear lines.
When he was wearing layers of clothes, she thought he had a slender body, but that wasn’t the case.

It seemed like she was mistaken because his countenance was closer to the pretty side than handsome.
Looking at his muscular physique altogether, he definitely evoked a wild atmosphere, exactly like his tribe that ran freely through the forests.

Jiwoo, who was blankly appreciating his body, lowered her gaze even further, and was horrified.

“Hey, that, wait…”

The ferocious, upright flesh was completely unpigmented and appeared pink.
It had clear blood veins under it like a neatly taut skin, but she didn’t think it was disgusting.
It was like seeing the perfect manhood.

But the problem was this: his size.
It was more like a snake than a man’s member, and already at the tip, clear liquid could be seen dripping.
The problem wasn’t just the length, but his girth as well.

Jiwoo shook her head, turning white.

“…I don’t think it’s possible.”

In fact, even Jiwoo’s find it hard to receive the crown prince’s.

She knew that Lanceil wasn’t human, but she didn’t think that even that would go beyond human standards.

Jiwoo pushed his chest and tried to widen the distance between them.
Of course, Lanceil was not pushed aside by that feeble rebellion.
Rather, he narrowed the distance with Jiwoo and embraced her.
Her soft chest pressed against his hard body, being crushed into him.

Jiwoo whispered in a shriek.


“Why… is it too disgusting?”

His elongated ears laid horizontally, Lanceil looked dispirited.
Jiwoo said frankly.

“It’s not like that… but I think it’s too big.”

“I’ll make sure I don’t overdo it.”

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“That’s not the problem, it won’t go in…”

Lanceil whispered to Jiwoo, who was held by him, unable to take his eyes off her.

“Then I’ll try until it can go.
If you’re not disgusted.

Lanceil rubbed his forehead and nose as if teasing her at the base of her neck.

Since she had always dealt with the crown prince, who was always full of confidence in his appearance and status, she couldn’t understand Lanceil’s reaction as if he had no confidence even with such a face and body.

In other words, Jiwoo was not immune to the reaction of this handsome man.

Jiwoo, unable to do anything in front of him, did not show any particular rejection until he spread her legs and put his face upon it.

“Hnn, Lanceil…!”

She reflexively tried to close her legs, but her thighs twitched and weakened as the wet, hot flesh ran between them.


As Lanceil’s snake-like tongue touched it, the already excited cl*toris swelled more and more.

More than just licking, he licked the red, bloodshot nub as if it looked appetizing and wrapped it in his lips and sucked on the side.

Every time Lanceil explored everywhere with his tongue, c*m burst out.

“Unng, aahh…”

As he sucked at the sensitive nub with his mouth, his fingers penetrated her entrance.
Her body, after being accustomed to his caresses for a long time, accepted one finger without difficulty.


Lanceil bit her thigh.
The inner thigh, which had been sensitive to the limit, trembled and convulsed.

“No, I don’t think I need to put it in.
I think it’s good to just suck here.”

He fumbled around her opening and rubbed her cl*toris with his fingers as it was drenched in her fluids.
When he scratched it slightly with his nails and stimulated it, it was as if white flames were flying in front of her eyes.


Jiwoo tilted her head and trembled.
It was a climax that had been gradually lifted up from the time he comforted her crying.

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However, even after confirming the reaction, Lanceil did not stop.

“Ha, huaa, hngg…!”

Jiwoo grabbed his hair with both hands.
There was no strength in her arms, which were being engulfed in pleasure.
Rather, this provoked Lanceil even more.


“Don’t hold back.
I want to hear you.”

If she were to raise her voice a little more, the cave would be full.
Hearing her voice echoing like that made Jiwoo even more ashamed.
But it was also true that she was stimulated that much.

“Ugh, that, hnnngh!”

Perhaps that was not enough, Lanceil resumed his ministrations.
The lewd sound that he made as he sucked echoed inside the cave.

Rubbing her cl*toris with his fingers, he widened the inner walls with his long tongue.

When his tongue, which had been soaked with her c*m, bit her cl*toris again and sucked it, Jiwoo’s back arched once more as she moaned.

“Hi, hiyaaah, uhhngh…!”

This time she couldn’t hold her breath.
A tingling sensation ran through her body.
Obviously, for the first time, she didn’t expect that she would feel this strong pleasure when she entered this cave and kissed him.

He was obviously bad at kissing.
But he was sincere in his efforts and desire to continue comforting her.
That must be the reason why she quickly learned how to react and feel pleasure as he touched her.


Unsurprisingly, Jiwoo reached a climax with trembling waves again when she was caught off guard.

Every time strength entered her lower abdomen, the fingers poking through her inner walls felt unfamiliar.
Suddenly, it increased into two fingers, widening the inner walls, finding a place where Jiwoo reacted and stirring it tenaciously.

The luscious sound of water filled the cave whenever he moved his hand because of the c*m that was leaking out.
Jiwoo, who was exhausted for a short time, said pitifully.

“St, hnn, stop it, Lanceil…”

“I can feel that you’re in a good mood.
I don’t understand your reaction.”

While speaking politely, Lanceil didn’t stop his fingers.

“Why? Should I stop? Am I terrible at this?”

“No, I, I cam, came, hu, haahngh!”

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