th opened into a small O shape.

Without waiting for Situ Ya to speak, Ling Che ruthlessly added: “I particularly don’t like this one.”

(TN: The way Ling Che speaks sounds like Zhouzhou is a product)


Huang Qian hurriedly interjected: “That’s because you don’t understand him.
If you two meet some more, you’ll know that our Zhouzhou—”

“Do you know him?” Ling Che said to Huang Qian while his eyes remained on Xu Tangzhou, “I dare say, even you don’t completely understand this artist.”


With an empty expression, Ling Che did not reveal any negative emotions of disdain or disgust.

But Xu Tangzhou felt that being looked upon like this, his burning gaze would almost burn a hole through him.
At that moment, he realized that he was nothing in front of the other person.
He was just an insignificant opportunist, only waiting to be promoted.

To tell the truth, it’s not difficult for Xu Tangzhou to understand this type of thinking, but Ling Che was far too different from what he had imagined.

Because he didn’t like a certain type of person, he would say the same of others, which is rude and arrogant behavior.


Ling Che himself is as arrogant and rebellious as his aura.


The embarrassment on Xu Tangzhou's face slowly faded, and he just looked at Ling Che without saying anything.

Ling Che looked away.


Upon looking at the situation, Situ Ya took a step forward: “What are you doing? Work isn’t going on a blind date and you still want to pick and choose? We agreed earlier, you’d only bring a new person!”


They were all well aware of the true reason behind bringing a new person, including Huang Qian.
Bringing a new person was just an additional condition, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it a facade.

The chance for a win-win situation was in sight.


“You only said to bring them here for me to look at.” Ling Che interrupted her, his pleasant voice with an air of frivolousness dully replied, “I’ve seen him.
My answer is no.”


After speaking, Ling Che ignored the people in the room and covered his face with the cap to take a nap.

This was at most the behavior of a three-year-old.


The room was quiet for a while.

While everyone didn’t know what to do, Ling Che coldly said: “Leave.”


This sentence was addressed to Huang Qian and the others.

No matter how good his temper was, Huang Qian was an agent who would still side with his own artist.
He immediately took Xu Tangzhou away with Situ Ya quickly following to give an explanation.


After sending the others away, Situ Ya couldn’t hold back anymore and angrily took off Ling Che’s cap.
Looking at his wide-awake face, she said: “So what’s the reason! What aspect of him is not good? Give me an explanation.”

Ling Che was not in a rush, gently took back the cap, and placed it on his face.


He said: “What a coincidence, you found my ex-boyfriend.
Thanks a lot.”




At the end of the annual party, the company had a lottery.

Xu Tang Zhou didn’t succeed in obtaining the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity mentioned by Huang Qian, nor did he win the prize as he had hoped.
His birthday did not seem to have a tiny bit of luck with everything going wrong.


In the end, Huang Qian was only a small agent.
He could only comfort him for a while, saying that there would be many opportunities in the future so he shouldn’t let his mood be affected by this incident.


Xu Tangzhou listened for a bit and heaved a deep sigh: “I spoke too big.
My face is going to be hit*.
Is it too late if I get plastic surgery and change my name now?”

(TN: “hitting/slapping the face” is when you say something, but the opposite happens.
A reminder that family, reputation/face, and name are very important to Chinese people)

During his live broadcast, there were at least one to two thousand people listening to his brazen words.
Now that his words have been flipped, his face really hurt.


Huang Qian: “……”

He thought Xu Tangzhou was heartbroken, but he didn't expect that Xu Tangzhou was worried about this.
He really couldn't understand young people!

Was face as important as opportunities?!


“Taking it off well is not as good as taking it off early.” Xu Tangzhou said to himself, “Taking it off early is better than taking it off later.”

Lu Jia saw Xu Tangzhou and heard this sentence as he walked over.
He was wide-eyed: “What are you taking off?”

Xu Tangzhou heaved another sigh in distraught: “Taking off being a fan.”

(TN: “tuo fen” 脱粉 literally means “to take off powder”, but it means to stop being a fan.
To keep the humor, I kept as is)


After the annual party, no one knew who leaked the news that Ling Che came, but there were hordes of reporters outside Fisher Hotel.
Each time a car left, it would be held back to be interviewed and photographed.
Not even calling the police was helpful.
Later, the upper management said for safety and privacy considerations, everyone would be staying in the hotel that night.


The rooms they booked weren’t enough to accommodate everyone, and Xu Tangzhou was not familiar with anyone.
Fortunately, Lu Jia offered to share a room with him.


Lu Jia was a little drunk and laid on the bed the moment he entered the room.

After Xu Tangzhou took a shower, he was still lying on his stomach.
It seems he was very drunk.


“It's so uncomfortable…” the rims of Lu Jia's eyes were red from the alcohol, “I want to take a bath.”

Xu Tangzhou was very experienced and proficient at dealing with drunk people: “You can’t take a bath now.
I’ll call room service and ask them to bring some hangover medicine.”

Lu Jia shook his head: “There are paparazzi.
I-I brought some… in the bag.”

Xu Tangzhou looked all over, but didn’t find the bag: “It's not here, where did you put your bag?”

Lu Jia dazedly said: “Dressing room.”


After speaking, Lu Jia didn’t say another word.


The small banquet hall that was temporarily changed into a dressing room was not far away.
Xu Tangzhou returned with the bag, only to find the door has been locked.
Lu Jia couldn’t hear him no matter how he spoke.
He probably fell fast asleep.



Xu Tangzhou was petrified on the spot.

He didn’t grab his room key or cell phone, and he only wore a bathrobe after his shower.

Really unlucky.

(TN: 水逆 = 水星逆行 = TLDR: really unlucky because it’s believed seeing Mercury’s orbit reverse causes problems)


Going downstairs was not an option, no one knows who he’d meet in the elevator.

Fortunately, his brain reacted quickly.
The people who lived on this floor were all Xing Jing’s people.
He could just ask someone from another room to borrow their phone and call the front desk to get a room key for opening his door.

He never would’ve imagined that when he knocked on the opposite door, the person who opened the door was Ling Che.


“It’s you.” Upon seeing him, Ling Che’s eyes looked impatient, “What do you want to do?”


Shortly afterward, Ling Che frowned.


Xu Tangzhou seemed to have just taken a bath, whiffs of steam emitting from his skin.

He only wore a loose bathrobe to cover his body.
His fair chest and clavicle could be faintly seen, as well as an exposed pair of straight legs from under the bathrobe.




The author has something to say:

Ling Che: Who the hell can handle this?




TN: I think it’s a bit late to mention this now, but I’ll be keeping some Chinese terms as pinyin

“ge” (older brother, could be used as a respectful address for acquaintances)

“jie” (older sister, could be used as a respectful address for acquaintances as well)

“Shen” (literally: god, but mainly for a highly respected and revered figure)

See glossary for more info.

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