Answer Me, Please – Chapter 14


He stretched out his hand toward Rosetta.
Knowing what was about to happen, Rosetta froze and couldn’t do anything about it.

“Anyway, from the beginning, your position was that of a slave.
That’s only natural since you are none other than the daughter of the Basque chieftain.
Things got messed up because Rashid suddenly took you as his wife.”

Only then did Rosetta understand why Rashid had pretended to spend the first night by making fake bloodstains.
Because if you don’t have the status of a chief’s wife, you will be in this situation, facing those who are full of revenge.

“You are stupid too.
If you had just stayed calm, Riga would have protected you to the end.”

His hand stroked Rosetta’s slender neck and gradually moved down.
And he started groping her body.
Rosetta learned that Rashid tried to keep his hands off her body even under similar circumstances.
He forced himself on it too, but he didn’t intentionally touch her like this man is doing right now.

“Stay put.
Then I’ll make you feel better.”

The moment the man’s face drew closer, Rosetta turned her head away and closed her eyes tightly.

Is it going to end like this? So in vain.

When the man’s unpleasant breath touched her—


With a painful groan, the heavy weight that had been weighing down Rosetta suddenly disappeared.
When she opened her eyes, the man was already away from her and was rolling on the ground.
And Rashid stood before her eyes.

“What are you doing?”

Rashid’s voice was surprisingly calm.
To the point where it sounds like he’s asking what’s for dinner right now.
But deep within, there was a deep hatred.

“Rigaina, are you okay?”

And the urgent voice that followed was Shika’s.
Shika came over and helped Rosetta get up.
Soon, in an instant, the Quat tribesmen surrounded them.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine now…”

Shika found Rosetta’s cheek was swollen and there was blood around her mouth.

“My God, is this what that man did? How dare that crazy bastard!”

Shika’s voice trembled with anger.
But Rosetta couldn’t understand why he was so angry right now.
It hadn’t been long since she met the boy, and even then they only exchanged light greetings.

Moreover, to her, this boy is no different from the other tribesmen.
Even though he is young, he ignored the kidnapping and just sat quietly on the sidelines.

After cursing, Shika immediately hugged Rosetta’s shoulders.

“Were you very scared? Don’t worry, you are safe now.”

Nevertheless, Rosetta couldn’t help but feel her heart thump at the comfort and touch of the young boy.
Rosetta bit her lip trying to hold back the tears that were about to burst out.

Yeah, it’s all right now.
Nothing happened.
So this is nothing.

“Riga will take care of that guy.”

At those words, Rosetta looked over Shika’s shoulder.
Krell was still groaning with his hands wrapped around his side.
The part where he was kicked by Rashid earlier seemed to still be in pain.
Rashid looked at him with a cold gaze.

“What were you doing here,” he asked.

“I-I just…”

With his body curled up like a bug, Krell shouted, “I found that woman running away.
I just did what she deserved!”

Rashid’s gaze turned to Rosetta, who was with Shika.
Seeing Rosetta’s face harden instantly, he slightly furrowed his eyebrows.
He seemed to think about something for a moment, then quickly returned to his normal expression and stared at Krell.

“She was running away?”


Confidence started to appear on his face.
“Since she herself refused to become Riga’s wife, that woman is no longer Rigaina.
You accepted the enemy’s daughter as a wife, but seeing her run away like this, she is an ungrateful woman.”

“Did she say that herself?”

“Not really, but I clearly saw her running away from the encampment…”

“If it’s running away, Krell, the same goes for you.
What are you doing here instead of fighting monsters?”

Only then did Krell notice that the conversation was taking a strange turn.
Not only that, but all those who returned from fighting monsters were looking at him with negative looks.

Krell laughed bitterly.
His status as the chieftain’s cousin and the elder’s son made it possible for him to do something like this, so this wasn’t the first time for him.

But now you’re going to take issue with that? If so, isn’t the implication too obvious?

“What do you mean? Are you saying I was doing something else dubious?”

“No, I don’t recklessly doubt others until clear evidence is found.”

“You mean we shouldn’t suspect that woman because there is no clear evidence?”

“It means that you shouldn’t have been the first to do something dubious.”

“If you intend to cover that woman now—”

“There is one fact that everyone here has seen with their own eyes.
That is, you tried to do something disgraceful to my wife.”

Krell gritted his teeth.
“Just be honest.
Whether that Basque slut ran away or not, you only intended to embrace her.”

“Be careful with your words, Krell.
She is already my wife and the woman I have recognized as Rigaina.”

Blood doesn’t lie.”

The moment those words were spoken, a terrifying stillness came over the place.

“There’s no clear evidence you say? Well, if your blue eyes don’t count as evidence, nothing in this world can be used as one.”

Shika suddenly slammed into the ground with his fist, as if to jump to attack at any moment.
“Are you crazy? What are you talking about now?”

Having already heard the story from Krell, Rosetta knew right away what he meant.
Now he is saying that Rashid is defending the daughter of the Basque chieftain because he inherited Basque blood.

Rashid’s face also grew cold rapidly.
He stared at Krell with a cold gaze.

“For those words, you must be held accountable.”

Krell grinned.
“Of course.”

He got up from his seat and immediately drew his sword.
Rosetta unwittingly grabbed Shika’s shoulder and shook him.

“Why are they suddenly pulling out their swords?”

“Krell just publicly insulted Riga, so Riga must immediately punish him with a duel.
If Riga avoids this, he will be accused of being a coward.
Then it will be difficult for him to maintain his position as Riga.”

Shika gritted his teeth.
“By the way, Riga suffered an injury to his shoulder from fighting the monsters earlier…”

Only then did Rosetta discover that Rashid’s right shoulder was wet with blood. No way, is he trying to fight with his injured arm?

“Then shouldn’t this duel be stopped? This is so unfair.”

“That despicable bastard must have seen Riga’s wound and deliberately threw insulting words at him.
Because he knew that Riga would not avoid this duel.
He used such a shallow trick because he had no confidence in fighting Riga in a normal state.

In the meantime, a sharp sound was heard.
The two swords cut through the air and began colliding with each other.

Rashid is a man with great swordsmanship as much as his notoriety.
The sound of tearing the air rang out every time he swung the heavy sword.
He clearly injured his arm, but he showed no signs of the aftermath of the injury.
Krell could barely dodge or counter his attacks.

Normally, it is difficult to possess strength and flexibility at the same time, but Rashid’s sword was destructive yet fast.
His body movements were also completely fast, as if he had measured everything with a ruler, his sword slashes and thrusts never missed.

Krell, whose skills are above average, was easily pushed back by Rashid.
But even as he was staggered by Rashid, he aimed precisely at Rashid’s neck and heart at every opportunity.
Nevertheless, Rashid has not yet suffered any significant injuries.

He never let his guard down when fighting against such a person.
This is because he is the one who can stab his opponent at any time with just one chance.

Rosetta had already seen this confrontation countless times.
Tournaments of knights are held regularly in the huge Colosseum in Terra, the capital city.
The knights of the kingdom are loyal subjects who obey only the king, but differ when it comes to tournaments.
Because they duel for a woman of their choosing in a tournament.


Who are you going to give the flowers to this time? Me? Or Issel?”

Before the tournament, Rosetta’s brother Arman always asked such a question even knowing how his little sister would react and what answer she would give.
Issel then stood beside him, pretending to get Rosetta’s attention, as if he wanted to be chosen.

“…I gave it to Issel last time, so now is Arman’s turn.”

Hearing those regretful words, Issel pretended to collapse while holding his heart.
Then he buried his face in Armand’s shoulder and pretended to cry.
On the other hand, Arman exhaled a victorious snort and shouted loudly.

“What should I do with this, Issel? In Rosetta’s eyes, I think you and I are still on the same level.”

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