ll, before even marrying a wife, her son and she could barely meet.


Seeing Su Qinghe carefully cutting the meat slices, leaving a handful of meat oil in her hands, Ding Guihua and Lin Shuhong kept swallowing.

Su Qinghe looked at the two of them and deliberately said, “Sister-in-law, I don’t know if the meat I cooked is good.
If you think it is not good, I won’t cook in the future.
I don’t want to waste things.”


Hearing Su Qinghe’s words, Ding Guihua immediately said, “Sister, your cooking is definitely delicious.”

Su Qinghe threw the meat slices into the pot and asked her sister-in-law Lin Shuhong to add firewood to the fire.


The children smelled the scent, and they were all drooling at the door frame.
However, because Gao Xiulan didn’t like children going into the kitchen, none of them dared to go in.
Even the grandson Su Dabao is the same as the little grandson Su Erbao.


It seems that after a long time, the cooked meat slices and coarse grain paste are finally on the table.
It’s a big pot.
And because of the fatty meat in it, it looks like there’s more oil than water; very appetizing.


Gao Xiulan started to divide the meal with a stern face.
“These are all brought back by Qing’er.
Qing’er eats more.” She directly gave Su Qinghe a big scoop.

Su Qinghe really wouldn’t eat such food before, but now she has no choice.

Except for Su Qinghe, who enjoys the privileged treatment, the others are allocated according to their labor.
The children got a piece of meat more or less.

As soon as the food arrived in the bowl, everyone ate it with great gusto.
It was like eating a big meal.


As they were eating, Su Qinghe said, “How’s my cooking?”

“It’s delicious, delicious, really delicious.” Su Aiguo said.

The others nodded eagerly, “It’s delicious.”

How can meat not be delicious?


Su Qinghe’s head buzz for a second, then finally felt relieved.
Sure enough, there are still loopholes in the system.
Who can say that meat is not good in this era? Whoever eats a bite of meat, absolutely from the depths of their heart sentiment …… ‘delicious!’


After eating, Lin Shuhong and Ding Guihua clean up the dishes, and Su Qinghe sat at the door to rest.
The feeling of eating and drinking is good.


She squinted into the system and took a look.
Three catties of rice were already inside.
The data in the skill point column is currently:


Food: 4

Live: 0

Row: 0


She has cooked five meals so far.
Except for one that was not recognized, the other four have received affirmation from the others.
She only needs to get approval from one person every time she cooks.
With the current number of people in the family, as long as she cooks for a few more days, she won’t need anyone’s approval in the future.


And these few times, she also discovered that others can help with the cooking, as long as she puts things in the pot and she is the one who is in charge.

It’s too easy to cook.
Same as boiling instant noodles.

The Su family had a meal of meat, and they looked vigorous when they went to work.


On the way, the two brothers of the Su family felt particularly emotional when they saw other people’s faces tightening their trousers and belts.

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“It’s all thanks to sister, Shuhong, we have to be nice to her in the future.” Su Aiguo said.
For him, who is planning to raise a sister for a lifetime, it is beyond words to be able to eat a bite of meat with his sister.

Lin Shuhong: “…” When did I treat sister-in-law badly? She just couldn’t understand that her mother-in-law was too partial, and her eldest daughter and third daughter were not treated as human.
She felt uncomfortable.
She stared at her man, ‘when can this stupid man open his mind?.’

Next to her, Ding Guihua licked her lips.
To prevent people from discovering that they had eaten meat at home, she cleaned her mouth long before going out, but she still felt that her mouth was fragrant.

Although she is not convinced that the sister-in-law enjoys the privileges at home, she still has to thank her for this meal.


“It would be great if I could meet nobles as the sister did.” Ding Guihua said with full expectation.

Su Aihua smiled, “How can you compare with our sister? Our elder sister is attractive at first glance.
People will like her.
If it’s you instead, they will give a few catties of cornmeal to send you off.”

Ding Guihua: “…” Why did I go blind and fell in love with such a man?

She angrily hurried away.


On the road, she ran into the wife of Su Dapao of the same village.
The wife of Dapao looked at her and said, “Guihua, you quarreled with your man again because of your sister-in-law? To be honest, your mother-in-law spoiled your sister, and it’s really unbearable to watch.
I feel shameful when I look at it.
You see my mother-in-law loves me a lot, and I eat first at home.
The older sisters and younger sisters are all behind.
Can a married girl compare with the daughter-in-law who comes in?”


Ding Guihua agreed with this person very much.
Her mother-in-law’s attitude towards her sister-in-law2 was really too shameful, not to mention the whole village, but the whole team and the whole commune could not find a second one like this.
But she slammed her mouth, thinking of the meat at noon, in the end, her mouth was a little soft, “What do you care about? Did I let you take care of our family’s affairs? That’s our old Su family’s business!”

The wife was hit by Ding Guihua, and the corners of her mouth twitched.

It’s over, Ding Guihua is not normal.
Not normal!


Da Pao’s wife was angry and left, Ding Guihua waited for Su Aihua to come over, “Do you know what Da Pao’s wife said?”


Su Aihua crooked his mouth, “What can she say? She’s just doesn’t like seeing other people’s families are doing good.
Don’t listen to her nonsense.”


“Da Pao’s wife is the first one to eat at home.
I do not wish to be the first one to eat but I want to eat as much as your sister.
I’m also a daughter-in-law.
Why is the gap so big?” Ding Guihua’s heart suffocated.
She works more than cows, eats less than chickens, and has to be angered by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law… Why can’t her man see her grievances?


Su Aihua looked at her inexplicably, “Are you stupid? Can this be compared? There are two daughters-in-law and one daughter.
We will definitely have three daughters-in-law and one daughter in the future.
It’s obvious, isn’t it?”

Ding Guihua looked at the sky, her heart hurts.


Knowing that there are meat and white noodles at home, even if they can’t eat much; it gives people hope.
When working, the four members of the Su family worked very hard.

The old captain Guo Changsheng was very satisfied with this, and when he was off work, he also specially named and praised the active performance of the old Su family in labor.

At this time, the Su brothers and their two wives are wondering whether they can eat meat if they go home today.


With the help of meat, Su Qinghe received the sincere approval of others for the next few meals.
And the system did not find this loophole.

After getting the approval of the last family member, the two-year-old nephew, Su Qinghe went back to the room with joy to check the system.


There have been several rewards in the storage space.
Except for a few times that the sorghum noodles were delivered to the big urn, the other meats and rice white noodles were temporarily kept.
The meat that was sent the first time is not yet finished, so she put a little bit of it in the pot every day, so it will taste meaty.
Su Qinghe didn’t intend to let the family live too extravagantly at once.
This is a famine year, too extravagant is not normal.
As for her own daily millet porridge and eggs …cough cough, this is not the point, the point is that through her own efforts, she has made her family members have oil and water in their stomachs, and doesn’t need to tighten their belts.


What makes her most happy is that the skill point in the food column has reached 10 points.
“System system, didn’t you say that 10 points is a perfect score? I feel that my current cooking skills are at most the level of an average cook in a small restaurant.
Your requirements for military wives are not too high.”


“Host, please note that the current level of the host is the basic A-level culinary qualification standard.”

“There is a higher level?” Su Qinghe asked in surprise.

“Host, please note that the highest level is the S-level, and the standard is the level of the top chef of the interstellar; you can make food that will glow.”

“…” Powerful ah.
Food can still glow!

“Then how can I level up? I don’t have to get approval from other people again, do I?”

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“Host, please note that as long as it gets the approval of all family members and has 10 skill points, the cooking skill will automatically be upgraded to B level, and the host will proceed to the cooking skill B level upgrade assessment process.
The B-level cooking skill assessment is a system assessment.
Each time you pass, you will get 1 skill point and double the material reward.
The specific assessment method system will be issued to the host after the upgrade.”


“…” Su Qinghe felt that she had once again refreshed her understanding of the system.
This system is to tempt you to work all the time and improve your abilities.
However, as the material reward increases, the difficulty also increases.


System assessment…there is no way to take advantage of it.


Su Qinghe knew in her heart that she was completely taking advantage of the loopholes.
If she lived in the 21st century when the streets were full of various kinds of food, she would definitely not be able to get the approval of others so easily.
Thanks to the lack of food and clothing in the sixties, a few pieces of meat and it’s done.
Of course, the average family in the 21st century does not have as many people as her current family…

Forget it, anyway, she has reached the elementary level.
According to the system, as long as the family members approve it, she can be upgraded.
She can always upgrade it now.
Anyway, junior cooking skills can also be rewarded.
It just got less.


The next morning, Su Qinghe cooked herself a meal.
Try to see if she can get a reward.

After cooking the millet porridge, she waited to upgrade.
As a result, nothing happened after waiting for a long time.

“System, what about upgrading?”

“Host, please note that there are currently family members who have not approved the host’s cooking skills.”

“How is it possible, or where did my 10 skill points come from?”

“Host, please note that there are still family members who have not approved the host’s cooking skills.” The machine repeated the sentence.

Su Qinghe suddenly became depressed.
She narrowed her eyes and suddenly thought of someone.

“…I forgot, I still have another brother…”


Su Qinghe came to this world for almost ten days, Su Aidang has not returned from taking part in steelmaking tasks outside.
So she never saw her third brother Su Aidang once.
In her memory, Su Aidang is the one who protects the original owner the most… If someone bullies Su Qinghe, Su Aiguo and Su Aihua are going to scare people, and Su Aidang is the kind that rushes forward and throws a fist.


The three sons of the Su family, Su Aiguo is honest, Su Aihua is sleek, and Su Aidang is cranky.

Very good, this combination is very powerful.

Su Qinghe felt that it was time for her to send a loving bento to her brother.


Su Qinghe was thinking about upgrading, while Gao Xiulan looked at the big urn in her room every day.
There are several pounds of sorghum noodles in it now and then.

Although it is coarse grains, it can be eaten.
She felt relieved.
And she thought the sorghum noodles are pretty good too, at least she didn’t have to go to the county town.  She can mix them with their grain and no one will notice it.


“Dagen, You send some meat for the family.
This busy farming time, the family always need to eat some oil.”

She only made a wish, and within two days, there was a catty of meat in the big urn at home.


In the morning, Gao Xiulan immediately proposed to go to the county town to see her relatives, and by the way, see if she could catch the autumn breeze.

“Mom, let me go too.
If I don’t go, I am worried that others will give you a hard time.” Su Qinghe said.

Gao Xiulan said, “it’s too hard for you.
It’s so far.” Pointing to her sons and several daughters-in-law, and grandchildren, “For you bastards, Qing’er is going to be tired again!”

The others bowed their heads.

When everyone in the family went to work, Gao Xiulan was carrying a basket and preparing to go out.
Su Qinghe said, “Mom, I want to make some food for my third brother.
He hasn’t come back in ten days.
He hasn’t eaten a single bite of the meat at home.
He must be working very hard to make steel.”

Gao Xiulan sighed, “No, it’s all nonsense.
There is not enough food to eat.
Can iron be used for food? It’s been refining for several years.
We’ve lost a pot, and we didn’t see how famous they said it can be3.

After speaking, she said again, “Quick Qing’er, I will tell your dad to see if he can bring us a pot.”


Watching Gao Xiulan and Su Qinghe leave, DaYa led her younger siblings to look at the backs of the two, eagerly watching.


Su Aidang




Remember that it was the era where people focused on steelmaking and neglected the agriculture industry

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