>In the room, the sister-in-law Lin Shuhong had already made up the bed, watching Gao Xiulan support Su Qinghe into the room, and immediately stood aside honestly.

Gao Xiulan kept her face straight when she saw her.
When she went back to her mother’s house this time, she asked Lin Shuhong to take good care of her precious girl, but when she came back, she watched her girl sleep in the bed and did not move.
If she hadn’t come back early and found something was wrong.
She doesn’t know what will happen to Qinghe.
What a hackneyed thing!

Lin Shuhong was glared at by her mother-in-law, shivering with fright, and immediately stood straight.

Su Qinghe couldn’t stand her like this, so she said to Gao Xiulan, “Mom, what about this, let sister-in-law go out and work.
I will rest in the house.
I don’t need anyone to take care of me anymore.”

Gao Xiulan hurriedly said, “Is she annoying you? I said you don’t have any vision at all.
Seeing you so tired and she still sticking here.
Are you trying to retaliate against this old woman?7“

Lin Shuhong held back her tears and ran out.

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Su Qinghe: “…” She really didn’t mean that.

She just wanted to say, if it wasn’t her mother… well, luckily it was her mother, if it was her mother-in-law, she would definitely fight.

As soon as Lin Shuhong went out, the daughter-in-law Ding Guihua came in with bowls and chopsticks.
Brown sugar water and eggs, this is what people don’t get during confinement8.
Ding Guihua held back her drool and directly sent it to the sister-in-law.
“Sister, come and taste it; It’s sweet.”

Su Qinghe is really hungry right now.
This is a natural reaction of the body, and she can’t help it.

So she reached out and took it.
When she’s just about to take a sip, she saw Ding Guihua eyes’ fixated on her.

She suddenly felt that the bowls and chopsticks were a little heavy.

Gao Xiulan snorted, “What are you doing standing there? You don’t need to do the work at home? Go, cook quickly.
Are the few mouths at home not eating?”

Ding Guihua immediately ran away with oil9 on the soles of her feet.
She was afraid that her mother-in-law Gao Xiulan will not let her eat if she doesn’t cook.
She’s really hungry.

“They are things that you can only eat in your eyes.” Gao Xiulan snorted, and then looked at her daughter, “Qing’er, eat quickly.
There are still ten sparrow eggs in your mother’s room.
Your third brother will dig out bird eggs.
There is no shortage of this in our family.
Eat more and take care of yourself.”

Listening to Gao Xiulan’s arrogance, Su Qinghe felt that if she hadn’t had the memory of the original owner and knew what other people in the family ate, she would have thought that she was living in the 21st-century in the rural area.

Seeing the contents in the bowl, she was still somewhat uncomfortable.
After all, she is not the real Su family girl.
When her parents and brothers ate the chaff and thinner, they gave her eggs.
She felt that what she ate was her only remaining integrity.

“Why don’t you eat it? Eat it quickly.”

Su Qinghe said, “Mom, should we eat together?”

When she said lightly, Gao Xiulan flushed her eyes and cried with her head in her arms, “My dear, you have grown up, you still care about your mother——”

Then she urged Su Qinghe, “Mom doesn’t want to eat it.
You eat.”

Su Qinghe didn’t want to listen to her crying, so she ate quickly.
Sure enough, people can’t collapse casually, or they will cause a big reaction.
It’s better to listen to the system, act in character, and be a good, lazy kid.

Seeing that Su Qinghe had eaten cleanly and even drank the sugar water, Gao Xiulan was contented and got out of the room with the tableware and chopsticks.
She also told Su Qinghe, “Take a good sleep in the afternoon and I’ll cook soybeans for you tonight.
The hospital gave it so let’s make up for the supplements you needed.”

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“Mom, I can’t sleep.
I’ll get up and sit with you for a while.” Su Qinghe is a superfluous homebody, but that’s only the case with a mobile phone and a computer.
Sleeping in this dark earthen house, she’s worried that she would have nightmares.

When Gao Xiulan heard this, she suddenly realized, “Look at me, I’m confused.
We’re going to have lunch soon.
The eggs and brown sugar water are not enough; you can make do with some food.
Later, Mom will cook you two sparrow eggs.”

Su Qinghe thinks that her mother has a big brain.10

When the mother and daughter arrived in the hall, the family formally sat at the table.
There was an empty bowl in front of everyone.
The bowl was clean and obviously they haven’t eaten yet.

This is the rule of the Su Family; Gao Xiulan must distribute the food.
According to Gao Xiulan, there is not enough food these days, and if the elderly in the family will not divide it then everyone will fight over the food.

This is very righteous, but Gao Xiulan said to her daughter in private, “If Mom doesn’t take charge, you won’t get a bite to eat.”

Watching Gao Xiulan distribute food to the family, Su Qinghe also saw the rest of the family.
The third brother, Su Ai Dang, is participating in the steelmaking task in the team, so he won’t come back to eat at noon.
He is not yet married, so now sitting at the table are the eldest brother and the second elder brother’s family.

The eldest brother Su Aiguo is twenty-eight years old this year.
He got married the earliest and gave birth to three children; two daughters and one son.
The eldest daughter is ten years old, and the youngest son is only two years old now.
For this reason, Gao Xiulan was very upset.
She felt that Lin Shuhong should not have children.
In good years, she gave birth to girls.
Only when the years were bad, did she give birth to her son, causing her grandson to suffer.

The second brother Su Aihua is only one year younger than the eldest brother, 27 years old, and gave birth to two children: one son and one daughter.
The son is now eight years old and the daughter is only three years old.

Su Qinghe looked at the bitter and thin faces of the family, and then looked at the children’s severe malnutrition, she became more and more unhappy thinking about their future life.
She doesn’t know if her system can be useful to at least solve the problem of food and clothing.
She knew that someone in the village starved to death.

No, no, I still have to think about it.
Or try to cook a meal secretly at night to see if there is any magical effect.

Su Qinghe is still thinking.
Gao Xiulan has already allocated the food.

Su Qinghe glanced at her.
There was a bowl of dried wild vegetables and sorghum in her bowl, and the other people’s bowls were either half bowl, half dry, half thin, or sparse vegetable leaves.
Even Gao Xiulan, the head of the family, only had half a bowl of slurs.
There is only a little clear soup in the bowls of her nieces…

“Mom, I’m sleepy, I’m not hungry suddenly, share these with the others.
I’ll go back to my room and sleep.”

Su Qinghe felt that it would really be out of discipline if she had eaten this meal without stress.

Watching her get up and walk, Gao Xiulan thought she didn’t like to eat these, so she said, “Okay when you wake up, mom will cook soya beans for you.”

“Grandma, I also want to eat soybeans.” Su Manyue, Su Aiguo’s little girl said.
The little girl was only five years old.
Although she was afraid of grandma in her heart, she still couldn’t help being greedy.

“Eat and eat, you just know how to eat! I don’t even have a bite to eat! You have no conscience.
Your aunt is starving and fainted and you are all thinking about what she ate at one bite.
This is because you want to starve her to death.” Gao Xiulan cursed directly.

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