ncement function.
Each time you complete the corresponding task, you will get skill points.
The skill point is equivalent to Daigo’s empowerment (Enlightenment), injecting knowledge directly into her brain.
Seeing this, Su Qinghe is happy in her heart.
As a lazy person, she can get knowledge without studying.
This is simply a pie in the sky.


“Open the skill column.” Su Qinghe said silently.

Several lines of subtitles appeared in her head.


Introductory skills:

Clothes: 0

Food: 0

House: 0

Transportation: 0


Su Qinghe: “Isn’t it omnipotent? why there are no skill points?”


“Host, you have just bound this system and have not completed any tasks.
You are currently at the entry level.
When the host completes the task and reaches a certain level, the corresponding skills will be unlocked.
Please host, actively completes the task.”


Su Qinghe felt like she was playing through a game, “Is there a gift pack for beginners?”

“It’s shameful to get something for nothing.
As an excellent military wife, you can’t have this kind of lazy thinking!”

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“…” Su Qinghe was defeated by this so-called artificial intelligence system, “Fine.
I do the task, but what am I going to do?”


“Task reminder! Primary main task: Marry a soldier and become a veritable military wife.”

Su Qinghe stunned, “I can only marry a soldier?”


“Only a military wife is eligible to have the military wife system.”

“Well, marry a soldier.” Su Qinghe quickly agreed.
Anyway, when to marry, she decides for herself.
She didn’t want to marry someone and then go to serve a big family.


But the system does not allow loopholes.
“The host is now sixteen years old.
According to the legal marriage age in this era, the host must become a military wife in the year of the legal marriage age.
Otherwise, the task is deemed to have failed, and the system will look for the next host.
The host leaves the system for no more than three seconds.”


Su Qinghe’s face numbed.
“Besides this task, are there any other tasks? You can’t just let me marry after two years! Boss, there is a three-year famine.
I am worried that I will starve to death before I marry.”


“Secondary task 1: cooking.
As an all-around military wife, how can you not have good cooking skills? Host, please cook a meal by yourself.
The completion of the task will reward you with 1 point of cooking skill and a random ingredient.
This task is repeatable.


Side task two: Make clothes.
As an all-around military wife, how can you not know how to make clothes? Please make a piece of clothes.
The completion of the task will reward you with 1 point for sewing skills and a copy of garment materials immediately.”


Cooking, making clothes… Su Qinghe had a rigid face.
As an otaku for 20 years, the only thing she could do was cook instant noodles.
The question was whether there were instant noodles here obviously, they haven’t! As for making clothes, she does not even know how to sew buttons.


“Cough cough cough…” Su Qinghe finally couldn’t help but keep coughing.


This time it was the sound from this body, so it alerted the people next to her.
There was a sharp voice of a woman who said, “Useless things! Hold her steadily, can’t you see that your sister is uncomfortable?” the woman shouted, “Qing’er bear with me, we will go to the county hospital soon.”


Su Qinghe opened her eyes in a daze, only to see the scenery in front of her swaying.
This woman who claimed to be her mother should be the mother of this body.

She closed her eyes weakly.
“System, will you show me her memories? I don’t know what the original owner is like.”


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“The Almighty Army Wife System 01 at your service; transmitting the original brainwave memory.”


Soon, Su Qinghe felt something stuffed into her head.
Some are familiar and some are unfamiliar.
It seems to be her memory, but the emotion on her face doesn’t change at all.


The former owner of the specific body she now occupies is also named Su Qinghe.
Like her, she is a sluggish girl.
The ugly thing is that she is lazy and greedy.
As for why this girl can develop a lazy personality in this kind of era? You have to thank this girl’s mother.


Her mother, Gao Xiulan, married in Sujia Village at the age of eighteen.
She had three children in four years, each of which was a son.
With three sons, Gao Xiulan was very confident in the village, and she’s also a strong woman.


In 1944, Japan had not surrendered, and the two sides fought near Sujia Village.
Gao Xiulan’s man, Su Dagen, led the Eighth Route Army but he died unexpectedly.

At that time Gao Xiulan was only thirty-three years old, and the country was still unstable.
Suddenly her man died.
Gao Xiulan cried very hard and fainted.
When she woke up, she found that she was pregnant again.
Gao Xiulan felt that the child in her belly would have no father before he was born.

It was so pitiful.
So she cheered up and gave birth to the baby.
She finally gave birth and it was a girl.


Gao Xiulan is patriarchal, but her patriarchy is only aimed at her grandchildren.
But for her only daughter and who is a posthumous child, she loves her with all her heart.


Holding her in her hand and carefully doted upon.
In addition to the work of three older brothers at home since she was young, Gao Xiulan never let her daughter move a finger outside the house.
If there is anything delicious at home, she’s the one to eat it first.
The three sons can only watch.
According to Gao Xiulan, when your father was there, you had enough to eat.
Do you have the face to fight with your fatherless sister?


The three elder brothers were so brainwashed by Gao Xiulan.
Every time there was something delicious, they couldn’t bear to eat it outside, so they brought them back and gave it to their sister.


After so many years of raising Su Qinghe, the Su family’s little sister has developed a lazy temperament.
Even in this famine era, others are hungry but she can still hold two dried sweet potatoes as snacks in her pocket.


The people in the village are jealous of her.
Of course, they are more disgusted with her.
However, as a woman with four children alone, Gao Xiulan is not the master in the village.
Other people will always have something to say but whoever said that her daughter is not good she will hold a club and fight desperately.
When someone bullied Su Qinghe, her three brothers rushed forward and shook their fists.


Because of this kind of growth experience, the original owner did not have any concept of family affection.
She only felt that the three older brothers were responsible for taking care of her and helping her with her work.

She only felt that how her mother, Gao Xiulan should be.


So after contacting the system, she did not hesitate to abandon her relatives to eat meat every day.

Regarding this, Su Qinghe just wanted to say one thing, she also wanted to go to the canteen!

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