When Su Ai Dang came back, he was carrying the dried sweet potatoes he saved and the bird eggs that he had dug on the way.
He was covered in dust, his clothes were ragged, and he was just like skin and bones.

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When he arrived at the house and opened the door to the yard, he saw his sister sitting on a chair chewing dried sweet potatoes.
Su Aidang’s eyes lit up suddenly, and he laughed loudly, “Sister, I’m back!”

Su Qinghe was chewing dried sweet potatoes while communicating with the system in her head when she was shocked by Su Aidang’s voice.

Looking at her third brother again, she almost didn’t recognize him.
It’s been a long time since she’d seen him.
He lost a few pounds.

“Brother, you are back!”

“Yes, brother brought you food.” Su Ai Dang laughed, carrying the things and offering the bag to Su Qinghe like a treasure.

“Look, there are a lot of dried sweet potatoes, all of which you like to eat.” Su Aidang said cheerfully, and whispered, “I also took out a few sparrow eggs and asked mom to cook them for you and put them in your pocket as snacks.
This is a special supplement.
It is a pity that the sparrows are not in the nest, or I can roast the sparrows for you to eat at night.”

“…” Seeing that Su Aidang was also hungry but he even brought something back for her to eat, Su Qinghe’s nose couldn’t help but feel sour.
This is definitely a real brother!

“Brother, let’s go into the kitchen. I have left food for you.”

Su Qinghe remembered a few pieces of chicken left for Su Ai Dang and quickly took out the key to open the kitchen door and led him into the kitchen.
Then she takes out the meat from the pot.
Fortunately, there was still a little soup left, which was another hot soup for Su Ai Dang.

Su Ai Dang smelled the scent on the side, looking at the meat, his saliva couldn’t help but flow.

Su Qinghe stuffed the bowl and chopsticks in his hand, “Take it, third brother.”

Su Aidang swallowed and didn’t move, “Sister, where did this come from?”

“Our old hen won’t lay eggs, so Mom killed it.
Otherwise, the chicken will be thin and meatless.”

Hearing that the old hen is gone, Su Aidang feels distressed. That’s the source of nutrition for his sister. What should I do? He stopped drinking the soup in his hand, and handed it to Su Qinghe, “Sister, drink more.
There will be no eggs at home in the future.
Brother will find a way to get you bird eggs.”

Su Qinghe didn’t answer, and said sternly, “Brother, I have eaten, why don’t you eat it? I have eaten it, and others have eaten it, but you didn’t eat it.
You eat it quickly.
I saved it especially for you.
If you didn’t come back, I will also find you tomorrow.”

Su Aidang was so moved, his eyes were red. Then pour the soup into his mouth.

Su Qinghe smiled and said, “Brother, the soup I made is delicious, isn’t it?”

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Su Aidang nodded hurriedly, “It’s delicious, it’s delicious!”

After a few mouthfuls of the soup, he slowly nibbles on the chicken.
It’s like eating the most delicious food in the world.

Su Qinghe watched him eat so much, and took a bite of dried sweet potatoes.
She now finally knows why so many people like to watch people eat on a broadcast1.

When others eat and have an appetite, they are really greedy.
Even if she’s full, she’s starting to crave.

While eating in the kitchen, Gao Xiulan also brought the children back from outside.
Inside the basket are a few wild vegetables.
They can’t help it, now in famine years, it’s good to find little leafy greens.
At least it can fill the stomach.

Carrying the basket to the kitchen, she looked at her son and daughter inside.
She was stunned for a second and immediately shouted, “Aidang, why did you come back without saying a word? Your sister left you something to eat.”

Su Ai Dang smashed his mouth, “Mom, I’m eating it, it’s delicious.”

“Of course it’s delicious.” Gao Xiulan walked in and pointed at Su Qinghe,

“This is saved from your big sister’s mouth.
She couldn’t eat it herself, so she left it for you, her brother, to eat.
The whole family only cares about themselves, but she’s the only one that thinks about you as a brother.
Do you think your sister is not giving you her heart and soul?”

Su Ai Dang thought it was a share left by his family.
Unexpectedly, his sister deliberately saved it from her plate to feed him.
The eyes that had just turned red immediately began to cry.

Su Qinghe is covered with goosebumps.
Her third brother is a tough guy, so this crying is hard to explain.

“Sister, why didn’t you tell brother earlier, how can brother eat what you saved.
Brother is so bad-”

Su Aidang directly cried.

Su Qinghe: “…”

Gao Xiulan said, “You should feel bad.
If you don’t love your sister in the future, God won’t be able to overlook it.”

Su Qinghe: “…Brother, it’s nothing, I have eaten too.
I have eaten a lot.
Don’t feel uncomfortable, hurry up and eat meat.
If you don’t eat it, I feel very uncomfortable in my heart.”

Su Ai Dang immediately took a bite of the meat. Take a bite and take a look at Su Qinghe.

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Gao Xiulan ignored her son either, looking at the bags on the ground, she knew that her son brought them back. Immediately began to count. Very good, there should be five or six kilograms of dried sweet potatoes in it.
Well, there are several sparrow eggs wrapped in withered grass.
This son still has some conscience.

After counting the things, watching the children squinting at the door frame, she immediately tightened the bag and pointed to the children, and said,

“What are you looking at? You haven’t eaten enough at noon so you want to grab a bite from your aunt’s mouth? Is your heart black? Go to work quickly! If you don’t work, the rice you ate was wasted.
Do you still want to eat and drink soup?”

Several children immediately went to find work.
Those who collected firewood, pick up firewood, and those who swept the yard swept the yard.

Work, work, no work, no food, no work, no soup. They are not as sick as Auntie, so how can they be lazy?

After Su Ai Dang finished eating the meat, the bones were chewed up.
The whole person’s spirit looks much better.
But when he looked at Su Qinghe, his eyes were watery.

She was moved but Su Qinghe really couldn’t stand it.
She quickly took Su Aidang out to sit in the courtyard, “Brother, why are you back? Are you on vacation? How many days are you staying this time?”

“Not going away.” Speaking of this, Su Aidang was still a little downcast.

Gao Xiulan came out of the kitchen carrying the bag and was about to put it back in the room.
She couldn’t care about it when she heard this, came over and said, “What do you mean you are not leaving?”

Su Ai Dang sighed, “Last time you went there, there was nothing to do.
The rations are getting less and less.
Two days ago, they ordered us not to make steel and let us go home to do farm work.
Everyone packed up together and came straight back today.
We won’t have to go there anymore.”

“Oh, this is really a torment, our family iron pot was wasted, and doesn’t make steel.
You still have high work points when you work in steelmaking, and you have food.
Now when you come back, the work points are much lower.
No, let’s go to Guo Changsheng and let him arrange a good job for you.
How can we lose work points for such a big family.”

Su Aidang nodded in agreement.
The sister in the family can’t go hungry, he has to work harder to make up for it.
Otherwise, how can it be enough to rely on the work done by the eldest brother and the second brother?

Su Qinghe felt that it was good for the big steel-making to stop.
Su Aidang was reluctant to eat outside.
If it weren’t for the steel-making to stop, he would probably starve himself to death.
It’s better to come back.
If the family is together, they won’t starve to death.

After sitting at home for a while, Su Aidang noticed the difference at home.
The children looked a lot more energetic, and they were much better than those hungry people he saw along the way.
Just now he also seems to see a big iron pot at home.
So he quickly pulled Gao Xiulan and asked.

Gao Xiulan said, “Last I haven’t told you, your sister is rewarded for doing good deeds.
Our family followed along with the glory.
If it weren’t for the help of others, we would have starved to death.
You don’t know, Su Zhuo2’s wife starved to death a few days ago.
I see that other people in the village are similar.
Alas, your grandmother said that the relief food will not come down for a few months.
I don’t know what to do these days.
Our family is relying on your sister now.”

Su Qinghe thinks her mother really knows how to talk.
Although this matter indeed depends on her, her mother didn’t know it.
The result is that every time she says it, it’s almost as if it’s true.
She guessed that her mother had brainwashed others too much, and she had also brainwashed herself as well, that’s why she spoke so smoothly.

Su Aidang was moved.
As a brother, he thought he was raising his sister.
But now, his sister has to provide for the whole family.

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After work in the afternoon, the two brothers Su Aiguo and Su Aihua came back.
Seeing the youngest son Su Aidang came back, they were happy and had a headache again.

It’s not that they dislike this brother.
How can you hate your brother?

But Comrade Su Aidang was a tyrant in Sujia Village… The destructive ability was second only to Comrade Gao Xiulan, an old lady at home.

Before going to steelmaking, he often fought with people in the village; as his elder brother, Su Aiguo is honest and unwilling to cause trouble.
Su Aihua is kind of sleek and hopes to achieve his goal through other means.
Neither of them is a person who likes to fight.
Therefore, they disagree with the behavior of Su Aidang very much.

So Su Aiguo patted his third brother on the shoulder, “Brother, if you encounter a problem in the future, you can ask your brother to help you solve it.
Don’t fight all the time.”

Su Aihua said, “If the eldest brother fails, there will still be second brother.
Second brother will help you solve it.
Don’t fight.”

Su Ai said, “I never fight.
I only hit people.”

Su Aiguo and Su Aihua: “…”


In the evening because of the return of the Su Ai Party, Su Qinghe deliberately discussed with Gao Xiulan to have a meal to celebrate in the evening and let comrade Su Aidang have a full meal.

Gao Xiulan refused, “Just do it for your third brother alone.
There is only a little bit of food at home, and they eat a little less.
It is not good for them to eat too much and form a habit.
Once they have a good life, they can’t bear hardship.
People who can still endure hardship live longer.
If you give them more food, it’s harmful to them!”

Su Qinghe was speechless.

So at night Su Qinghe cooked a bowl of wild vegetable corn paste for Su Ai Dang.
Su Ai Dang ate with snot and tears running down his face.
He felt that the home was too warm.

Her meal was made by Gao Xiulan for her.
She walked directly into her room and let her have dinner warmly.

“Qing’er, you eat more.
I just leave this big white noodle for you to eat.
If you don’t eat it, others won’t be able to eat it.
If you give it to them, they’ll get used to eating it. When that time comes, there will be a lot of trouble.”

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Su Qing listened to Gao Xiulan’s words, she felt as if she ate alone to avoid family wars and contribute to family harmony.

Hey, fortunately, my three views have been established. Otherwise, it will be crooked.

“Mom, you eat too, let’s eat together.” She gave Gao Xiulan the bowl and chopsticks.

Gao Xiulan waved her hand, “What eat? Mom can’t sleep when she’s full at night.
Mom has to go back to bed.
You can put away the dishes and chopsticks after you finish eating and take them back to the kitchen tomorrow.”

She said and left the room directly.

Su Qinghe looked at her back and sighed.
She pitied the hearts of parents all over the world.

In the evening, Su Qinghe lay on the bed and chatted with the system, preparing to release the big hen. No matter what it is, eggs are indispensable. In the future, it’s best to make egg drop soup for everyone in the family, it will be a little nutritious anyway.

“System, pack the old hen, don’t make the chicken cry early in the morning.” Su Qinghe reminded.

“Ding, charge a packing fee for an egg.
Does the host agree?”

“…Agree.” Su Qinghe gritted her teeth and smiled silently.

After the arrangement is completed, the system reminds her, “Host, please pay attention, there is still a side mission “clothing” that is not open.
I hope the host will work hard and do more tasks.
Improve many skills as soon as possible.”

Su Qinghe waved her hand sleepily, “No, no, it’s not cold, and the clothes are enough to wear.
I just want to eat and eat…” It wants to cheat her to work but she won’t be cheated.
Let’s talk about filling the stomach first.

Early the next morning, Comrade Gao Xiulan got up, dressed and combed her hair as usual, and smoothed her hair with the water in the basin.
Feeling energetic, she walked to the front of the urn with a pious face.

She has now developed a habit of checking it every day to see if her family Dagen has brought her surprises.

After checking it a few days ago, there was nothing.
Although a little disappointed, this did not hinder her enthusiasm.

Putting her hand on the big urn, she said, “Dagen, you have no conscience, if you don’t bring things up, I will go to your grave and cry.”

After speaking, she lifted the lid of the big urn.
Looking down inside…… an old hen was tied up, even its mouth was tied up.
Only reveal a pair of eyes looking up.
With her good eyesight, Gao Xiulan can still see this chicken in this dimly lit place…It’s fat!

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