“My Qing’er1, my daughter! You heartless brats, you’re all so cruel! I just went back to my natal family and you have made your sister like this.
Did you get beaten by the eldest wife? You white-eyed wolves who have forgotten their mother, I will kill you, bastards!”

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“Mom, no, sister ate two dried sweet potatoes and a bowl of millet porridge early in the morning.”

“Fart! How can you faint from hunger if you have eaten? This old lady won’t talk with you now, hurry up and carry Qing’er to the county hospital.”


With the sound of crying along with the sound of shouting, Su Qinghe slowly regained consciousness.
Of course, she still couldn’t open her eyes.
It seemed that there was a power that made her unable to move.
All she knows is that she seems to be in a car or on a wooden board, bumping constantly.


She said silently in her head, “System, are you there?”

“The Almighty Army Wife System 01 is temporarily serving you.” A mechanical sound rang in her head.

Su Qinghe said, “Where am I? Didn’t you say that I can survive by binding with you? Where is this? Am I not at home?”

“This is May 11, 1960, in China.
The host is now in a small village in the northern region.
Because the map is not complete, it is impossible to point out the specific location.
The host can ask for it by herself.”

“…In 1960?”



Su Qinghe was agitated, “You said I can live by binding, so you let me come alive like this? Don’t bully me.
I am less educated, but I know in 1960 there were three years of great famine2.
You’re going to feed me soil.
You let me live, I am alive but starving to death.”


“This system is only temporarily bound, and the host can cancel it at any time.”

“I can go back after the cancellation?” If the price of the so-called system is to stay in the 1960s, I would rather go back to the 21st century to be an ordinary otaku.
At any rate, I can still eat a bite of fast food.


“The host is already brain-dead in the future, and you can see yourself as a gray-like object after going back.
Because there is no carrier to save the host’s brain waves, the host will not exist for more than three seconds.”


“…” Isn’t it obvious that if you bind, you live, if you don’t bind, you die?

Su Qinghe’s face contorted.


As a senior homebody, Su Qinghe does not often go out.
Everything she eats is called takeaway.
When buying things, she looks for Taobao home delivery.
Three hundred sixty-five days a year can be spent at home for three hundred and sixty days, and the remaining few days are spent under the sun to supplement calcium.


In this era of impetuous people, Su Qinghe feels that staying at home is the safest.
This is the reason she has always advised herself to stay at home.

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However, it was said that misfortune came from the gods.


During the holiday season, just in time for the property plumber’s holiday, there was a problem with the electric light in her room.
Su Qinghe can bear everything but can’t bear the darkness and the days without computers.
So she searched for a spare light bulb at home and changed the bulb by herself, but the light bulb exploded.

She was so scared that she fell back from the chair and the result can be imagined…


Just when Su Qinghe thought she was about to die there was a strange voice rang in her ears, “Found a qualified host, restart the system.
Hello temporary host, Almighty Military Wife System 01 serves you.
Checking the host: the energy is exhausted and disappearing, please choose whether to bind this system to get a new carrier.”


Who wants to die if she can live? Especially for someone like Su Qinghe who is timid and afraid of death.
She didn’t even think about it and said directly, “Agree!”


There was a burst of light, and Su Qinghe squinted her eyes subconsciously, feeling as if she had been peeled from something and then began to float…


She’s been floating and floating then came to the sixties.


To survive, she can only endure.
After taking a deep breath, she continued, “Where is the original owner of this body, is she dead? I have a bottom line!”


“The fixed DNA matching carrier of this system is the current carrier(body) of the host, and the original owner of the carrier had difficulty understanding the system.
In-depth communication is not possible.
So after consultation with the original owner, she was sent to the Interstellar Canteen for her preconditioned to daily meat-eating requirements.
The carrier now belongs to the system.
The host is only temporarily borrowing it.
If the host refuses to formally bind the system, the host will leave the carrier and die after three seconds.”


“…” She is still a spare tire.

Su Qinghe asked weakly, “Is there still a shortage of people in your cafeteria?”


“This problem will be regarded as the host intentionally leaving the system.
If the host persists after ten seconds, it will leave the carrier and die after three seconds.”

“! ! !” Su Qinghe immediately said, “Bind and bind, bind immediately!”


“Ding-the Almighty Army Wife System 01 is officially bound… the binding completion rate is 30%… 60%… complete! Please receive the information.”


As soon as the voice stopped, Su Qinghe felt that she was in a crash state.
A bunch of messy things burrowed into her brain, and her whole head felt full.

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The huge data reception was completely fixed, and Su Qinghe felt that she only has half her life left.
Seeing the data was fixed, she didn’t regret binding to this system.


The 01 Almighty Military Wife System was designed by the Galaxy A Corps.
In the interstellar age, there are constant wars between the major planets.
Soldiers can’t take care of their families all year round, causing most of them to become old singles.
Even married soldiers can’t work wholeheartedly because they miss their families.


So the Legion Research Department spent a lot of manpower and material resources to develop this all-around military wife system.
The purpose is to cultivate an all-around military wife who can take care of the family, protect the family, go to the hall and the kitchen, and beat the bad guys for the soldiers who are on the expedition.
At present, her system is the first experimental system.


Seeing this, Su Qinghe couldn’t help but said, “If there is this system, what else would my husband do? You are a single system, right?”


Such an answer has already been set in the system and the answer is quickly given, “Only military members have the right to obtain this system.
Non-military personnel cannot obtain this system.”

Yeah, nothing wrong.
Su Qinghe accepts this answer.
If you want a horse to run, you have to feed it.

She continued to look at the other functions.
She found that this system is really powerful, it has storage space, system store, treasure box… everything.
And there is even a skill enha

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