Chapter 016 – It’s daybreak

The butler was surprised.
He never thought that Austin would actually change his decision to dig his eyes out because of Ruan Tang’s words; He immediately bowed gratefully and retreated.

He felt it necessary to re-examine the Duchess who he hadn’t paid much attention to before……

After all, the Empress was able to decide whether he would live or die, and the Duchess, whom he had not given much thought to before, now seemed to be able to decide whether he was whole in the house.

The butler was not the only one who was surprised, the other servants standing at the side also showed a different look one after the other, but they feared provoking Austin, so they all lowered their eyes and restrained the emotions on their face.

Even Ruan Tang himself, as the initiator, did not expect that he had actually changed the evil Duke’s decision so easily.

Austin looked at Ruan Tang as if nothing happened just now and asked, “Why don’t you continue eating? Aren’t you still hungry?”

“Then……I will continue to eat.” Looking at the moody Austin, Ruan Tang was feeling very apprehensive; He didn’t know which of this madman’s nerves he touched just now that made him listen to his words.

I wonder if it’s because I eat particularly well and have a good appetite.

He picked up his chopsticks again, and lifted the food to his mouth, but he didn’t know if it was because of what had happened just now, but Ruan Tang couldn’t eat any more.
He felt that these delicacies were very difficult to swallow.

But looking at Duke Austin, who was staring straight at him, Ruan Tang dared not stop for fear that he might anger the madman who had finally calmed down.

He could only continue to stuff his mouth as if he were chewing wax.

“If you don’t want to eat, don’t eat.
No one is forcing you.” Austin looked at him steadily for a while, feeling Ruan Tang’s appearance was very painful, and suddenly spoke.

Ruan Tang looked at his frightened appearance, and did not know whether his statement was true or not, whether he really did not want to eat himself, or was forcing himself to eat more.

But he felt that he really had no appetite and couldn’t hold on any longer; Ruan Tang immediately decided that no matter whether what he said was genuine or not, he would listen to it as if it was.
He immediately put down the dish and chopsticks in his hand and said to the servant standing on the side, “Give me a cup of coffee, thank you.”

While talking, Ruan Tang had been carefully observing Austin.
When he saw that he had no reaction when he didn’t continue to eat, he completely breathed a sigh of relief.

After witnessing the frightening scene just now, the servants served much more carefully than before.

Ruan Tang took a sip of coffee with relief, and his whole body relaxed considerably.

Not only is the breakfast at the Dukes’ residence delicious, but even the coffee is made very rich…..

Austin frowned and watched Ruan Tang drink coffee with relish.
Then he looked at the black tea in his cup.
Suddenly, he had no appetite.

As soon as he showed his dissatisfaction, the servant waiting on the side immediately withdrew the black tea for him and replaced it with a cup of coffee of the same type as Ruan Tang’s……

Austin followed Ruan Tang’s example and gently picked up the coffee and took a sip, but as soon as it entered his mouth, it was so bitter that his whole face wrinkled up, directly spitting the coffee back into the cup with an unpleasant expression, “What is this stuff? Why is it so hard to drink?”

The servant who had just changed his coffee saw this and instantly turned pale with fear and trembled, unconsciously even holding his breath.

Fearing that if he angered the Duke, he would end up with a self-mutilating wound like the butler, and after the butler had just experienced that, he dared not argue for himself.

He was afraid that noise would make the Duke more angry and punish him more severely.

“I don’t like sugar and milk in my coffee.
I like to drink rich, pure coffee freshly ground……It doesn’t taste very good like that.
I’m sorry, you can ridicule me.” Ruan Tang was frightened.
Seeing that what he had just experienced was going to happen again, he couldn’t help but speak up and defend the servant.

In fact, Ruan Tang didn’t feel very confident about whether he could convince this madman, but he felt that he had to try, so that others would not bear the unwarranted disaster.

Once Austin heard Ruan Tang open his mouth, he frowned unhappily, but looked away from the servant and didn’t look at him again, only grunting, “Are all the things you like so strange?”

“It’s so bitter.
What’s so good about drinking this? Really difficult to raise……” he complained about Ruan Tang discontentedly.

But didn’t say anything about the servant……

This meant he let the servant go

The servant’s face immediately showed surprise.
He didn’t expect that their Duke’s anger could disappear so quickly this time, but he quickly collected his expression, bowed his head and retreated to the side.

Ruan Tang looked at Austin in surprise and immediately smiled apologetically, “My tastes are indeed a bit odd.”

He suddenly felt, this crazy Duke seemed to be quite good in terms of talking to him……as long as he could find the right spot…….

And where exactly, is his spot?

Austin looked at Ruan Tang, hummed softly, then put down the coffee cup in his hand, pushed his wheelchair without paying attention to anyone, and left the dining room.


As a duke, Austin still had some business to deal with.
He spent the morning getting his work out of the way and was a little unsure of what to do.

“Sir, I wonder if I need to arrange a performance for you in the afternoon, or go to the arena and visit the torture department?” As his personal servant, Aaron saw his master’s disinterest and immediately stepped forward, proposing several of Austen’s favorite pastimes for his master’s amusement.

Austin hadn’t watched bloody, cruel scenes for several days, and felt a little itchy in his heart.
Turning on his personal terminal, he was planning to arrange a trip to the performance venue or the torture department to have fun with the criminals.

 Unexpectedly, as soon as he opened his personal terminal.

The message of hiding for a bit that Ruan Tang had sent to servant Seth in the morning to warn him that the Duke came over, so that Seth did not have to come, immediately popped up.

Suddenly, Austin felt it was a bit interesting, and didn’t even think of going out the door.

His tightly furrowed brows suddenly loosened and he instructed Aaron, “No need, not going out today.
Change my clothes and take the mask off.”


So, after a morning plus half an afternoon without seeing Seth, the facially disfigured strange manservant appeared in front of Ruan Tang’s eyes again.

At about three o’clock in the afternoon, Austin gently knocked on Ruan Tang’s door with afternoon refreshments, “Madam, this is the afternoon tea in the mansion.”

At that time, Ruan Tang was staring out of the dark window in a daze.

Seeing Seth, he instantly returned a polite smile and said, “Thank you, you can just put the afternoon tea aside.”

When the voice fell, without glancing at the sumptuous afternoon tea, he started staring out of the window again blankly…… 

“The Madam seems to be unhappy, why is that?” Austin noticed that he was in a bad mood and smiled, but the smile did not touch the bottom of his eyes.

Ruan Tang thought that after these two days together, their relationship was close, and he didn’t care about the servant’s rude questions and offenses

He just looked out the window somewhat depressed and distracted, “……nothing.”

“Did the Duke upset you? Is that why you’re unhappy?” Austin felt that as the other owner of the mansion, no one should make Ruan Tang unhappy except him.

Ruan Tang saw that he was determined to get to the bottom of the matter, but he couldn’t tell a servant that the Empress put pressure on him.
He immediately looked out of the dark window and offhandedly said, “……Because I don’t like darkness, I like the natural climate with sunshine and night, and the Duke’s residence has only night, so I’m not happy……”

In fact, the Duke’s residence of eternal night really made him uncomfortable.
He was always in the dark and had to rely on lights to see things.

He now has lived his life somewhat unaware of what year it is.

Austin looked at Ruan Tang in surprise, did not say anything, even more so did not expect it was actually for this reason that Ruan Tang was depressed.


Tsk, I have long heard that Omega were difficult to raise, it’s true; timid and soft-hearted, afraid of seeing blood, not to mention eating strange things, now even the darkness can also make him unhappy……

What a pain in the ass.

What’s wrong with darkness? He can also make him unhappy like this.

Austin felt irritated in his heart, but showed nothing on his face.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Ruan Tang didn’t take the initiative to talk to him, but chose to continue to look out of the window


Ruan Tang was in a bad mood that day, so he went to bed early.
After falling asleep, he didn’t even know if Duke Austin came to breathe him in.

Because he slept much earlier than usual, he woke up very early the next day……He even woke up before Austin’s usual time to sniff him.

After opening his eyes and sitting up, Ruan Tang was shocked.

Because the Duke of Austin’s residence, which had been dark, was actually lit up.

The bright sunshine shone into his room through the window, which not only brightened the whole room, but even Ruan Tang’s heart cleared up along with it.

Ruan Tang didn’t wait for Seth or Austin.
When he saw the sunlight, he opened the door, grabbed a servant at work, pointed to the bright sunshine outside the window and asked dumbfounded, “This…what’s going on?”

 Isn’t the Duke of Austin’s mansion one of Eternal Night?

“Madam, the Duke heard that you don’t like darkness.
Therefore, last night he had ordered the restoration of the residence’s normal daylight hours……” The servant was ten thousand times more cautious and respectful towards Ruan Tang.

Ruan Tang was stunned.

It never occurred to him that Duke Austin would know that he casually said he didn’t like darkness, let alone that he would change the dynamics of the whole residence for himself.

And he was not the only one who was stunned, the whole Ducal House of Austin was stunned……

No one had ever thought that their eccentric Duke would actually change the habits he had maintained for years for an Omega; just because he didn’t like darkness.

It seems that the sky of this mansion was about to change.

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