Chapter 010 – Madam, you are really strange

 It seemed like the young man did not expect Ruan Tang would ask that question, and after a moment’s pause, he shook his head.

       As if in reply to Ruan Tang; his face was not born this way

       “Your face…was it the Duke?” When Ruan Tang looked at his face, he felt that it was a new wound.
He immediately asked what came to mind but knew he had misspoken1 and stopped talking.

       Ruan Tang had heard many terrible rumors about his husband, the bluebeard Duke, who was notorious in the Empire Star.

        One of the things that were said was that after he was disfigured and disabled, the eldest son of the emperor had a drastic change of temperament; violent and rebellious, and because of his disability, he couldn’t stand to see a whole person again

       So, with the exception of the old butler sent to him by the Empress, there were no able-bodied people around in his ducal residence…

       He could only feel happy when he had a glimpse of a disabled person serving at his side.

       Even the robots were not physically sound, and he only employed disabled people.
Even perfectly fit people became disabled when they entered his mansion to work there.

       Rumor had it Duke Austin did it himself…

       Disfigurement was also a form of disability…

       Ruan Tang looked at Seth, he seemed like a newcomer and the wounds on his face looked new, so he inevitably made that assumption.

       The youth did not expect him to ask this.
After lowering his eyes slightly, he shook his head and said, “..No, madam.”

       Ruan Tang looked at his timid and clumsy appearance, and did not know if what he said was true or not, or he did not dare say because of his husband’s fierce reputation

       He did not want to say, so Ruan Tang did not ask any more questions.
He just softly sighed and said, “…I see that the wound on your face has not healed, the wound seems to be a bit suppurated and it’s very unsightly.
I’m afraid if you go out to serve like this, you’ll be scolded by the butler…”

       “I have a medical kit in my luggage with medicine in it, so bring it over for me and I’ll take care of it for you.”

       Life was not easy, especially in today’s society after genetic modification and ABO gender differentiation, the gap between the rich and the poor was particularly large.

        Most of the wealth of society was in the hands of the nobility and AO, the short-lived slum Beta could be said to be inferior since birth.

        Although the Duke’s mansion was eerie and terrifying, working here was well-paid.
It was inconceivable for AO people to change themselves from a normal person to a disbaled person in exchange for the opportunity to work in the Duke’s mansion in order to make a living.

       However, after understanding this, Ruan Tang knew this was a very normal thing for Beta of the slums.

       Many of them could not even afford to eat.
It was very common for them to exchange one thing2 for another in order to get enough to eat.

       Ruan Tang inwardly sympathized with them very much, but Rome wasn’t built in a day3.
In such an environment and identity, other than treating them a little better and a little gentler…

       Ruan Tang also knew he could not do more for them, and change the world.

       The young man named Seth did not expect Ruan Tang to do this, but after a moment’s surprise, he still obediently found the medical kit that Ruan Tang had brought with him from among Ruan Tang’s luggage and handed it over to him.

       Ruan Tang directly asked him to sit down and carefully examined Seth’s face, which was injured by something unknown, with rotten polyps and ferocious scars and was still oozing with a transparent liquid.

       The young man’s back was straight and he stared at the Omega in front of him.
Seth noticed that the Omega not only had excellent skin and a special fragrance, but also a pair of very beautiful eyes.
The eyes were dark as the sky on a vast, starless night in the canopy of the heavens.
They were quiet and deep, like rare obsidian.

       One couldn’t help but have a desire to dig out these beautiful eyes, and take them as their own and collect them as gems.

       But no, these eyes are so bright, vivid and beautiful.
He’s afraid they won’t have such brilliance after they are dug out…


       What should be done to gouge out these eyes while maintaining their current beauty?

       Seth was lost in thought.

       Ruan Tang was unaware of the thoughts inside the young man’s mind; he had already moistened the cotton pads with disinfectant and cleaned up the ulcers on his face for the youth.

        He was very careful, but the wound on the youth’s face was too gruesome.
Even if he was careful, his continuous movement still distrubed the youth’s wounds…

       The youth was ripped out of his own thoughts and frowned as he let out a “Hiss~” sound.

       Seth almost instantly had the desire to lash out.

       “Sorry, did I hurt you? I didn’t mean to, I’ll be more careful…” Ruan Tang concentrated intently on the wound on his face, completely unaware of his thoughts; seeing that he was in pain, repeatedly apologized and his hand movements were a lot more gentle, “I actually have no experience cleaning such wounds.”

       He was so gentle to Seth that he couldn’t be more gentle.
From beginning to end, his calm eyes turned a blind eye to his hideous scar, and somehow the violence in his heart suddenly disappeared.

       He shook his head gently, “It doesn’t hurt, Madam.”

       Looking at the face of the Omega before him, always quiet and peaceful, without a trace of surprise, fear, or the usual look, his heart slightly moved and he couldn’t help but feel a little curious about the Omega in front of him.

       Even his own biological mother screamed when she saw his current face for the first time; unable to disguise the revulsion and disgust in her eyes.

       Not to mention, even if the Omegas he met tried their best to hie it, they couldn’t control their expressions of fear and horror at the sight of his face.

       But after seeing his face, apart from his initial surprise, from beginning to end, Ruan Tang did not show any fear, panic and disgust…

       He was calm from start to finish, as if he were a normal person.

       And Seth could see that he was not pretending

       All of this made him tremendously curious about Ruan Tang as a person.

       “…… Madam, this face of mine, aren’t you afraid?” The youth looked back at Ruan Tang and promptly asked.

       Ruan Tang didn’t expect him to ask this, froze and immediately said, “Afraid, why would I be afraid?”

       “…Because my face is ugly and disgusting.” Seth’s tone was very placid when he mentioned his face.

       He still remembers waking up from his serious injuries, first seeing his mother, weakly and expectantly reaching out to be close to her and wanting her to hug him.

       His mother, however, screamed hysterically in horror and fear at the sight of his face, “Ah! His face, how did his face become like this, how could it become like this….You guys quickly cure it for me! Cure it for me ah! I don’t want to see him…”

        “What? Can’t cure it, can’t cure it, why is he still alive? Why are you still alive… “

        Although the memory was from a very long time ago, it still left an indelible impression of the disgust and ugliness of his own face.
Therefore, he was particularly curious; Why could Ruan Tang treat such a face calmly?

       “What’s so ugly about it, what’s so disgusting? You’re just hurt, it’s no big deal…” Ruan Tang looked at the youth tranquilly.

       In fact, he really didn’t think there was anything wrong with the young man’s face.
After seeing too many nauseating beautiful skin bags4, he paid more attention to the inner self.

       The beauty and ugliness of his appearance really didn’t mean anything to him.

       However, since the youth asked this question, although he didn’t show anything in his tone, he must still be concerned about his face and feel inferior.

       Although Ruan Tang didn’t want to say much, he still said a few more words in order to comfort the youth, “It doesn’t matter whether you are beautiful or ugly; I have seen many people with gorgeous appearance, but their hearts are as sinister as snakes and scorpions.
Inner kindness is the most important, I believe that you can meet someone who sincerely likes you in the future and acquire happiness…”

       “Someone who sincerely likes me? Acquire happiness?” When Seth heard this, he instantly laughed sarcastically.

       How could anyone love someone like him?

       Besides, he doesn’t need anyone to love…

       “Believe in yourself, you will meet them.” Ruan Tang saw him like this, and thought he had such low self-esteem that he was despairing about life, and immediately encouraged him, “In fact, good looks is not necessarily a good thing, because a good appearance will attract a lot of insincere people…It blinds people, making them unable to see the true heart, and unable to purse true happiness.”

       Just like his own General, the so-called love at first sight but was actually just lust; it is difficult for him to find a sincere person.

       Ruan Tang’s voice was soft and gentle, “On the contrary, you can see their true heart when you have nothing and a flawed appearance.
As a result the person who falls in love with you, must love your soul.” This kind of feeling was rare, but once encountered, people could only yearn and be envious.

       Seth didn’t expect Ruan Tang to tell him this, no one had ever said this to him.
He looked fixedly at Ruan Tang for a while, and confirmed that all of the words Ruan Tang said came from the bottom of his heart; It could be seen that he truly thought this way in his heart, not just to fool him, and he suddenly said, “…Madam, you are really strange.”

       It was also exceptionally beautiful.

       He suddenly felt that he didn’t hate this Omega anymore.

        “Thank you for your compliment.” Seth wasn’t the first person to say that he was strange, but Ruan Tang didn’t think strange was a derogatory term.

       Because everyone in this world was a special individual who could not be copied, he doesn’t want to go out and make himself like everyone else for the sake of unreasonable expectations.

       Nor does he want others to be like him.

       Ruan Tang did not see Duke Austin, his nominal husband, for the whole day.
Instead, after breakfast, he let Seth lead him around the residence and familiarize himself with the environment.


TL Notes:

[1] misspoken – the original says a slip of the tongue but i thought misspoken fit better

[2] thing – thing being their body

[3] Rome wasn’t built in a day – Original was “3 feet of ice does not form in a single day” The exact meaning is that the formation of a thing requires long-term accumulation and cannot be completed in one or two days.
Anything that happens has its potential, long-term factors, which cannot be formed suddenly.
When it is derogatory, it is often used to describe the accumulation of contradictions ; when it is praiseworthy, it is used to describe the hard-won achievement.
The direct English translation is Rome wasn’t built in a day.

[4] bags – y’all he’s talking about those scum who betrayed him LOL

The TL has something to say:

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