got his take-out malatang1 and was about to go to find Yi Shang.
However, he saw Yi Shang walking in one direction.
He looked over and saw Lin Xia in that direction.
The Emperor of Truth suddenly turned into a Dog-Headed Adviser2.

Xiao Tang suddenly understood, he was calm in appearance but his heart was in turmoil. No wonder! So it turns out that Lin Xia is his love rival? Am I about to witness the legendary ‘Shura Field’3?

Xiao Tang followed over stealthily with his malatang and sat behind Yi Shang, sitting back to back against him.

Yi Shang noticed that Xiao Tang had followed him but he didn’t care.

“Yi Shang?” Faced with a handsome man, Fang Qi’s freshly calmed heart was shaken again.
Could it be that her spring has arrived? She had just given up on a handsome man, and then came another handsome man.
God is treating her so well!

“Mn, hello.” Yi Shang simply greeted the girl, not wondering how she knew him.
He went straight to Lin Xia and asked, “Why aren’t you taking the promotion photos with me?”

When Fang Qi heard the question from Yi Shang, she woke up from her Mary Sue dream: Lovelorn once again.
From now on, I’ll seal my heart and lock up my love.

Lin Xia was caught off guard when he asked.
He didn’t dare to look at Yi Shang.
He blinked and looked everywhere except Yi Shang, “I have something to do.”

Maybe others wouldn’t be able to tell, but Fang Qi can tell with a glance that Lin Xia was different from usual.
After all, she had known Lin Xia for so many years.
Plus, it was her first time seeing the calm Lin Xia so flustered.

What’s the situation here? Can it be what she’s thinking?!

“You have something on both days of the weekends?”

“Mn.” Lin Xia glanced at the Yi Shang, then looked away and nodded.

“What’s the thing?” asked Yi Shang.

When Fang Qi heard this question from Yi Shang, she wanted to give this big straight man4 a big slap.
Getting to the bottom of things is a minus point okay?! Don’t you dare make things difficult for our Lin Xia!

Lin Xia opened his mouth, then closed it again.
Finally, he squeezed out, “I have to work part-time.”

“Since when did you have so many part-time jobs?” Fang Qi said innocently, pretending to be curious, asking at the right time, “Don’t you only have tutoring on Saturday mornings?”

After Fang Qi said this, she gave herself a prize in her heart.
Who else is as selfless as her?! Serving as a wingman to the person you had a crush on!

It was the first time he lied in front of Yi Shang, yet he was exposed right away.
Lin Xia’s ears turned red.
The only thing he was thankful for was that it wasn’t easy for his face to turn red, so he can still pretend to be very calm and collected.

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