Yi Shang picked up his phone and saw that it wasn’t Lin Xia.
It was his classmate looking for him.
He immediately stopped humming and resumed his expressionless face.
He replied to his classmate and then continued to write his homework.

Some moments later, Xiao Tang lay on his desk, rubbed his stomach, and groaned, “Dads, I’m hungry.”

“Are you the reincarnation of a pig?” Lao Wang was the first to answer.

“Have you ever seen such a thin pig like me?!” Xiao Tang angrily slapped the desk and gestured out his figure.

“You eat and shit every day but I still don’t see you growing any meat.
Might as well not eat, it’ll be a waste anyways.” Xiao Zhang put down his pen and stretched.

“I’m starving to death!” Xiao Tang turned to look at the only silent Yi Shang and said with great exaggeration, “The best Yi-gege in the whole wide world, wanna go to the canteen?”

Yi Shang looked up at Xiao Tang who had his hands together under his chin praying, whose eyes were blinking till they were almost cramped.
Yi Shang suspected that if he didn’t agree, Xiao Tang’s eyes would really go cramped, “Let’s go then.”

Xiao Tang got up from his chair, stretched out, and didn’t forget to diss the other two, “As I thought, my Yi dad is the best.
The other two are not worth mentioning at all.”

Xiao Zhang wasn’t upset at all.
“Tang-ge, bring me a midnight snack?”

“Screw off!” Xiao Tang shouted angrily, “You don’t wanna go but you still want to eat!”

“Since our Tang-ge is broadminded, bring me some?” Xiao Zhang didn’t give up.

“Me too!” Lao Wang raised his hand.
“Yi dad, bring me some.”

“Send whatever you want to eat to the WeChat group.” Yi Shang urged Xiao Tang.
“Hurry up, I still have to do my homework when I come back.”

“Coming, coming.” Xiao Tang quickly agreed, fearing that Yi Shang would change his mind and decided not to go.

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The two men came to the second canteen together.
As soon as they came upstairs, Yi Shang saw Lin Xia and a girl sitting beside him.

Yi Shang thought, no wonder he isn’t sending me messages on WeChat, it turns out he was here studying with a girl.

“Whacha looking at?” Xiao Tang looked in the direction of Yi Shang’s line of sight.
“Isn’t that Lin Xia from the Math Department?”

“You know each other?” Yi Shang looked back and wondered how Xiao Tang knew him.

“I know him, but he doesn’t know me.” Xiao Tang turned his eyes to various food vendors and gulped.
“You really don’t pay any attention to what’s going on beyond yourself.
He’s a top student that’s no less popular than you in our school.
He received so many confessions on our school forum.
Unlike you, who’s as ostentatious as a peacock, he’s very lowkey.”

“How am I like a peacock?” Yi Shang doesn’t think he’s particularly ostentatious.

“You have participated in a lot of school activities.
You’re seen everywhere and attract butterflies everywhere.” Xiao Tang was conflicted, what should he eat? Should he buy two different ones? “Among the popular people in our school, you are the first in terms of sociability, and he’s first in terms of social anxiety.”

“Who ranked this?” Are people in school this bored?

“Me!” Xiao Tang clenched his fist and pointed his thumb at himself.
“I ranked it just now!”

“Screw off and buy your food.”

Yi Shang softly pushed Xiao Tang to a malatang vendor.
He looked at Lin Xia, did Lin Xia develop affection for another?

No, it shouldn’t be.
If he did, how can he send such things to him?

He casually found a seat and sat down to wait for Xiao Tang.
At this moment, his xuejie sent a message again.
She continued to talk about matters regarding the photoshoot: In order to not let your face go to waste, I’m going to borrow a handsome guy from next door, I’ll make sure you’re satisfied.

Yi Shang clicked his tongue, a little dissatisfied: It’s not a matter of handsomeness.

Xuejie: What? You’re not satisfied with a handsome guy? Didn’t you already agree before? You want to take it back?

Yi Shang: Too unfamiliar, I can’t be myself.

Xuejie: You? Can’t be yourself? This is the biggest joke I’ve ever heard in my life.

Yi Shang was a little distressed.
Why does everyone acquiesce that he’s super sociable? Fine, even if he is sociable, he can’t overcome everything.

Xuejie replied again: You’re not that familiar with Lin Xia either, yet you can be yourself if it’s him?

Yi Shang replied: At least we’re from the same club.

Xuejie: Then I’ll find someone from our club for you? It’s just that they won’t be as good looking as the guy from next door.

Yi Shang: Let me think.

Xuejie: You’re so fussy, you’re just dead set on Lin Xia right?

Yi Shang stared at what she said, as if she was talking about love or something, he typed a reply: It’s not that I’m set on Lin Xia, but I feel more familiar with him.
His looks are also in line with the public aesthetics, so the effect will be better.

Xuejie: So annoying.
Do whatever you want.
You go ask Lin Xia yourself.
If you don’t give me an answer tomorrow evening, I will go borrow someone from next door.

Yi Shang replied: Fine.

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