The next morning, after Lin Xia finished his morning run, he knocked on the door of Yi Shang’s dorm with breakfast in his hand.
Right after he knocked twice, he heard the sound of walking inside.
Then the door opened.
Yi Shang was dressed neatly, he stood at the door and smiled at Lin Xia, “Quick, come in.”

After that, he turned sideways and let Lin Xia in.
Lin Xia was seeing Yi Shang’s dorm for the first time and didn’t have the nerve to look around.

Except for Xiao Zhang, everyone else was present.
When Lin Xia entered the door, Xiao Tang and Lao Wang stared at Lin Xia.
Lin Xia nodded and smiled at them as a greeting.

Yi Shang closed the door and said, “It’s clean right?”

“Mn, very clean.” It was clean and tidy as far as Lin Xia’s eyes could see.

“You have no idea, he made us clean up when we came back last night!” Lao Wang shouted and immediately put his head under the blanket, for fear that he would be beaten by Yi Shang.

After being exposed, Yi Shang explained, “It’s usually very clean too, it just happened to be a cleaning day last night.”

“Mn, I know.” Lin Xia couldn’t help laughing and gave Yi Shang an out.

“I’m really not dirty.
You see that my clothes are usually clean, right?” It’s just a little messy, but messy doesn’t mean dirty.
It’s messy in order!

“Yeah, you look like you love cleanliness from first glance.” Ever since Lin Xia met Yi Shang, Yi Shang always had a clean and tidy appearance.

Seeing that Lin Xia wasn’t disdained, Yi Shang felt relieved and let Lin Xia sit on his chair while he stood on the side, eating the egg pancake.

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Lin Xia saw a picture on Yi Shang’s desk.
It was the clock tower under the sunset, which was also the place where Lin Xia first noticed Yi Shang.

At that time, Lin Xia was still in his first year of high school.
He was still very concerned about how other people will view him and his heart was far less strong than it was now.

During the sports meeting, the students in the class strolled around the campus in twos and threes.
Lin Xia was a little bored by himself so he strolled to the clock tower.
There, he bumped into his former middle school schoolmates who are now in different classes.

Lin Xia was often teased by the boys in his class about things like his pale skin, and that he looks like a girl.
He walked with his head down and didn’t know how to fight back in the face of these jokes.

This time, facing this kind of situation again, Lin Xia wanted to leave with his head lowered as usual.
At this moment, Yi Shang broke into Lin Xia’s world with a camera.

“We’re all schoolmates, must you speak so harshly?” Yi Shang put his hand directly on Lin Xia’s shoulder.
“Why? Does he have to be as ugly as you to be considered a man?”

The two students were stunned.
They didn’t exactly hate Lin Xia and didn’t want to cause trouble, so they left without much trouble.

Yi Shang released the arm he had around Lin Xia’s shoulder and took a step aside.
“Those people love going for a mile when you give them an inch.
The weaker you are, the more they love to bully you.”

Only at the moment when Yi Shang came, did Lin Xia raise his head and swiped a glance.
After that, he kept his head down.

“What are you doing with your head down? Keep your head up.”

Hearing this, Lin Xia felt a strange feeling in his heart.
Lin Xia looked up and looked at Yi Shang.
Behind Yi Shang was the sunset, which plated him with a layer of light.
Lin Xia thought that the sunset that day was really beautiful.

Lin Xia opened his mouth and said softly, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Yi Shang said with a smile, holding a camera in his hand, “How handsome you are! They are just jealous, if they have your face, who knows how cocky they would be.”

“Thank you.” Lin Xia was not good with words and could only thank him again.

“Handsome men like us should be self conscious about it.
Our appearance is our advantage, not a weapon for others to attack us.” Yi Shang said as he picked at his hair with his finger.

After that, Yi Shang left with his camera.
Later, Lin Xia learned from his classmates that he was called Yi Shang.

Lin Xia suddenly laughed.
At that time, Yi Shang was a really bratty and narcissistic child.

“What’s the matter?” Yi Shang asked.

“Nothing.” Lin Xia looked up at Yi Shang, whose mouth was full of egg pancakes.
Lin Xia suddenly felt that he was no longer the person who looked at Yi Shang from afar.
Now he was in the same world as him, “What’s this picture?”

“Oh, this is the clock tower at my high school.
This picture was taken during my high school sports meeting.”

Such a coincidence? It was the day when Yi Shang entered Lin Xia’s heart, “Can you print one for me as well?”

“You like it? I have a lot more.
I’ll print out some for you.”

“This one is enough.” Lin Xia looked at the picture of the clock tower.
“The sunset is beautiful.”

“Mn, it’s very beautiful.” Yi Shang agreed.
When he was at school, Yi Shang took pictures of this clock tower many times, but the one he was most satisfied with was this day.

Yi Shang took another bite of the egg pancake, and did not forget to brag in front of his two roommates, “The egg pancake from the fourth canteen is really delicious.
Do you guys want to eat?”

Lao Wang knew what Yi Shang was like, he still remained covered inside his blanket and shouted, “No! I will wait for my Zhang-ge to come back!”

Xiao Tang was greedy, it smelled too good.
He didn’t care if it was a trap and lay down on the bed with his head stretched out, “Yi-ge, give me a taste.”

“Buy it yourself.” Yi Shang took a bite of it in front of Xiao Tang’s face, almost making Tang faint from anger.

“I’m a fool if I talk to you again!” Xiao Tang turned away.

After successfully offending his two roommates, Yi Shang was satisfied and looked at the breakfast Lin Xia was carrying.
“Are these for your roommates?”

“Mn.” Lin Xia nodded.

“Is it the same as mine?” Yi Shang suddenly felt that the egg pancake wasn’t that good anymore.

“Yeah, bringing a serving for them along the way.” Lin Xia said.

“Are theirs along the way, or is mine along the way?” Yi Shang asked frankly, not embarrassed at all.

Lin Xia felt a little shy in front of Yi Shang’s roommates.
He lowered his voice and said, “Theirs are along the way.
If you didn’t want to eat it, I wouldn’t have gone to the fourth canteen.”

“That’s more like it.” Yi Shang was satisfied.

After that, Lin Xia fidgeted and kept feeling like he was going to combust.
He took his breakfast and prepared to leave.
“I’m taking the breakfast to my roommates, I’ll leave first.”

“Mn, okay.” Yi Shang was in a good mood and let Lin Xia leave.
Lin Xia delivered him breakfast first, and then delivering to his roommate second! He loves him so much!

After Lin Xia left, Lao Wang’s cheesy voice came out, copying Yi Shang, “Are theirs along the way, or is mine along the way? Don’t make me puke out my meal from last night.

“Yi Shang!! I beg you! Act more normal!” Xiao Tang was also seeing Yi Shang like this for the first time, it was really unbearable.

“Scram, don’t force me to slap you guys.” Yi Shang sat on the chair and ate very well.

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