eman again, you will die.”

“I don’t want to either, but wasn’t that because she’s my high school classmate?” Xiao Zhang knows Yi Shang’s character and has never been a middleman before.
It’s just that this time, it was his high school classmate, “You’re not giving it a try?”

Yi Shang looked over, and Xiao Zhang made a zipping action, he will just shut up now.

Lin Xia sat aside and listened to the conversation between the two.
His heart was full of questions. Yi Shang’s not dating anyone? Then why did he announce it in his Moments?

After breakfast, they each had their own thoughts.
Only Xiao Zhang’s girlfriend remained as usual.

Lin Xia and Yi Shang walked to the dormitory building with their roommates’ breakfast.
When they were about to separate, Lin Xia finally gathered up the courage and asked casually, “I remember you were in a relationship? I saw it on your Moments before.”

Yi Shang knew what Lin Xia was talking about, but he still put on an expression of him trying to recall and suddenly realizing, “Are you talking about that post where I lost in truth or dare?”

Truth or dare? Lin Xia understood everything after a little thinking, so everything was a misunderstanding.

“Then why didn’t you accidentally see the next post?” Yi Shang asked, although he already knew the answer, adding emphasis to the word “accidentally”.
Then he explained, “I deleted and clarified it an hour later.”

Lin Xia felt bitter.
He had already blocked Yi Shang at that time.
How could he know this?

Lin Xia could only say dryly, “I don’t pay much attention to people’s Moments.”

“You’re right, how can ordinary students like me attract the attention of a top student? After all, it took me several tries before I got you to agree to run with me in the morning.” Yi Shang began to act pitiful again.

“Then I’ll call you tomorrow too.” Lin Xia finally fell into Yi Shang’s trap.

“But I don’t want to get up early and run.” Yi Shang sighed again, the number of sighs today exceeded the standard.

Lin Xia doesn’t know what to say, he hates his stupid mouth.

Yi Shang saw Lin Xia nibbling his lower lip and looking a little distressed.
He was so amused inside, Lin Xia probably used all his brainpower in studying that he didn’t know how to respond.
Yi Shang had to continue for him, “I want breakfast, but I don’t want to get up early.”

“Then I’ll bring it to you tomorrow, tell me what you want to eat.” Lin Xia answered quickly.

“I want to eat the egg pancake from the fourth canteen.” Yi Shang said and quickly changed his mind.
“Forget it, the fourth canteen is too far away, then I guess the fried noodles from the second canteen.”

The fourth canteen was near the entrance of the school, the farthest from the dormitory.
Very few people will eat breakfast there at ordinary times.

“Not a problem, I’ll bring it to you.
It just happened that I also want to eat it.” Lin Xia answered.

“Okay.” Yi Shang finally brought the smile he kept inside to his face. Lin Xia really loves him so much!

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