The first class in the morning was compulsory.
When Lin Xia returned to the dormitory, his roommates had already gotten up.
When they saw that the breakfast Lin Xia brought back was the crepes from the third canteen, each of them almost turned into monkeys.

“Keep your voice down, don’t bother those next door.” The sound insulation of the dorm was poor, Lin Xia stopped them at the right time to avoid conflicts.

“Whoever marries our Lin-ge in the future will be lucky.” Xiao Zhao took a bite of the delicious crepe.

“Lin-ge, you’re so nice, how about I marry you instead?” The rich big talker, Xiao Qian, said with his mouth stuffed.

“Screw off! If Lin wants to marry one of us, it’ll be me!” Xiao Pang was the first to object.

The four roommates are all of the same age.
Although Lin Xia is the youngest in terms of months, the other three still earnestly called him “Lin-ge”, no harsh feelings at all.

“Get out of here you two.
If Lin-ge must marry, he’ll marry a delicate and gentle girl.
What’s it got to do with you guys?” Xiao Zhao said.

Hearing what Xiao Zhao said, Lin Xia almost couldn’t help exposing his secret.
But thinking of his previous experience, nevermind, he didn’t want to break this peacefulness.

“I think our father is easily deceived, his partner should have my approval first.” Xiao Qian changed Lin Xia’s title very quickly.

“Speaking of this, Lin Xia, do you have anyone you like? Tell us if you do, we’ll be your wingman and help you.” Xiao Pang walked to Lin Xia.

“Eat your breakfast.
Such delicious food can’t even stop your mouth.” Xiao Zhao slapped Xiao Pang on the head.
“You think people like Lin Xia need a wingman? Besides, Lin Xia will definitely tell us if he wants us to help him, is there a need for you to ask? Right, Lin Xia?”

“Mn.” Lin Xia nodded.
He didn’t really want to talk about this.

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After eating, they went to their compulsory class together on bikes.
Whether fortunate or not, they happened to meet Yi Shang walking alone on the way.

Lin Xia’s heart quickened, he held the handlebars tighter, pretended not to see Yi Shang, and looked ahead while concentrating on biking.

Yi Shang saw Lin Xia, so he waved and called out, “Lin Xia.”

“What’s up?” Out of instinct, Lin Xia braked sharply and put his foot on the ground.

Yi Shang ran over and sat down on Lin Xia’s back seat, “Let me catch a ride.”

Lin Xia didn’t say anything, he pedaled hard and quietly.
Yi Shang looked so thin, he didn’t expect him to be so heavy.

Yi Shang greeted Lin Xia’s roommates and got to know each other.

“Did you come to the second canteen for breakfast this morning?” Yi Shang sat in the back seat and looked at Lin Xia from the side.
“I thought I saw you in the second canteen this morning.”

“No, I ate in the third canteen.” Lin Xia thought, this doesn’t count as a lie, he did eat in the third canteen.

“Going so far so early?”

“My roommates like the crepes there.”

“I like it too! The crepes on the first floor are really good!” Yi Shang was so excited that he almost couldn’t sit properly so he held onto Lin Xia’s waist.
“But I don’t have a bike and couldn’t get up.
My roommates also won’t bring it for me.”

Yi Shang said pitifully and sighed heavily.
He might as well be asking Lin Xia to bring him a serving next time.

Lin Xia has a sensitive waist.
No matter who touches him, he’ll want to laugh.
What’s more, this person was Yi Shang.
On top of wanting to laugh, there were also some other kinds of strange feelings.
A burst of numbness spread from his waist to all parts of his body, and the rhythm of his heart became disordered.

When Xiao Pang on the side saw Yi Shang’s hands, he warned him loudly, “Don’t touch Lin Xia’s waist, he’s ticklish.
If he laughs and can’t balance the bike, he’ll make you fall.”

Yi Shang retracted his hands, then apologized to Lin Xia, “I’m sorry.”

“No problem.” Lin Xia said quietly, who knows whether Yi Shang heard his response or not.

Yi Shang asked Xiao Pang, “Why? He made you fall before?”

“Yeah, I just barely touched him and he still felt ticklish.
I thought he was exaggerating, so I teased him.
As a result, I fell and injured my leg for more than a week.
Then he served me around for a week, he’s part of the reason for my flabby body.” Xiao Pang said in one breath.
He found biking difficult, and he couldn’t help but gasp for breath.
It really tired him out.

When Lin Xia heard Xiao Pang talk about these embarrassing things in front of Yi Shang.
He was so embarrassed that he wanted to find a hole and bury himself.

“With your flabby body, you still had him carry you on his bike?” Yi Shang looked at Xiao Pang’s body and didn’t expect Lin Xia to be quite strong.

“You also look bigger than Lin Xia, why aren’t you feeling ashamed?” Even if Xiao Pang was tired to death and only had one last breath left, he still wanted to argue back.

Yi Shang felt what Xiao Pang said was reasonable, so he asked Lin Xia, “Are you tired?”

“No worries.” Lin Xia can carry even Xiao Pang, not to mention Yi Shang.

Yi Shang thought about what Xiao Pang said, that Lin Xia was ticklish.
He reached out and touched Lin Xia’s waist to tickle him.
Lin Xia was flushed by Yi Shang’s actions and couldn’t help laughing.
He gasped as he said, “Don’t fuss.”

However, Yi Shang still didn’t stop and Lin Xia found himself in disarray.
The front of the bike shook and he almost couldn’t hold it up.
In the end, one foot hit the ground while the other rested on the pedal.

Yi Shang landed on both feet, holding Lin Xia’s waist with one hand and the handle of the bike with his other.
He stabilized the bike, looked up at Lin Xia, and said, “Since we stopped, let’s switch.”

It was the first time Lin Xia was so close to Yi Shang, he quickly got off and made some distance between them.
He said, “You ride it, I’ll ride with my roommate.”

After hearing Lin Xia’s words, Xiao Pang, who was at the end, instantly amped up and pedaled by them quickly, leaving behind one sentence, “Dad, please feel sorry for me, I will tire myself to death!”

Lin Xia was left dazed in place, looking at Xiao Pang’s reaction speed comparable to that of a cheetah, which didn’t look like he would die of fatigue.

“Let’s go.” Yi Shang hopped on the bike.
He looked so familiar with it as if the bike was his.

Lin Xia sat in the back seat and heard Yi Shang say, “I have never carried anyone before.
You are the first.”

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