Huo Yang’s friend was surprised that he, who has never been superstitious, actually believed these things, so he asked a few more questions.
Although they are good friends, the less people know about this kind of thing, the better.
Huo Yang only replied that he was asking for someone and asked him to introduce someone who could be trusted.


    That friend didn’t talk nonsense anymore.
After a while, he sent me a mobile phone number.
However, he specifically told him that the master had to be busy with business at night and could not be disturbed, and asked him to contact him tomorrow morning.


    They were not in a hurry, Huo Yang said to Shen Rongrong beside him, “We have to wait for tomorrow.
Let’s go upstairs to rest first.” After a few hours, Huo Yang noticed that he had gotten a little used to having a female voice coming out of his mouth.


    Shen Rongrong nodded and went upstairs with him.


    Although it was already late, it was still necessary to take a shower before going to bed.


    They used separate bathrooms, and although the two of them are husband and wife and are not strangers to each other’s bodies in the slightest, but when the other’s body becomes their own, it was not the same thing at all.


    Huo Yang had an awkward mood, so he quickly finished washing, put on his nightgown, let his wet hair loose, and looked in the mirror intently.


    It was a beautiful and delicate face, with fair and clean skin and no flaws.
Such a face matched Shen Rongrong’s temperament just right.


    But at this time, the person in the mirror has slightly pointed eyebrows and cold and dark eyes.
This huge contrast made the face appear more inhuman and cold than when she was in her own body.


    Huo Yang stared at the reflection for a while before taking a dry towel to wipe the hair.
Shen Rongrong’s hair was a little below her shoulders, which was not long for a woman, but for Huo Yang, it was the first time to wash so much hair that he almost didn’t get knotted.


    After blowing carelessly with a hairdryer, he felt that it was troublesome and threw it out.


    Shen Rongrong had already washed up, and was sitting beside the bed holding the phone to reply to the message.


    Huo Yang’s eyes flickered, and he sat as if to ask casually, “Who are you still talking to?”


    Shen Rongrong smelled the fragrance on her body, turned her head and said to him, “It just happened that I just finished a drama today.
I’m asking for a leave from Brother Zhou, and I won’t go to the studio tomorrow.”


    Shen Rongrong is a member of Shanfeng Studio, and Brother Zhou refers to the boss Zhou Xinglan, who is also a voice actor.
Before her body changed back, it was naturally inconvenient for her to go to work.


    Huo Yang knew what she said, but for him, he didn’t need to ask for leave.
The project at hand had just ended.
Even if he didn’t go to the company for half a month, his brother would not scold him.


    Shen Rongrong noticed at a glance that his hair was still half wet, knowing what was going on, her eyes showed a bit of helplessness, and got up to get a hair dryer to blow it for him.


    Huo Yang leaned back in the chair, half-closed his eyes, and heard the sound of the wind blowing in his ears.
He felt her fingers gently shuttle between the hair, which was quite enjoyable.


    After blowing, Shen Rongrong sat across from him, looked at her own face quietly, and after a while she said with some trepidation, “If a solution can be found tomorrow, that would be great.
But if… I mean if it doesn’t work.


    For some reason, Huo Yang had a bad premonition, “What about me?”


    Shen Rongrong took a deep breath before telling him what she was going to say: “Five days later, I’m going to attend an event with other colleagues in the field, which was previously scheduled, the list has been released, there will be fans there, and it will also be broadcasted live.
It is not good for me to be absent.
Therefore, if I can’t change it back for the time being, I will need to trouble you to go there for me .”


    Although Huo Yang had been married to her for half a year, he seldom asked her about her work.
In his impression, dubbing meant just locked in a small room and reading lines into the microphone all day long.
It was boring and monotonous, and there was really nothing to talk about.
So when he heard this, he was surprised.


    Huo Yang sat up straight, widened his eyes slightly, and asked inexplicably, “Aren’t you a behind-the-scenes voice actor? Why do you have to participate in the event?”


    And there are fans? Also live broadcast? What’s the difference between this and a star?


    Did he misunderstand her work? 


    Shen Rongrong listened to what he said, pursed her lips and smiled, not at all surprised that he would react this way, nor did she get angry at his lack of understanding.


    This was all within her expectation.


    Huo Yang treats her very well on weekdays, but this kind of goodness does not come from loving her more, but more from a husband’s sense of responsibility.
Shen Rongrong knew it very well from the day she was with him.
She never asked for anything extravagantly, and she was quite satisfied with him.


    If it wasn’t for the exchange of bodies, she wouldn’t force him to know her too much.


    Shen Rongrong explained to him calmly: “It used to be behind the scenes, but in recent years, more and more people have paid attention to dubbing, and it has become a small circle, and many things are different.
This is not my first time to participate in an event.”

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