Chu Yinlong stared at Jiang Dao for a while, and was about to get out of bed to wake him up when he saw Jiang Dao suddenly open his eyes and look straight at him.

At that moment, Jiang Dao’s eyes were cold and sharp, like a sword that had drank liters of blood, overflowing with a murderous aura.

However, after a short while, Jiang Dao yawned.
Stretching out his limbs and lazy waist, his temperament was as lazy as a cat.

“Morning…” Jiang Dao took off his headphones, turned off the online drama, and threw the pillow in his arms back onto the bed.

“Why did you go to sleep on the chair?” Chu Yinlong asked.
“Was it too hot? Or did I squeeze you?”

“No.” Jiang Dao smiled, “It’s too quiet for me to fall asleep, I have to listen to something… The phone is dead, so I could only come here.”

Hearing this explanation, Chu Yinlong was surprised.
“To this extent?”

Jiang Dao nodded: “Well, I have to listen to people.
Music doesn’t work, and if there’s no speaking for a long time, it doesn’t work either.”

Chu Yinlong shook his head speechlessly.
Suddenly remembering something, he turned around and rummaged in his backpack, found a small box and threw it to Jiang Dao.

“Bluetooth headset, you can use it first.
Charge it during the day, and it should be fine lasting overnight.”

Jiang Dao was not polite, took it in his hand, and said “thank you” to Chu Yinlong.

He actually has a bluetooth headset, but don’t know if it’s a quality issue or a lack of price, the battery life is only two hours.
It’s more effective to use wired earphones, so he simply didn’t bring it.

At this time, it was only early five in the morning, and it was already bright outside the window.
Birdsong echoed through the trees, occasionally mixed with the crowing of chickens and dogs barking from other parts of the mountain village.

Unable to fall asleep again, Jiang Dao and Chu Yinlong simply got up.
As soon as they entered the yard, they saw Qi Peng also coming out.

“I’ll go for a morning run in a while, Xiao Chu want to come?” Qi Peng said, holding the toothbrush and walking to the bathroom.

“Okay.” Chu Yinlong agreed, “Where are we running?”

“Go down the mountain, circle the island twice, it’s exactly ten kilometers.” Qi Peng’s voice came from the bathroom.
“I have a GoPro here, I’ll bring it with us later and take a few pictures.”

After washing up, Qi Peng came out of the house with the GoPro, only to see that Chu Yinlong was not the only one waiting at the door of Taoyuan Courtyard.

“Xiao Dao also runs in the morning?” He looked at Jiang Dao with a face full of surprise.

Jiang Dao nodded: “Five kilometers in the morning and five kilometers in the evening every day at home.
I haven’t tried running ten kilometers once, so I’ll give it a try… If it doesn’t work, I will stop in the middle.”

He was a little uncertain about the stamina of this body, so he didn’t say too much.

“Well, let’s go.” Qi Peng beckoned, and the three of them went down the mountain together.

This island is in the center of a lake, so although the conditions are a bit more difficult, the environment is really good.
Even the early summer morning isn’t hot at all.
The cool breeze carrying slightly moist and fresh air, and the surrounding birdsong and human voices made everything feel tranquil and serene.

The three of Jiang Dao came to the shore of the lake under the mountain and jogged along the flattened dirt road.

Along the way, they passed the houses and piers at the foot of the mountain.
Many villagers greeted them with a smile, obviously they all recognized Qi Peng.

After the first lap of five kilometers, Jiang Dao could barely keep up with the two.

At the end of the second lap of five kilometers, Jiang Dao had already fallen a few hundred meters behind Qi Peng and Chu Yinlong.
When he finally arrived at the stairway up the mountain, he saw Qi Peng and Chu Yinlong waiting for him there, with Cheng Zhiyi and An Zhe standing beside them.

“Not bad, Xiao Dao,” Qi Peng praised with a smile.
“You really ran ten kilometers.”

Jiang Dao waved his hand, panting, unable to speak.

Qi Peng pointed at the buckets filled with water at Cheng Zhiyi’s feet, teasing him: “Do you still have the strength to carry water to mountains?”

Looking at the amount of water in the buckets, Jiang Dao raised his hand to wipe the sweat off.
“As long as… you are not afraid of me… spilling it all away…”

Qi Peng laughed, obviously he didn’t take it seriously.

Cheng Zhiyi and An Zhe also exchanged smiles, each picking up two buckets of water, and followed the three of them up the mountain.

Back at Taoyuan Courtyard, Jiang Dao found that breakfast was ready, and two more cameras were in place.

After a simple rinse and changing clothes, as Jiang Dao ate breakfast with everyone, the rest of the program staff finally arrived.

Finally, the main part of the variety show will be filmed.
The task this morning is to go to the villagers’ homes to get goose eggs, take them to the town by boat, and use them to exchange for lunch ingredients.

“We have to think about what to eat for lunch first, and then consider how many goose eggs we need to pick up.” Qi Peng is a long-term resident1of the show, and knows the show’s routine quite well.
“There is no refrigerator in the courtyard, and if there are too many things, we won’t be able to keep them in this kind of weather.
Instead of going bad, it’s better to get fresh things every day.”

“I brought bacon and dried beans,” Chu Yinlong said.
“They should be able to top a dish, so that you can exchange for less.”

“I bought roast chicken, it’s vacuum packed.” Mu Zhixing smiled.
“We can have one for lunch and one for tomorrow.”

Hai Tang thought for a while and said, “Then just exchange some vegetables today.
Oh, by the way, there is no rice at home, so we have to trade for a bag of rice.”

Qi Peng: “Is there still oil?”

Hai Tang nodded: “I still have oil.
There are plenty of seasonings.”

“Then vegetables and rice.” Qi Peng thought about it, “By my estimates, it’s almost enough to pick up twenty eggs… If we pick up a few more, we can eat them ourselves.”

Hearing this number, An Zhe shrank his neck beside them.

The geese in this village are all raised on a small scale by the villagers themselves.
Each household produces not many goose eggs every day, and it’s already pretty good for a family to have three to four eggs a day.
If they want to get enough 20 goose eggs, it means that they have to go to at least four or five houses and dig out four or five goose sheds.

For the purposes of filming, the program team always contacted the most fierce geese in the village… So when he heard they needed 20 eggs, An Zhe’s heart trembled.

Cheng Zhiyi stepped forward and patted An Zhe’s shoulder: “Don’t be afraid, brother will cover you.”

Who knows, just as he finished speaking, he heard Qi Peng’s order: “An’an, you take Xiao Dao; Xiao Yi, you take Teacher Chu with you.
I will go down to prepare the boat, and we will gather at the dock at the foot of the mountain.”

An Zhe looked at Cheng Zhiyi reluctantly, and the latter spread his hands helplessly.

What Qi Peng said was basically guided by the recording team.
In order to make the shooting more interesting, the groupings and division of labor aren’t based on personal preferences – unless the guests are heavyweights and can sway things with one hand.

For example, at this moment, Director Mu suddenly interjected: “I can’t be idle, right? How about this, I’ll join An Zhe and Xiao Dao.
With so many people, maybe those geese won’t dare to provoke Xiao An.”

Everyone responded with light chuckles.

An Zhe trembled all the way as he brought Jiang Dao and Mu Zhixing down the mountain.
Under the guidance of the recording team, they stopped at a small courtyard.
Across the courtyard wall, one can already hear the loud quacking of a flock of geese.

The hand that was about to knock on the door stopped in midair.

Jiang Dao chuckled lightly and stepped forward to knock on the door.

Soon, the residents came out, greeting them with a smile, and let the small group into the yard.

The black dog, who was lying in the courtyard gnawing a bone, turned its head and glanced at the gate, and froze for a moment.

The next second, it picked up the bone, tucked its tail, and slipped behind the house, never showing its head again.

A group of people followed the villagers to the goose shed, and happened to encounter a big goose strolling to the door haughtily as if it was king.
An Zhe subconsciously took a step back and hid behind Jiang Dao.

Jiang Dao lowered his eyes, facing the majestic goose.


The big goose screamed.
Flapping its wings, scrambling frantically to escape quickly, it plunged into the corner of the goose shed, butt facing outwards, shivering.

Jiang Dao: …

What’s the situation?

He frowned and stepped tentatively into the goose shed.

Based on the chaotic squawking of geese, they seemed to have encountered their natural enemy.
The entire flock desperately fled to the corner farthest away from the door, stacking on top of each other and crowded together.
There was even a goose that was halfway through laying its eggs, and struggled to escape.
The goose egg was squeezed out in midair, rolled twice in the haystack, and stopped at Jiang Dao’s foot.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?” The owner was startled by the sounds in the goose shed, and hurried over to check.

When they came over, he saw a beautiful young man with one foot in the goose shed, his hands spread out, without any weapons.
But the geese in the shed all seemed to have seen a ghost, huddling in the far corner, not daring to approach.

“Huh?!” The courtyard owner couldn’t help but freeze on the spot.

Are these still the goose bullies that dare command their owner?

Jiang Dao sighed, leaned over and picked up the goose egg that fell at his feet, turned around and handed it to An Zhe.
“There are three more in the shed, I’ll go pick them up.”

An Zhe took the goose egg and nodded blankly.

Behind the two, Mu Zhixing raised his hand and rubbed the stubble of his chin.
His eyes fell on Jiang Dao’s back with a playful smile.

After collecting four goose eggs, the group went to the second mountain courtyard.

The gate of the courtyard opened, and Jiang Dao had just stepped in when he saw the three big white geese who were eating in the courtyard take off, jumping over the fence, and into a kennel..

“Ah!” The aunt who was feeding the geese screamed and ran after them.
“Come out! Da Huang loves to bite your tails! Come out… eh?”

In the kennel, a fat and fierce big yellow dog was surrounded by three white geese.
Squeezed in the middle with his tail tucked and his ears pricked, it looked vigilantly in Jiang Dao’s direction, not daring to move.

An Zhe: …

Director: …

Camera: …

Jiang Dao calmly followed the uncle who opened the door to the goose shed, and took out two warm goose eggs from the shed.

After that, a third one.

History repeats itself.

“Xiao Dao,” Mu Zhixing said with a smile after taking the goose egg from Jiang Dao’s hand.
“Do you eat goose stewed in an iron pot every day, which is why geese are afraid of you?”

Jiang Dao looked at the sky speechlessly.
“… I must try it if there’s an opportunity.”

Jiang Dao and his party met Chu Yinlong and Cheng Zhiyi on the road after the courtyard.

The placket of Cheng Zhiyi’s clothes, which was clean when he set off, was now covered with mud and dust.
Chu Yinlong stood by the side carrying the net bag with the goose eggs, and carefully took out a goose feather from Cheng Zhiyi’s hair.

“Yo, what’s going on?” Director Mu asked.
“Did you fight a goose?”

Cheng Zhiyi wrinkled his nose.
“There’s a goose in that house in the east, it’s too ferocious.
Last time An’an was chased and bitten by it.
Why don’t you talk to the director and contact another home? It’s just two eggs…”

As soon as he finished speaking, An Zhe and Director Mu turned their heads together, and even the rolling camera turned synchronously to watch Jiang Dao, who was standing on the side.



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