than a female ah, so I want to see him in female clothes, he must be more beautiful than ……”



Chu Chen’an once again had a hard time keeping a smile on his face.


He didn’t hear anything.



Li Yaya turned red, she timidly glanced back at Chu Chen’an, but the look in her eyes was unknown.


Chu Chen’an met her gaze, and his heart thumped.



This game also has an impersonal setting players weren’t allowed to reveal their player identity in the game, nor was it possible to reveal their identity.


The game system would automatically prevent players from revealing their identities to each other in various ways.


The exceptions were the main players and the cannon fodder players.


Every copy of a game had a cannon fodder player and a protagonist player.
And Chu Chen’an, was the unlucky one who was selected by the system among the millions of people and became a cannon fodder player.



His cannon fodder task was to take external damage for the main player when necessary, and he must be linked to the main player, so the system would only reveal to Chu Chen’an who the main player of each copy was.



And in order to prevent the protagonist player from letting the cannon fodder player take external damage when unnecessary, the system didn’t tell the protagonist player who the cannon fodder player was.



In this copy, the protagonist player had been killed in action, so there was no protagonist player in this game.



These five people inside, there were real game players, but also the game fabricated ordinary people, he could only rely on guessing to figure out who his real teammates were.



This was one of the reasons why Chu Chen’an recognized the wrong teammates.



The last time he approached Xu Moxu in the game, he very simply thought that Xu Moxu, whose parents had died, had fallen alone, he helped all the way, cared for him and passed the game session with him …… Which resulted in a series of uncontrolled events later.



Just now, in Li Yaya’s eyes, Chu Chen’an clearly saw her complex emotions, which wasn’t like the ordinary people fabricated by game system.


Chu Chen’an felt that Li Yaya might be one of his teammates.



He quietly made a mental note, feeling slightly better.



Zhang Liang: “Then we’ll also go back to unpack.”



Chu Chen’an nodded expressionlessly, upholding the attitude that all the owed cannon fodder should have, and walked indifferently into Apartment 702.


Subsequently, Zhang Liang and Lu Cheng went to Apartment 703.



Another boy who couldn’t be named by Chu Chen’an left the team to find Su Yu and Li Yaya.
He was still on his way.



He took his suitcase, went into his small bedroom, bent over and opened it, squatted down and began to pack.



It was only April, but the midday sun was already too hot for people to leave the house.



He was so hot that his back got sweaty and he got up and took off his jacket haphazardly.
The white T-shirt that was soaked with sweat was somewhat transparent and revealed an unobstructed view of his delicate butterfly bones when he bent over, as well as his thin waist.


The sticky T-shirt made Chu Chen’an feel a little uncomfortable, he exhaled a breath of dense hot air and fanned himself with the cloth in his hand.


He took a few steps in the house, and caught a black shadow standing upright in the doorway.



Chu Chen’an shivered like a frightened cat and his eyes widened.



Xu Moxu hugged his hands, it was interesting to see Chu Chen’an like this, but the more Chu Chen’an saw his dark smile, the more strange he felt.



Chu Chen’an stood still and boldly shouted: “You, why did you come in without knocking?”



Xu Moxu shrugged innocently and asked Chu Chen’an to look at the door himself.
“The door is open.
I knocked, but you didn’t hear me.”



Xu Moxu turned his head back and measured Chu Chenan’s amber peach blossom eyes, his eyes were shining.


Chu Chen’an leaned over and took a look at the door.
It was really open.
He timidly stepped back and held the corner of his coat in his hand as he shook slightly, then he turned his head to look out of the window.



He suppressed his fear, “What’s the matter?”



“Nothing,” Xu Moxu said slowly, staring at Chu Chen’an’s evasive eyes.
“I just came to visit my new neighbor.”



As soon as Chu Chen’an saw Xu Moxu, he would remember the days when Xu Moxu used to imprison him and show his love to him in a sick way



At that time, he had long since shed his gentle outer skin, like a crazy sick beast, possessing him over and over again.

“Okay,” Chu Chen’an adjusted his breathing and tried not to fall down with weak legs, “then after your visit, you can walk ……”



“You’re afraid of me?” Xu Moxu interrupted Chu Chen’an’s words.



Chu Chen’an’s heart stuttered, “No.”


Xu Moxu leaned on the edge of the door, he took two steps closer towards Chu Chen’an.


“So that means you have a problem with me?”


Xu Moxu stepped forward to survey Chu Chen’an for a few moments, only to see his trembling peach blossom eyes indifferently looking ahead.



Chu Chen’an’s lips were red, bright and moist, he wasn’t even aware that his long and slender eyelashes that were trembling had long exposed him, and he was so hot that his earlobes were red, an alluring color.



“So you hate me then?”




“You think too much.” Chu Chen’an glanced at Xu Moxu’s face and quickly kept a detached expression.


Xu Moxu gently laughed.
“But I like you very much.”



Chu Chen’an retreated several steps in fear.
He was so worried that his heart beat faster, and he frowned nervously.


How could he?



He obviously changed his face and identity …… how could he recognize him ……


“What are you talking about!?”



“Chu Chen’an.”



Chu Chen’an looked up at the sound, only to hear Xu Moxu say, “I quite like you, especially your eyes, because your eyes ……”


“Are very similar to my lover’s.” Xu Moxu came close to Chu Chen’an and said softly.



He smiled sweetly, but it made Chu Chen’an shiver.


“Want me to take you to see my lover?”

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