Chapter 6: Camera on Globe

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The clerks nodded and went downstairs immediately.
Rongrong was the last to leave, so she closed the door.

Jiang Can turned her head and saw Yan Shi's suit hanging on the side.
Maybe it was because of the rain yesterday, so the suit was slightly wrinkled.

Yan Shi still has to go to work today.
Yesterday, he knew that his colleagues didn't like to see him.
If he wore this suit today, it wouldn't necessarily hurt him.

Jiang Can touched her chin and had other thoughts in her mind.

She hurriedly walked to her bedroom and opened the door.
Jiang Can stuck her head in, and saw Yan Shi was standing by the window, and the sunlight coming in just happened to shine on him.

When he speaks, he is very white.
When the sun shines like this, his whole person seems to be glowing, and he is very white and clean.

If Jiang Can usually sees this scene, she will definitely be addicted for a while because it is too beautiful, but now she has something in her heart and has no time to appreciate it.

When he turned around, Jiang Can smiled at him:

“Lawyer Yan, there's something missing in the store, so I have to go buy it.
You can treat it as your own.
You can leave when you are at work.
Just treat it as me thanking you for the fried eggs you made for me yesterday.
See you later.

Although Jiang Can lives here, there is nothing precious here.
Besides, she is quite reassured about Yan Shi's character, and she is not afraid of leaving him here and losing something.

Turning around and entering the cloakroom, Jiang Can changed her clothes at will.
Looking at the few car keys on the cabinet, Jiang Can took one that she usually drives, and strode downstairs.

It's almost eight o'clock in the morning, and more and more customers come to buy coffee in the store.

When the clerks saw Jiang Can come down, their hearts immediately fell to the bottom, but Jiang Can, who would go directly to the counter every morning, stopped outside the counter today.

“Rongrong, I have something important to do now.
I'll leave the store to you in the morning.
You all work a little harder today and close the shop early in the evening.
I'll invite you to have a dinner together.”

After speaking, Jiang Can left without turning her head, leaving behind the shop assistants who stayed where they were.

Although the suburban office buildings are remote and there is no business district, but because some developers took a fancy to the location here in the past few years, they also developed residential buildings.

However, these residences are in the south, and the office buildings are in the far north.
The suburbs are not big or small, and it takes more than 40 minutes to drive back and forth from south to north.

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It is true that the suburbs are remote, but it is also true that the housing prices are lower than the urban areas.

The developers who build houses are very smart and know that it will be difficult to sell houses here, so some apartments are rented out.
There are monthly rents, annual rents and daily rents.

Many young people who come to work and start businesses from other places will choose to rent a house in the suburbs.
Although it is a little far from the city, it is quiet, clean and cheap, so it doesn’t matter if they spend a little time on the road.

There is a big shopping mall near the house.
Jiang Can has never been here except for the opening.

However, there is a custom-made dress shop outside the mall, which was opened by a man named Guan Shaocheng.

He had the same idea as Jiang Can.
He was looking for a quiet suburb with few people.
Of course, Jiang Can was not a poor friend at first.
He opened a shop here just to find something to do.

Jiang Can made a phone call while driving towards that place.
After a beep on the phone, it was already picked up.

“Why is Boss Jiang so busy this morning, she still thinks of me?”

It was a man's voice who spoke, and when Jiang Can heard it, the corner of his mouth couldn't stop laughing:

“The suit I ordered from you last year is in the store.
I'll go pick it up now.”


The person on the other side of the phone obviously paused, and a very surprised voice came out.

“Okay, be a big man, please open the door quickly, I'll leave after I pick it up, see you later.”

Jiang Can hung up the phone and concentrated on rushing to the custom shop.

About 20 minutes later, Jiang Can finally arrived.
When she got out of the car, Jiang Can saw that the door of the store was open, stepped up her pace, and Jiang Can pushed the door in.

When the person sitting on the sofa saw Jiang Can coming, he quickly stood up and opened his arms.

“Boss Jiang is really tossing people this morning.
It's been a long time.”

Jiang Can smiled, walked up to the front and hugged gently before letting go.

“Okay, Shaocheng, you know that I can't live without people in my store, and I don't want to go out, who knows if I'll run into someone I shouldn't touch.

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Where's my clothes, I'm really in a hurry so I need to hurry back.
Let's go out to talk about something.”

Guan Shaocheng looked at Jiang Can's anxious face, and immediately took a suit from the hanger beside him.

Jiang Can was about to reach out to take it, but who knew that Guan Shaocheng took a step back.

“What are you doing? I really don't have time to make trouble with you.”

“Jiang Can, when you ordered this dress from me, you said it was for the person who will receive the little red book in the future.
You haven't contacted me for more than three months, and suddenly you want this dress today.
For the sake of our more than 20 years of friendship, at least tell me briefly, otherwise you can't take this dress away.

After Jiang Can heard this, her facial features were almost wrinkled together.
This Guan Shaocheng is her nemesis.

When Jiang Can left home, she wanted to find a quiet place where no one knew her.
Who knew that no one in her family would come looking for her, but on the third day, Guan Shaocheng came over.

From childhood to adulthood, Jiang Can can't hide from this Guan Shaocheng no matter what she does.
It seems that 80% of the time is the same.

“Just, it feels good to meet a man.”

“What does it mean to feel good, when did you meet, what does he do, how old is he? Is it a Beta, or an Omega?”

Guan Shaocheng did not ask whether the person was a man or a woman, because Jiang Can once said that she must find a man she loves to marry.
And the suit is also a men's style, there is no possibility that the other party is a woman.

“I met a lawyer yesterday, about this attribute…”

Jiang Can paused for a while when she thought of this.
With Guan Shaocheng's character, since he asked, he would definitely investigate secretly.
Yan Shi has been concealing the truth that he is an O.
Jiang Can cannot sell Yan Shi because Guan Shaocheng is hier friend.

“Yes, it's an A.”

Guan Shaocheng widened his eyes in surprise and looked at Jiang Can in disbelief.

Reaching out and touching Jiang Can's forehead, Jiang Can did not have a fever:

“Jiang Can, what nonsense are you talking about, you don't know what your attributes are? You are an A, are you serious about finding an A?

If you just want to play, then this piece of clothing is actually nothing, but if you are serious, have you ever thought about what the old man will do to you when your family finds out about it? “

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If Guan Shaocheng didn't mention about Jiang Can's family, she wouldn't be really unhappy no matter what Guan Shaocheng said.
Hearing Guan Shaocheng talking about the old man, Jiang Can's face turned black.

She snatched the suit from Guan Shaocheng's hand, Jiang Can's expression was terrifyingly cold.
The pheromones around her body overflowed uncontrollably, which was Jiang Can's inner layer of protection for herself.

Lime and mint together, it smells light and is very good, but if the smell is too strong, it will not be so light and good.

Guan Shaocheng was a little frustrated by Jiang Can's pheromone, and subconsciously took a few steps back.

Although Jiang Can is a woman, her pheromone is terrifyingly strong.
Even if she wears a restraint bracelet, if she really wants to oppress other people, the restraint bracelet will not do much.

Although Guan Shaocheng is also a very capable A, he is still inferior to Jiang Can.

“Shaocheng, I told you that we can talk about anything between us, but about the old man and the family, you know how much I don't want to talk about it.

Also, if you really accidentally lead the old man over one day, don't blame me for not remembering the friendship we grew up with.

Jiang Can's voice was low and scary.
She was not negotiating with Guan Shaocheng, but warning Guan Shaocheng not to touch her bottom line.

“Will I tell them, you don't know yet.
If I can find you, they can.
But don't worry, Xiao Can, no matter who betrays you, I won't.”

Jiang Can glared at Guan Shaocheng, threw the suit behind her shoulders, and left the store smartly.

After a while, the smell of Jiang Can's pheromone dissipated a little, and Guan Shaocheng sat on the sofa with cold sweat on his forehead.

He wasn't thinking about Jiang Can's sudden suppression of him just now, but he was thinking that Jiang Can had a crush on a man.

Taking out his mobile phone, Guan Shaocheng looked at the group photo he took with Jiang Can on his birthday last year on the screen saver.
Guan Shaocheng listened to Jiang Can's birthday wish at that time.

Jiang Can said that she must find someone she truly loves before she turns 30, either O or B.

When Guan Shaocheng heard this, he couldn't resist the loss at all.
He knew that Jiang Can's orientation was normal, and no matter who she chose to be with, she would not think much about himself who was an A like her.

But this incident came too suddenly.
Guan Shaocheng was very impatient now.
A man A who had just known each other for a day asked Jiang Can to take away the customized suit.

Guan Shaocheng really wanted to see with his own eyes just how charming this male A was, to be able to fascinate Jiang Can like this.

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Jiang Can drove all the way back, thinking about what Guan Shaocheng had just said.
If this was put in the past, he didn't need to say it, and contact with Yan Shi was also Jiang Can's concern.

But everything is different now, Jiang Can has no worries, as long as she likes it, everything is fine.

She has completely cut off contact with that family, and she is not a member of that family now.
Since that family can't accommodate her and she is gone, no one can take care of her.

The traffic lights on the suburban side have not yet been completed.
Jiang Can stepped on the accelerator to the end.
It took only more than ten minutes to travel for more than 20 minutes, and Jiang Can had already returned to the office building group.

Jiang Can called Rongrong, and was relieved when he heard Rongrong say that he had not come downstairs.

After getting out of the car with the suit, Jiang Can went directly to Ruifeng Law Firm.
When he left yesterday, Yan Shi locked the door.
Jiang Can was still thinking about how to get in when she went upstairs.

Who knew that just after getting out of the elevator, she happened to meet Qi Zhan who was going out.
Qi Zhan was surprised to see Jiang Can here, and said quickly:

“Boss Jiang, why are you here?”

“I'll bring something for your colleagues.
Is Mr.
Qi going to pick up coffee from my store?”

“Yeah, if I don't drink a cup of coffee from your store every day, I'll have no energy in the morning.”

“Then Mr.
Qi can wait for me here for a while, I'll put the things in, and let's go back to the store together.”

Qi Zhan nodded, Jiang Can walked into Yan Shi's office lightly, put the suit on his desk, and put away all the documents on the ground.

When she put the documents on the other end of the desk, Jiang Can suddenly saw a globe down there.

She couldn't see it under the flashlight last night, and the globe was dropped from the inside, so she didn't find it at all.

Jiang Can hurriedly picked up the globe and looked at it.
It fell hard.
Not only did the globe crack, but it was also separated from the shelf.

Jiang Can felt a little pity, got up and put the documents on the table first, wanting to see if they could be installed first.

After fiddling with it, with a click, the earth was installed back, and Jiang Can was very satisfied with her craftsmanship.

Just as she was about to put the earth on the table, Jiang Can's eyes suddenly caught something shiny in the earth.

Jiang Can felt a little puzzled, so she glanced inward along the crack.
She didn't expect a camera about the size of a billiard ball to be glowing red inside.

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