Shan Yi did all this, but she never intended to make Shen Tiantian cry.

As tears fell from Shen Tiantian’s eyes, Shan Yi felt a bit lost and awkwardly wiped her tears.

“Why are you crying? Shouldn’t you be hugging and kissing me like crazy?” It was meant to be a joke, but Shan Yi said it earnestly.

Shen Tiantian raised her hand, showing the back of it to Shan Yi, with a mix of smiles and tears, she asked, “What about the other one?!”

Shan Yi smiled, reached behind, and took out another ring identical to Shen Tiantian’s.
“Put it on for me.”

Shen Tiantian took it and held Shan Yi’s hand shyly, slowly sliding the ring onto her ring finger, then she couldn’t hold back her smile and gently pecked Shan Yi’s lips.

“Is that enough?” Shan Yi raised an eyebrow, winking suggestively.

Shen Tiantian’s smile grew bigger, knowing and bashful at the same time.
She tiptoed and hugged Shan Yi’s neck, offering her lips again.

They exchanged kisses for a while before Shan Yi let her go.
“Although I really want to kiss you again, let’s eat first.
If you get too hungry later, the baby will make a fuss, and when we’re back in bed tonight, I’ll give you plenty of kisses.”

“You better move away quickly.” Shen Tiantian laughed, teasing, “Who said I want to go back to bed with you.”

Shan Yi gently brushed her hair back, wearing an expression that said, “Really?”

“Let’s eat.” Shen Tiantian blushed, pushing her away and sitting back in her chair.
With slightly weak hands, she picked up her fork and gazed at the ring on her right ring finger, the small diamond in the center shimmering.


The rings were selected together that day, but Shan Yi didn’t buy them at the time.
Shen Tiantian remembered that when she was looking at other styles, she didn’t know what Shan Yi said to the shop assistant.
After that, they left directly because she felt too embarrassed to ask.

Now thinking back, she still didn’t know what Shan Yi had said to the shop assistant.

She cut the steak into strips, just as Shan Yi had suggested with a sense of ceremony, slowly turning it into cubes with the fork.
She picked up a small piece and calmly asked: “When did you buy these rings?”

Shan Yi replied calmly: “I bought them that same day.”

“Why didn’t I see it?” Shen Tiantian couldn’t believe it.
Besides browsing a few other counters for a few minutes, she and Shan Yi had hardly been apart that day.
How could she not even notice when Shan Yi paid for the rings?

Shan Yi affectionately looked at her woman, “That day, there was a little woman completely immersed in other things.”

Shen Tiantian tilted her head, trying hard to recall what she had done that day, but no matter how much she thought, she couldn’t remember having such a memory.

Did she forget?!


Or maybe there was no such thing, and Shan Yi was just teasing her?

But Shan Yi had no reason to tease her.

Forget it, forget it.
Don’t think too much about it.
Anyway, the rings were bought, so it doesn’t matter when the payment was made.

Shen Tiantian consoled herself and nodded, refocusing on the steak in front of her.

Shan Yi looked at the woman who kept nodding and shaking her head, not knowing what she was thinking about.

In a very harmonious atmosphere, the two of them finished the carefully prepared “candlelight dinner,” and Shen Tiantian drank the last sip of milk from the tall glass.

For aesthetics and to give the dinner a more romantic atmosphere, Shan Yi didn’t prepare too much food, and Shen Tiantian only ate until she was about 80% full.

Shan Yi turned on the light and skillfully tidied up the remnants on the table, only to remember that there was still a bouquet of roses.
The proposal plan had been disrupted, and she had forgotten about the existence of these flowers.

This proposal was indeed quite chaotic.

Shen Tiantian rubbed her belly and stretched her waist, following Shan Yi into the kitchen.


Shan Yi glanced at her, “How did you come in?”

“I wanted some soup.” Shen Tiantian explained pitifully.

Shan Yi showed a doting and helpless smile, “If you want some, just tell me.”

Shen Tiantian stubbornly shook her head, “You’ve been through a lot today, and if you get tired, I’ll feel sorry for you too.”

Shan Yi’s heart trembled, and she suddenly laughed.
After washing and drying her hands, she rubbed them together and hugged Shen Tiantian tightly from behind, saying to the back of her head, “If you feel sorry for me, just hug me every day, and I’ll be fine.”

Shen Tiantian was amused and giggled.

This person really likes to tease her no matter when.

Shen Tiantian couldn’t stand it and pushed her away, “Why are you so clingy?”

“I can only be clingy by your side.”

Shen Tiantian didn’t bother explaining, as the end result would be the same anyway, “I just wanted to have some soup.”

Shan Yi let go of her and considerately served her the soup, putting all the lightly stewed pigeon meat into her bowl.

Shen Tiantian sniffed, “It smells so good.”

“Go outside and enjoy it slowly.
I’ll wash the dishes,” Shan Yi ushered her out.

The soup had been stewing for quite a while, and the temperature was just right.
Shen Tiantian held the soup in her hands and walked out of the dining area.
She sat at the table, holding her phone in one hand and sipping the soup in the other.

As usual, she opened the group chat and took a photo of her own hand holding the soup, and sent it.


Liu Wanjun: She proposed?!

Shen Tiantian: Yes.

Kang Jiaya: You guys are fast.

Shen Tiantian: Haha, I’m very happy.

Liu Wanjun fell silent for a while and then sent a picture, it was the one of her and Shan Yi kissing in the kitchen that day.

Shen Tiantian: ……

Kang Jiaya: So exciting.

Liu Wanjun: It’s even more exciting in person.

Shen Tiantian: Why are you sending it again?!

Liu Wanjun: You want to show off, I’ll help you.

Shen Tiantian: ……

Kang Jiaya: Hahahahahahaha

Shen Tiantian was used to their playful banter and would also tease them in the same way.
She knew she must look like a fool right now, typing quickly on her phone.

Shan Yi finished tidying up the kitchen and came out.
Seeing Shen Tiantian laughing so happily, she couldn’t help but lean over to take a look, “What are you doing?”

Shen Tiantian looked at her, leaned in and gave her a kiss, “Chatting with Wanjun and the others.”

“What are you chatting about that makes you so happy?” Shan Yi asked with suspicion.

Shen Tiantian immediately shook her head, “Nothing, nothing.”

Shan Yi had a doubtful look.

She knew that Shen Tiantian’s quick denial meant she was hiding something.

Feeling the danger, Shen Tiantian quickly flipped her phone around.

Just kidding, even if Shan Yi saw that picture, it wouldn’t be a big deal.

It wasn’t that Shen Tiantian was afraid of her getting angry; she knew that Shan Yi might recreate that scene if she saw it again.
Though it was a bit funny, Shen Tiantian knew Shan Yi was capable of such things.

Narrowing her eyes, Shan Yi asked, “Is it about me?”

Shen Tiantian pressed her lips together and shook her head, slowly retreating backward, then suddenly took off running.

Shan Yi knew she had guessed right.
Shen Tiantian didn’t want her to see it, so she wouldn’t force her.
Shan Yi just enjoyed seeing her flustered.

Seeing her running, Shan Yi immediately chased after her and caught her from behind, hugging her waist as they fell onto the bed, making sure she wouldn’t get hurt.

But Shen Tiantian still let out a scream, not because of the child, but because she got caught.

“Tell me, what bad things did you say about me? Huh?” Shan Yi asked fiercely, reaching towards her waist and abdomen with her slender fingers in a gesture of ‘I’ll tickle you if you don’t talk.’

Shen Tiantian knew she wouldn’t actually do anything to her, so she screamed and ‘swore’ to protect her phone.

Shan Yi snorted a couple of times.
Her armpits were her most sensitive spots, and Shan Yi discovered that the first time they became intimate.
As soon as she touched the area, Shen Tiantian’s body softened.


“I’ll talk, I’ll talk…”

“My stomach hurts…”

In less than two minutes, Shen Tiantian surrendered.

Shan Yi immediately let her go, triumphantly laughing, but she didn’t get up from her, instead, she nuzzled and kissed her neck, taking full advantage.

Shen Tiantian hadn’t come back to her senses yet and only said after a while: “I just showed off the ring you gave me to them.”

Shan Yi was stunned, not expecting her to actually reveal it.
“And then? What did they say that made you laugh so much?”

“They said I’ve changed and that I’m showing off my love, and they threatened to kick me out of the group.”

“Group of close friends?” Shan Yi asked casually.

Shen Tiantian softly replied, “We chat in that group every day.”

“What do you chat about?”

“We just chat about daily stuff, and whatever random topics come up,” Shen Tiantian replied.

“You have such a great relationship with them.” 

“Yes, to me, they are like family,” Shen Tiantian said with a smile.
She always felt fortunate to have met Liu Wanjun and Kang Jiaya when she was younger, and now, to have someone like Shan Yi in her life.

“I’m also your family,” Shan Yi suddenly turned tender, gently touching her face and earnestly saying: “And so are Shan Yue, Shan Xu, and my parents will be your parents too.”

It was just a simple statement, but for some reason, Shen Tiantian felt like crying.


She sniffled, “Why do you say such touching things? Now, I want to cry.”

“The day after tomorrow is a holiday for Labor Day, would you like me to accompany you to see the dean?” Shan Yi asked.

“Okay,” Shen Tiantian nodded.
Suddenly, her expression changed, and she lightly slapped Shan Yi’s wandering hand, “Stop that.”

Why did her hand become so restless when discussing serious matters?

Shan Yi let out a sigh and looked a bit disappointed at her own hand, with a hint of dissatisfaction on her face.

After their intimate encounter, she dared not make any further moves.
She had to observe strict dietary restrictions every day and could only occasionally indulge in some meat soup.
But for the sake of the child, she had to endure it.
After the child was born, she could do whatever she wanted, and she vowed not to have a second child.
Dealing with one child per year was already more than enough for her.

Once someone starts indulging in their desires, it’s easy to get carried away.

“Prenatal education, prenatal education,” Shen Tiantian emphasized with a blush on her face, then fell silent for a moment before her expression turned mischievous, “Today was quite romantic.”   

Suddenly, Shan Yi felt a chill down her spine.

Shen Tiantian poked Shan Yi’s shoulder, “When do you plan to tidy up the outside?!”

As expected, it was about that matter.

Shan Yi chuckled, rolling over to lie beside her, “I’ll have Shan Xu come over tomorrow to clean up.”

Shen Tiantian almost spurted out a mouthful of saliva from laughter and commented, “You really are a considerate elder sister.”

Shan Yi laughed, “Well, he’s idle anyway, might as well give him something to do.”

How dare she say it so casually?!

Shen Tiantian silently mourned for Shan Xu for three minutes.

“Alright, go take a shower.”

Although she wanted to be affectionate with her, it was getting late, so she could only spare her for a short while.

Shen Tiantian checked the time, and it was not even nine o’clock.
Recently, she had been going to bed early, around ten o’clock.
After showering, she would blow-dry her hair, play with her phone for a bit, and then go to sleep.

She nodded and sat up on the bed, finding a set of pajamas from the wardrobe.

Shan Yi went to the living room and opened her phone, searching for something and then entered a group that was previously blocked.
With a swift motion of her finger, she added Shen Tiantian to the group.

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