Shen Tiantian’s heart raced because of Shan Yi’s words.
Although she often heard her say shameless sweet words of love, she felt that none of them had touched her like this one.

Shan Yi said her heart would ache for her.

Shen Tiantian stole a glance at her, still conflicted inside.

The porridge started boiling, and the bubbling water lifted the lid, making a clattering sound.
Seeing that she still didn’t speak, Shan Yi reluctantly went to the kitchen.

Shen Tiantian glanced at her back and didn’t miss the fleeting expression in Shan Yi’s eyes.

Was the CEO angry?!

She paused for a moment, suddenly realizing that she might have gone too far.

Shan Yi had said all those things, so why didn’t she speak up?

Why was she acting like this? Why should someone as perfect as Shan Yi continue to tolerate her like this over and over again?!

Shen Tiantian fidgeted with the pillow in her arms, furrowing her brows for a few seconds.
Then, she casually threw the pillow aside and ran barefoot into the kitchen, hugging Shan Yi from behind.

“I’m sorry, Yiyi~”

A muffled voice sounded from behind, and Shan Yi paused.
She slowly turned around, looking down at her.
“What did you just call me?”

It took Shen Tiantian several seconds to react, and an unusual blush spread across her cheeks.


They had been dating for about a month, and she had yet to proactively call Shan Yi by her name.
She always referred to her as “CEO.” The only time she said her name was under her “coercion.”

Shen Tiantian smiled and said, “Yiyi~”

Shan Yi lowered her head and kissed her on the lips.
“Finally, you called me correctly for once.”

Shen Tiantian blushed and looked up at her.
“Were you angry just now?!”

“No,” Shan Yi replied.
“Why do you ask?”

Shen Tiantian breathed a sigh of relief.
If she wasn’t angry, then everything was fine.
“It’s nothing.”

Shan Yi pinched her cheek.
“Alright, the kitchen has a lot of fumes.
Go outside and wait.
It’ll be ready soon.”

Shen Tiantian shook her head.
It was just cooking porridge, there shouldn’t be any smoke.
She was just pregnant, but she wasn’t so delicate that she couldn’t even enter the kitchen.
During the days when she had a disagreement with Shan Yi, she cooked on her own.

“What’s wrong?” Shan Yi asked.
“Do you want to be with me?”

Shen Tiantian glared at her, then ignored her teasing and carefully spoke up, “Did you just say that I shouldn’t keep things to myself?”

Shan Yi made a sound of agreement.
“So, you do have something on your mind?”

Shen Tiantian raised her index finger.
“Just one thing.”

“What is it?”

“You can’t be angry when I ask, and you can’t think that I’m petty.”

Shan Yi nodded.
“I won’t.”

Shen Tiantian pouted and brewed her emotions for a while before asking tentatively, “I want to know how you used to spend your previous estrus periods? If it wasn’t me that day, could it have been someone else?!”

Shan Yi was taken aback for a moment, then burst into laughter.
“Tiantian, are you jealous?”

Shen Tiantian, feeling embarrassed and angry at having her thoughts exposed, puffed up her face and glared at her.
“If you don’t want to say, then forget it.
Pretend I didn’t ask.”

After saying that, Shen Tiantian prepared to walk away, but she was quickly pulled back by Shan Yi.
She bumped into Shan Yi’s embrace, and Shan Yi looked at her seriously.
“Of course not.
If it wasn’t you that day, I wouldn’t have lost control like that.
As for how I handled it before, would you believe me if I said I took medication?”

“What kind of medication?!” Shen Tiantian furrowed her brows.
She didn’t know what Shan Yi’s “time” was like, but relying on medication to suppress it couldn’t be pleasant.

“I can’t explain it clearly.
It’s similar to the tranquilizers I’m taking now,” Shan Yi smiled.
“According to my mother, it’s made from a mixture of my own blood from before I reached adulthood and herbal medicine.”

Shen Tiantian: …

This is even more surreal than Shan Yi being an alien.

“So, you didn’t have any other girlfriends before?” Shen Tiantian finally asked the question she was most concerned about.

“No,” Shan Yi said earnestly.
“I can assure you.”

Upon hearing this, Shen Tiantian was immediately pleased.
However, she couldn’t let it show on her face and casually nodded, but the upward curve of her mouth couldn’t hide her excitement.

Shan Yi noticed the change in her mood and smiled as she wrapped her arms around Shen Tiantian’s waist, leaning closer to her ear and whispering softly, “You’re not at all petty.
In fact, you can confidently question me because I am your girlfriend, right?”

The warm breath tickled Shen Tiantian’s ear, and she subconsciously raised her hand to rub it.

Shan Yi gently took her earlobe into her mouth and lightly nibbled on it.

Shen Tiantian trembled all over and quickly pushed her away, her face turning red.
“What are you doing?!”

Shan Yi chuckled softly and approached her again, whispering, “Tiantian, let’s get married.”

Shen Tiantian exclaimed, feeling like she must have misheard.
Did Shan Yi just propose to her?!

Knowing that she was getting confused again, Shan Yi pinched her chubby cheeks and repeated her words.

This time, Shen Tiantian heard it clearly, and she was completely stunned.

It was real.

The CEO was really proposing to her!!!

Perhaps due to being abandoned by her parents and growing up in an orphanage, Shen Tiantian had always lacked a sense of security.
Her longing for a family was no less than Liu Wanjun and Kang Jiaya.
She just hadn’t found the person she wanted to build a family with.
Until she met Shan Yi, who reignited her expectations for a family.

Coupled with the child in her belly, she had no resistance to Shan Yi’s proposal.
She wanted to say yes, but her neck felt as if it were tied with steel, immobilizing her.

Seeing her prolonged silence, Shan Yi suddenly realized that the proposal was a bit shabby and that she didn’t even have a basic ring.
However, she also knew that the news of Shen Tiantian’s pregnancy came suddenly, and they hadn’t had time to prepare anything.

Shan Yi rubbed Shen Tiantian’s seemingly stiff face and smiled.
“I know it’s a bit shabby.
After we come back from the hospital later, we can go buy a ring.”

And then she would propose to her again.

After hearing Shan Yi’s words, Shen Tiantian finally reacted.
She looked at Shan Yi fixedly for a while, then suddenly pounced on her.
“No need to wait, I accept!”

Luckily, Shan Yi was wearing cotton slippers, or she might not have been able to catch the person who pounced on her with such force.

Shan Yi rubbed Shen Tiantian’s waist and spoke calmly, “You’re a pregnant woman now.
Why don’t you have any self-awareness?”

Shen Tiantian sweetly giggled, covering Shan Yi’s hand on her waist and feeling their baby together.

Although they couldn’t feel anything yet.

“I’m so happy,” Shen Tiantian said sweetly, her voice filled with joy.

A faint burnt smell reached their noses, and only then did Shan Yi realize that the porridge had boiled dry.
She discreetly turned off the stove with her other hand.

“I’m happy too.”

Shen Tiantian smiled and took the initiative to kiss Shan Yi.

The two of them cuddled and enjoyed each other’s company in the small kitchen for a long time, until a peculiar sound came from the space between their tightly pressed bellies.

Shen Tiantian suddenly felt a little embarrassed and stole a glance at Shan Yi, chuckling, “It seems like the baby is hungry.”

Shan Yi laughed, “Aren’t you the hungry one?”

Shen Tiantian playfully smiled, “No, it’s the baby who’s hungry, so I get hungry.”

Shan Yi was amused by Shen Tiantian’s childlike behavior and didn’t argue with her.
With an indulgent expression on her face, she said, “Alright, alright, you have the final say.” 

Shen Tiantian blushed and opened the cabinet, taking out two bowls.
Despite the slightly burnt bottom, the porridge on top was still edible and smelled good.

The two of them worked together to ladle the porridge, not wanting to separate for even a second.
Shan Yi carried the steaming bowls of porridge outside.

Perhaps due to last night’s rain, the indoor air in the morning was still a bit damp and cold.
Shen Tiantian ate two bowls of porridge, savoring the warmth that satisfied her.
It made her forehead and the tip of her nose break out in a thin layer of sweat.
She wiped it off with a tissue, no longer feeling self-conscious in front of Shan Yi.
After all, Shan Yi had seen all of her ugly moments, so a few more times wouldn’t make a difference.

Shan Yi smiled faintly as she watched Shen Tiantian.
When Shen Tiantian finished wiping, Shan Yi gestured for her to come closer by curling her finger.

Shen Tiantian was puzzled but leaned in anyway.

Shan Yi raised her hand and gently brushed Shen Tiantian’s face.
Her pretty lips parted slightly.
“There’s something stuck on your face.”

Shen Tiantian touched her face, and Shan Yi held up the tissue debris stuck to her face.
“Little muddle-head.”

Shan Yi was probably her nemesis.

Although “little muddle-head” sounded a bit corny, for some reason, whenever it came from Shan Yi’s mouth, Shen Tiantian inexplicably found it endearing.

She truly liked Shan Yi.

Shan Yi noticed that Shen Tiantian easily blushed, and even a casual remark could make her shy, which was incredibly adorable.

Shan Yi glanced at the time.
“Shall we go out for a walk?”

Just as they had confirmed their relationship, Shan Yi had gone on a business trip for over a week, and when she returned, they went through a week of almost breaking up due to her concealment.
It had been almost a month since they started dating, and they hadn’t had a proper date yet.

Now, they were already planning to take their relationship to a more intimate level.

Shen Tiantian couldn’t suppress her excitement and giggled throughout.
“Sure, I want to go to Nalan Department Store.”

Shan Yi raised an eyebrow.
“Why there?”

“I want to look at baby clothes…” Shen Tiantian blushed as she explained, her voice getting softer and softer.

Their baby was only a month away and couldn’t even move yet.
Was it too early to look at clothes now?!

Shan Yi nodded.
“Let’s buy some pretty little dresses for our soon-to-be-born little princess.”

“Are we really only going to have a daughter?!” Shen Tiantian asked, still wanting a son.
Regardless of whether it was an older brother or a younger brother, the daughter would have someone to protect her.

“Nowadays, I haven’t heard of same-sex couples being able to have sons,” Shan Yi calmly said.
“Hurry up and change your clothes.”

“What about you?” Shen Tiantian wondered if Shan Yi was going to wear the outfit from last night?!

Shan Yi had thrown it into the washing machine while answering the phone, but it hasn’t dried yet?!

“Do you mind if I wear your clothes?”

“Of course not,” Shen Tiantian instinctively replied, her eyebrows slightly furrowed.
She continued, “But we have a height difference of ten centimeters.
Will my clothes fit you?”

Shan Yi:…

“Do you have any dresses?” Short ones were fine.
She couldn’t go out wearing maternity clothes.

Shen Tiantian quickly nodded and ran back to her room, opening the wardrobe to look for one.
She suddenly remembered a dress she bought last summer, which was a bit long, so she had stashed it at the bottom of a box.

Shan Yi walked over, about to help, when Shen Tiantian’s hand suddenly reached up.
“Found it.”

It was a light green one-shoulder dress.

Shan Yi’s mouth twitched a couple of times.
Just how much did Shen Tiantian like the color green?!

Shen Tiantian had seen Shan Yi wearing a dress before, and it was so beautiful that it could make people cry.
She still vividly remembered how Shan Yi looked while waiting for her in the bathroom. 

She really wanted to see it again, but Shan Yi mostly wore professional suits, and her beautiful legs were hidden in wide-leg pants every day.

Shen Tiantian couldn’t help but think of a phrase: “She could easily rely on her looks, but she chooses to rely on her talent.”

Just the fact that Shan Yi was the boss of Four Seasons Hall made her both envious and admiring.
And a little proud too.

She didn’t know where she had found the fortune to have such a perfect woman who belonged to her alone.

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