Shan Yi’s mind was filled with Shen Tiantian’s expression before she ran out.
It seemed like a mixture of relief and a hint of grievance, complex and difficult to understand.

There were tears on her face.

It wasn’t the first time Shan Yi had seen Shen Tiantian cry.
That night, when she gently punctured the thin membrane with her fingers, Shen Tiantian cried too.
She held onto her arm, cried out in pain, and her whole body turned pink.
When she felt comfortable, she let out kitten-like moans…

A loud door slam resounded, and Shan Yi’s heart trembled, pulling her out of her memories.
She quickly chased after her.
However, Shen Tiantian had already disappeared, and the elevator kept descending until it reached the first floor.

Shan Yi, wearing thin high-heeled shoes, returned to the office.
She picked up her phone and went out again, pressing the elevator button while calling Shen Tiantian.

The automated call went unanswered, and Shan Yi let out a bitter smile, knowing that Shen Tiantian must be very angry.

She had thought about confessing that she was the person from that night, but she was afraid that Shen Tiantian wouldn’t be able to accept it.
After all, they had finally gotten together, and she didn’t dare to take that risk.

After such a long time had passed, Shen Tiantian still hadn’t recognized her.
Shan Yi had thought things would continue like this, but she didn’t expect that Shen Tiantian had finally discovered the truth.

She had never deliberately hidden anything, so when Shen Tiantian attempted to lift her hair, she didn’t stop her.

However, she didn’t expect that Shen Tiantian’s reaction after learning the truth would be so intense, even more than she had imagined.

Shen Tiantian was still in a state of shock, walking aimlessly on the street.
When she finally snapped out of it, she realized that she had already walked two blocks.

She looked back and couldn’t help but feel disappointed.

Shan Yi hadn’t caught up with her.

She looked down at her belly with a complicated expression, furrowing her brows deeper and deeper.

After being in a relationship with Shan Yi, she often felt quite insecure.
After all, regardless of family background and abilities, Shan Yi was perfect.
But what about her? She inexplicably had a one-night stand with someone and now carried a child.

After all this time, it turned out that Shan Yi was the creator of the little soybean in her belly.

She finally understood.
No wonder Shan Yi treated her so well, and no wonder she had accepted her proposal without hesitation.

So what kind of mindset did Shan Yi have when getting close to her? And what mindset did she have when concealing this matter? If she hadn’t discovered it today, would Shan Yi have never intended to confess?

She never expected that something with a one-in-a-billion chance would happen to her, and from the very beginning, did Shan Yi have ulterior motives in approaching her? She even doubted if all their encounters were premeditated.

But she didn’t have anything worth scheming for.

Shen Tiantian let out a sarcastic laugh.
What was the point of all her turmoil during this time?!

She felt like a clown, making Shan Yi laugh as the audience member while she could only lick her own wounds.

She took a deep breath and slowly sat down on a bench by the roadside, staring blankly at a certain spot.

Her phone kept vibrating incessantly in her hand.
She didn’t hang up directly but turned off the music repeatedly.
After each action, she returned to her original position, staring blankly ahead.

She didn’t know how long Shan Yi had been calling, but her phone eventually shut down due to low battery.

She didn’t want to do anything now.
She just wanted to be alone in silence.

But her stomach kept protesting, forcing her to confront it.

She regained a bit of awareness, lowered her gaze, and looked at her stomach.
She was now a person with two bodies.
If she went hungry for too long, she might end up vomiting in agony, and she would be the one suffering.

She didn’t have a tendency for self-harm, so she decided to eat something first.

But as soon as she thought about the fact that Shan Yi was the ‘father’ of the child in her stomach, she instinctively touched her belly and felt a strange sensation.

Perhaps it was a sense of relief?

This child wasn’t a product of unknown paternity; the other mother was Shan Yi.

As she contemplated this, she entered a fast-food restaurant.

She didn’t have any particular craving, so she randomly ordered a few light dishes.

Perhaps she was truly hungry because by the time Shen Tiantian realized it, she had almost finished eating, and her stomach felt uncomfortably full.

She felt a bit nauseous and wanted to take out the preserved plums she had put in her bag in the morning.
But she quickly remembered that she had nothing with her except her phone when she ran out, so she resorted to drinking water in large quantities, forcing down the queasiness.

After settling the bill, she hesitated for a while, but eventually decided to return to work at the company.

Shan Yi, who had been looking for Shen Tiantian, stood by the front desk of the building.
As soon as she saw her, she immediately approached and pulled her, taking her into the restroom on the first floor before anyone could react.

The door was locked, and a gust of wind brushed past her ear, making her instinctively close her eyes.

“Where did you go?” Shan Yi asked softly.

Shen Tiantian slowly opened her eyes but didn’t look at her.
She tilted her head to the side and remained silent.

Shan Yi sighed silently and said, “I couldn’t find you.”

Frowning, Shen Tiantian wondered why she was looking for her.
Did she want to mock her again?

Shaking her head, Shen Tiantian raised her head to meet her eyes briefly before looking down again.
She said, “I think we shouldn’t continue anymore.”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Shen Tiantian felt a sense of liberation.
She felt much lighter all of a sudden.

If these words had been spoken two hours earlier, she might not have said them so easily.
But now, they got stuck in her throat, unable to be swallowed, making her uncomfortable if she didn’t spit them out.

Yes, she was angry.

Shan Yi stared at her hair, seemingly surprised by what she heard.
Frowning, she spoke in a low voice, “I disagree.”

She wasn’t asking for advice.
Shen Tiantian almost blurted it out, but in the face of Shan Yi getting closer, she inexplicably felt a bit intimidated.

Why was she, the one who was initially wronged, now feeling like the one making more mistakes?

With that thought, Shen Tiantian regained some determination and immediately pushed Shan Yi away.
“I don’t care.
I want to break up.”

She was still angry.

“I won’t agree,” Shan Yi insisted firmly.

Shen Tiantian: …

Her face turned pale, and she didn’t want to say anything else.
She tried to turn the doorknob to leave, but Shan Yi quickly closed the door again.

“I can explain,” Shan Yi’s voice sounded a bit anxious.

Shen Tiantian didn’t want to listen to this b***ard’s chanting.

So she refused to listen, covering her ears, afraid that her heart would soften.

If it were any other time, Shan Yi would find her adorable, and she would take the opportunity to kiss her.
But now that they were on the verge of breaking up, she couldn’t find anything to smile about.

“I’m going back to work, CEO,” Shen Tiantian deliberately emphasized the word “CEO.”

Shan Yi felt helpless and forcibly pulled her hand away, her tone becoming urgent.
“I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid you wouldn’t accept it.”

Shen Tiantian struggled for a moment but couldn’t break free.
She simply lowered her head and refused to look at Shan Yi, who couldn’t see her expression.

Seeing that she didn’t move anymore, Shan Yi lowered her voice and continued, “I planned to wait until our relationship was more stable before finding an opportunity to tell you.
I didn’t expect you to find out first.”

Upon hearing Shan Yi’s earlier words, Shen Tiantian couldn’t deny that her anger had subsided somewhat, but as she listened to the latter part, her annoyance couldn’t be contained.

So, if she hadn’t found out, Shan Yi wasn’t planning to tell her?

She also thought about the turmoil she had been through in the past few days, and she felt that things couldn’t just be left like this.

“Don’t be angry with me, okay?” Shan Yi could see a slight change in her expression, and her tone softened even more.
“You can punish me however you want, just don’t break up with me.”

Shen Tiantian: …

She remained silent, her eyes falling on her stomach.
Suddenly, as if she had thought of something, she looked up at Shan Yi and deliberately elongated her voice, “I won’t punish you—”

After a momentary pause, she continued, “I also have something hidden from you.
If you can guess it, I’ll forgive you.”

Shan Yi confidently narrowed her eyes.
Shen Tiantian was straightforward, and many emotions would unconsciously show on her face.
But when she saw Shen Tiantian’s smug smile, she instantly felt uncertain again.
“No hints?”

Shen Tiantian glared at her and said, “You didn’t give me any hints back then either.”

Shan Yi smiled and nodded.

“So, we’re not breaking up then?”

Shen Tiantian looked at her, her round face slightly puffed up.
Once again, she twisted the doorknob and before leaving, she left a remark, “Let’s talk about it when you guess it right.”

Shan Yi followed her out, a hint of helplessness on her face.
Shen Tiantian didn’t give her even the slightest hint, so she didn’t even have a clue.

Shen Tiantian knew that Shan Yi was smart, and if she gave her a slight hint, she would probably guess it quickly, but that would take away all the fun.

She made her endure such hardships when keeping this secret.
She had been like a fool these few days, thinking of an excuse to break up with her.

However, it wasn’t the kind of conspiracy theory she had imagined.
She suddenly felt a lot more at ease, now just waiting for Shan Yi to figure it out.

There weren’t many people at the reception desk, only three receptionists and two security guards.
Naturally, they noticed Shan Yi pulling Shen Tiantian inside and soon seeing Shen Tiantian coming out with a flushed face, which sparked their imagination.

But after all, it was their superior’s matter, and they didn’t know which department Shen Tiantian belonged to, so they didn’t dare to speculate and pretended not to have seen anything.

Shan Yi and Shen Tiantian rode the same elevator.
As soon as the elevator doors closed, Shan Yi immediately leaned closer to Shen Tiantian and whispered, “Can’t you give me a little hint?”

They were very close, and Shan Yi was slightly taller than her.
Her breath brushed against Shen Tiantian’s ear and neck.

Shen Tiantian couldn’t control her blushing face, so she pouted and created some distance between them.

She just ignored Shan Yi.

Shan Yi asked again, “Is it about something specific?”

Shen Tiantian opened her mouth, glared at her, and thought of tricking her.

Just then, the elevator reached the 17th floor with a ding, and Shen Tiantian quickly rushed out.

Shan Yi: …

Shen Tiantian’s figure quickly disappeared behind the elevator doors, and Shan Yi raised her hand to rub her stomach, which was causing pain due to hunger.

In just a few seconds, the elevator stopped on the 18th floor, and Shan Yi quickly composed her facial expression, walking straight out.

Assistant Yang approached her, following behind while reporting on the progress of their work.

On the other side, Shen Tiantian returned to her office and sat down.
She took out the preserved plums that she had been wanting to eat for a long time.
Looking at the almost half-full can of preserved plums, she started to look forward to Shan Yi’s answer.
She couldn’t wait to see the surprised expression on her face, and the thought of it made her unable to contain her joy.

She really wanted to know how Shan Yi managed to get her pregnant.

The afternoon work wasn’t busy, so after opening the documents and work system on her computer, Shen Tiantian picked up her phone, eager to share this news with her friends.

At this time, Kang Jiaya was probably still resting, so she directly sent a message in the group chat.

Shen Tiantian: I found the other mother of my child.

Kang Jiaya: Huh?! What happened?

Liu Wanjun: When did this happen?!

Shen Tiantian: Just now.

Kang Jiaya: Who is it? I’ll go chop her to death.

Shen Tiantian smiled sweetly: If I tell you, you guys must remain calm.

Liu Wanjun: Hurry up and tell us.

Kang Jiaya: +1.

Shen Tiantian: It’s my CEO.

Kang Jiaya: Have you relapsed into delusions?

Liu Wanjun: What’s going on exactly?!

Shen Tiantian recounted the events of the lunch break and indeed sparked the curiosity of the two friends.

Liu Wanjun: Did she tell you why you were able to get pregnant?

Shen Tiantian: I… didn’t tell her about my pregnancy.

Kang Jiaya: Why not?

Shen Tiantian: I wanted her to experience what it feels like to be kept in the dark.

Liu Wanjun: Pffft…

Kang Jiaya: That’s a good one.
You haven’t reached the level of stupidity yet.

Shen Tiantian:…

Liu Wanjun: Hahaha, don’t mess it up.

Kang Jiaya: What kind of luck did you step on? You managed to sleep with a rich, beautiful woman.

Shen Tiantian:…

She knew Kang Jiaya wouldn’t have anything nice to say.

Shen Tiantian: I have to work now.

Kang Jiaya: Can we still have dinner together tonight?

Shen Tiantian: Of course, I’ve already broken up with the CEO.

Kang Jiaya: What does that mean?!

Liu Wanjun: Are young people so good at playing games?

Shen Tiantian smiled and ignored them, then directly left the group chat.

Her dearest CEO, please don’t let her down.

Shen Tiantian silently thought to herself.

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