Shan Yi chose a quiet western restaurant.
After ordering the dishes, Shen Tiantian went to the restroom.

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Her face was still pink, and she touched her lips that had been kissed by Shan Yi in front of the mirror, as if she could still feel the warmth of her lips.

Compared to last night’s quick kiss, tonight’s kiss was more aggressive, and she could feel Shan Yi’s tongue stirring in her mouth.

She shook her head abruptly, not wanting to think about it anymore.

The blood in her nostrils had already coagulated and she could see some red and black marks still remaining.
Normally, she would not think much of it, but in front of Shan Yi, she felt that it was particularly ugly.
She washed her face with water and gently used a tissue to wipe away the small blood clots inside her nostrils.

The food had already been served, but Shen Tiantian had not returned.
Shan Yi was worried, so she went to check on her.
In the end, she saw this little woman looking at herself in the mirror again.
She leaned against the wall with her arms crossed, and watched Shen Tiantian with a smile in the corner of her eye, who was deeply engrossed in something. 

Shen Tiantian caught a glimpse of a shadow in the corner of her eye, and she glanced over to see Shan Yi’s smiling eyes.

“Ah!” She was startled and the tissue slipped from her hand.

This scene was inexplicably familiar.
She remembered that the first time they met, it was the same situation.
She was looking at herself in the mirror and Shan Yi was also leaning against the wall with her arms crossed, with a faint smile on her face.

‘Why did she come to have a look last time?’

Lu Xiaochun had seen the hickeys on her neck …

Shen Tiantian’s face suddenly turned pale.

It had only been half a month, so how could she forget the fact that she had slept with someone else!!!

Shan Yi noticed that her flushed face suddenly turned pale, and immediately went over to support her with a look of concern.
She asked gently, “What’s wrong?”

Shen Tiantian looked at Shan Yi, a complex emotion flashing in her eyes.
She shook her head and said.
“It’s nothing.”

Shan Yi frowned, not believing her at all.

Shen Tiantian took a deep breath and forced out a smile.
“It’s true.”

“Are you feeling better now? The dishes have been served.” Shan Yi didn’t pursue the matter further.

Shen Tiantian nodded.

Shan Yi became more certain that there was something wrong with Shen Tiantian, but chose not to expose her.
She naturally took her hand and led her back to the restaurant.

The restaurant was playing soft background music, but Shen Tiantian was in no mood to appreciate it.
The faint sound of knives and plates grinding could be heard in the air, making her feel inexplicably irritated.

Shan Yi could tell that she was distracted and said.
“If you’re not feeling well, don’t force yourself.
I’ll send you back first.”

Hearing this, Shen Tiantian suddenly came back to her senses and glanced at Shan Yi guiltily.
She said in a low voice, “Sorry, I want to go back first.”

Shan Yi looked at her quietly for a few seconds, then picked up her bag and stood up.
“Let’s go.”

Shen Tiantian could clearly feel that Shan Yi’s voice had become heavier.

‘Was the CEO angry?!’

Shen Tiantian followed behind Shan Yi quietly and realized that she had unintentionally angered the CEO.

As she thought about the past two days they had spent together, she was suddenly afraid of losing her.

Indeed, she could not bear to lose the special treatment from Shan Yi.


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After leaving the restaurant, Shen Tiantian stopped in her tracks and called out Shan Yi’s name.

As Shan Yi slowly turned around, a dark shadow swiftly pounced towards her.
She didn’t even have time to dodge before her lips were forcefully struck.
She gradually regained her senses and realized that Shen Tiantian had kissed her.

There was no tenderness to speak of.

However, Shan Yi was pleased.
She raised her hand to hold Shen Tiantian’s waist and was about to deepen the kiss when Shen Tiantian pulled away.

Shan Yi felt a little regretful yet very happy.

Finally, there was some color on Shen Tiantian’s face, but it was not very clear under the dim streetlights.

“We’re not a couple yet,” Shen Tiantian murmured with lowered eyes.
She was afraid that if she looked at Shan Yi, she wouldn’t be able to say it.

Shan Yi’s expression darkened.
“So what?”

“So, should we give dating a try?”

Hearing this, Shan Yi was stunned and was not sure what she had heard.
“What did you say?!”

Shen Tiantian thought that her voice had been too soft and believed that it wouldn’t be so difficult to say it a second time.
She lifted her gaze to meet Shan Yi’s eyes and repeated what she had just said.

Shan Yi could no longer control her emotions and used a kiss as an answer.
She pressed Shen Tiantian against the lamppost, asserting her dominance, and passionately pushed her tongue into her mouth.
The intensity between them was like a scorching storm. 

Caught off guard, Shen Tiantian felt the pressure against her back, causing some discomfort.
Understanding Shan Yi’s answer, she closed her eyes and parted her lips, making it easier for their lips to meet in a kiss.

The deep kiss lasted for a long time.
Just when Shen Tiantian felt that her tongue was about to be sucked away by Shan Yi, Shan Yi finally let go of her and leaned her forehead against hers, their breaths entangled.

Shan Yi said in a low voice, “Okay.”

Shen Tiantian grinned foolishly, looking especially silly.

“So, can you tell your girlfriend what happened earlier?” Shan Yi changed the topic and asked in a soft voice.

As soon as she finished speaking, Shan Yi immediately felt Shen Tiantian’s body stiffen.

Shan Yi immediately sensed that it was not a good thing and said, “Okay, if it’s something that’s making you unhappy, I hope you can open your heart and let it go quickly.”

Shen Tiantian nodded hesitantly.

Shan Yi held her hand.
“Let’s go, I’ll send you back.”

Shen Tiantian made a sound of agreement and looked at her hand that was being held, smiling contentedly.


After some time, Shen Tiantian suddenly called out, causing Shan Yi to abruptly halt and turn around.
“We’re off work and you’re now my girlfriend.”

Shen Tiantian blushed again, instantly understanding what Shan Yi meant.

Shan Yi smiled and said, “Take your time to decide what you want to call me.”

“Shan Yi?” Shen Tiantian asked cautiously.


Seeing her silent, Shen Tiantian mustered her courage and said.

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“…” That sounds pretty good.

“Then … then what should I call you?!” Shen Tiantian looked aggrieved.

Shan Yi chuckled and pinched her cheeks, which she had been wanting to do for a long time.
“Then just call me Yiyi.”

Shen Tiantian pouted as her words were abruptly interrupted.
She had nearly forgotten what she wanted to ask.

‘Scheming!’ Shen Tiantian muttered in her heart.

Sitting in the passenger seat, Shen Tiantian was still trying to process everything.
“Were she and Shan Yi really together just like that?!’

‘Was this the feeling of being in love?’

She didn’t know.
After being single for more than twenty years, this was the first time she felt that the air was sweet.

Shan Yi glanced at her with a smile on her lips, guessing that Shen Tiantian was still digesting the fact that she had become her girlfriend.

She didn’t disturb the silence between them, only the sound of music was playing softly in the background.

A strange sound broke the silence.
Shen Tiantian clutched her stomach and only then did she remember that she hadn’t eaten anything.
She was so hungry that her stomach was protesting loudly.

Shan Yi held back her laughter and focused on driving.

Shen Tiantian darted her eyes back and forth as she smiled dryly.
“I think I’m a little hungry …”

Shan Yi asked.
“Want to go eat something?”

Looking out the window and realizing they were almost at Yuan Jing’s residential complex, Shen Tiantian shook her head after thinking for a moment.
“No, I want to go home and cook some noodles.”


A few minutes later, the car stopped in front of Yuan Jing district.

Shen Tiantian unbuckled her seatbelt and before getting out of the car, she was still thinking about whether to invite Shan Yi up to her place.

‘Isn’t it a bit too soon to invite Shan Yi to my place after confirming our relationship for less than an hour?!’

Before she could make up her mind, Shan Yi spoke first.
“I’m also a little hungry.”

Hence, Shen Tiantian naturally invited Shan Yi to her house.

After changing her shoes and entering the house, Shan Yi casually placed her bag on the sofa and looked around the room.

The structure of the room was very simple, with predominantly pink and white walls.
In front of the sofa, there was a long green rug, and two green socks were casually placed on the sofa.

From her angle, Shan Yi could catch a glimpse of the room, and she could faintly make out that even the bedsheets were also green, indicating the owner’s fondness for this color.  

It turned out that this little woman likes green, how unique.

Shen Tiantian felt a little embarrassed and said, “The house is a little messy, please don’t mind it.”

Shan Yi smiled and said, “I don’t mind it.”

Shen Tiantian forced a laugh and said, “Then I’ll go cook some noodles first.
Take a seat first.”

“I’ll help.” Shan Yi followed behind.

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Shen Tiantian was stunned and looked doubtful.
Shan Yi’s fingers were very slender and she didn’t look like someone who knew how to cook.

Shan Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
“When I was in the UK, I used to cook for myself.”

Shen Tiantian didn’t expect Shan Yi to take the initiative to talk about herself, and suddenly wanted to know more.

“Did you go abroad to study CEO?!”

Shan Yi didn’t answer.
She walked behind her slowly, turned her head back and kissed her deeply.

Shen Tiantian’s exclamation was drowned out by Shan Yi’s kiss.

After a while, Shan Yi let go of her and said in a low voice, “Every time you call me 

CEO, I’ll kiss you”

Shen Tiantian: ….

“Yiyi.” She immediately changed her words, looking very obedient.

Shan Yi couldn’t help but laugh, and kissed her lips gently.
“Good girl.”

Shen Tiantian blushed.
“I’m going to cook the noodles.”

Shan Yi asked, “Don’t you have any other ingredients?”

“Yes, I do.”

Shan Yi naturally opened the fridge.
Seeing that there was only steak and vegetables, she took them out.

She said, “Should I cook?”

Shen Tiantian turned around and Shan Yi was already skillfully washing the vegetables.
She shrugged and suddenly wanted to try her girlfriend’s cooking and smiled, “Then you can cook.”

Shan Yi smiled.
“Go and sit down.”

Shen Tiantian really went to sit in the living room, propping her chin with one hand, looking at the back of the busy figure in the kitchen with a fascinated expression, and took out her phone from her bag, and took a picture of her.

Shan Yi was completely unaware of this and was focused on cooking dinner for her girlfriend.

Shen Tiantian opened WeChat and entered the group chat as usual.
She sent out the photo she had just taken and announced: We’re together now.

It was already past eight at night, but in Kang Jiaya’s time zone, it was early morning.
She had just finished washing up and picked up her phone, only to receive this explosive message that jolted awake.

Kang Jiaya: Really? Isn’t it a bit too fast?

Liu Wanjun: ! ! !

Kang Jiaya: Quick, tell me how you managed to do it?

Shen Tiantian chuckled softly, then looked towards the kitchen and replied: She kissed me again today, so I took the initiative to ask her.

Liu Wanjun: brave.jpg

Kang Jiaya: She really agreed?

Shen Tiantian: Yes.

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Liu Wanjun: Wait, this back view looks a little familiar~

Kang Jiaya also noticed the key point: Speaking of which, her figure is too good!?

Shen Tiantian was a little smug: Not only is her figure good, but her face is even more beautiful.

Kang Jiaya: Yo!

Liu Wanjun: Hahahahaha, you already know how to defend her so quickly?

Shen Tiantian: Hahahahaha, she’s my CEO.

Kang Jiaya: Tsk, tsk, tsk.
A few days ago, you were still struggling, and now you’re showing off your love.

Liu Wanjun cooperatively replied: Devil, goodbye.

Shen Tiantian didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: By the way, you guys used to show off a lot too.

Kang Jiaya: Blocked.

Shen Tiantian sent a “Don’t leave” emoji: Yaya, don’t go.

Liu Wanjun sent a laughing emoji: Serves you right

Shen Tiantian: ….

A few minutes later, Kang Jiaya indeed fell silent.
Although Shen Tiantian didn’t think that her friend would be angry about this matter, she was still a little anxious.
She quickly exited the group chat and sent a private message to Kang Jiaya.

The message was sent, but there was no reply.

Shen Tiantian switched to a voice call, and Kang Jiaya quickly answered.
Despite her strong exterior, a sweet voice came through, “What’s up?”

“Yaya, are you really angry?” Shen Tiantian asked cautiously.

Kang Jiaya was silent for a moment.
“Are you stupid? I’m driving.

Shen Tiantian: ….

Perhaps it was because she had been too nervous recently, Shen Tiantian was a little paranoid.
“Then focus on driving.”

After speaking, she quickly hung up the phone.

Shan Yi was still busy.
Shen Tiantian put down her phone and walked over.
A strong aroma wafted into her nose, “It smells so good.”

She leaned over to take a look and saw that Shan Yi had cut the steak into small pieces.

Shen Tiantian’s heart ached for the steak, and even doubted whether Shan Yi really knew how to cook.

Shan Yi naturally didn’t know what Shen Tiantian was thinking, and looked at the small face in front of her.
She leaned over and kissed her.

Shen Tiantian covered her face, glared at her, and then left the kitchen.

She returned to the group chat and sent another message: I found out that the CEO likes to kiss me.

Liu Wanjun: My husband is the same way.

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