Shen Tiantian grew increasingly nervous as the CEO approached, her mind racing with thoughts of the kiss they had shared the night before. 

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Thinking about it, her gaze unconsciously fell on the CEO’s lips, and she subconsciously swallowed her saliva.

Shan Yi knew when to stop.
She didn’t get too close to Shen Tiantian, for fear of scaring her away.

She casually brushed her hair from her forehead and chuckled.
“Relax, it’s after work hours.
You don’t have to treat me as your superior.”

Shen Tiantian was still a little nervous and didn’t notice the small mole on the CEO’s forehead when she brushed her hair.
After hearing her words, she secretly muttered to herself in her heart, afraid to say that she was nervous because she liked her, for fear of doing something embarrassing.

She took a breath and straightened her back.
Nodding, she took the initiative to find a topic.
“Um, I thought that Four Seasons Hall didn’t do deliveries.”

Shan Yi chuckled and picked out a piece of tender and delicious ginger onion chicken breast for her.
“We don’t support deliveries.”

Shen Tiantian felt that her brain had short-circuited.
She tilted her head slightly and looked at Shan Yi, unable to conceal her confusion.
She hesitated to speak, then stopped herself mid-sentence.
“Then how …”

“It doesn’t count as delivery if it’s delivered to the boss.” Shan Yi said with a smile.

    “! ! !”

Shen Tiantian was in disbelief.

The CEO is actually the boss of the Four Seasons Hall? Was this some kind of joke?!

Looking at her expression, Shan Yi couldn’t help but laugh.
“Okay, eat while it’s hot.”

Shen Tiantian nodded in a daze, her mind blank.
The distance between her and Shan Yi seemed to be even further.

Shan Yi’s family was already wealthy and influential to begin with, and she even managed to open her own restaurant.
Even the food that was sent over was meticulously delivered …

Shan Yi was much more capable than she had imagined.

However, Shen Tiantian was indeed a bit hungry and absentmindedly took a bite of the meat, then widened her eyes.
“It’s delicious.”

“Eat more if it’s delicious.”

Shen Tiantian blushed, realizing that she had accidentally spoken her true thoughts.

Shan Yi smiled and looked at her with a gentle expression.
After a while, she softly said, “I don’t know what you like to eat, so I just ordered a few signature dishes.
Let’s go out to eat on another day, so this meal doesn’t count.”

Shen Tiantian almost choked.

They haven’t even finished this meal, and she was already thinking about the next one?!

‘Was their CEO such an adorable person?’

Shen Tiantian clenched her chopsticks and hesitated for a moment, but then nodded under Shan Yi’s gaze.

She didn’t know why the CEO was so good to her, but she liked this kind of interaction, even though sometimes it made her so nervous that she felt dizzy.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” Shen Tiantian asked when she saw that Shan Yi hadn’t moved.

Shan Yi restrained the urge to kiss her.
“You eat more.”

Shen Tiantian didn’t say anything and picked up a piece of beef tongue for the CEO.
Only afterwards did she realize that her chopsticks had been in her mouth and still had saliva on them…

“Ambiguous” was the only word she could think of.

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But Shan Yi didn’t seem to mind at all.
She smiled as she put the beef tongue into her mouth and looked at Shen Tiantian while chewing. 

The more Shen Tiantian liked Shan Yi, the more she found her beautiful.
Shen Tiantian felt like her soul was about to be captured by Shan Yi’s lips. 

Shen Tiantian quickly looked away and her ears grew slightly warm.

The office fell into a hushed silence, with only the sound of their breathing audible, making it seem as if time had momentarily come to a halt. 

Suddenly, the phone on the table lit up, capturing their attention simultaneously. 

It was 1: 23 pm.

Shen Tiantian was taken aback, realizing that the lunch break was almost over.
Her colleagues would be back soon.
If they saw her going back from the 18th floor, it would cause unnecessary speculation.

Shan Yi noticed her concern and chuckled.
“There’s still time, take your time eating.”

Shen Tiantian lowered her eyes and looked down at the dishes that had hardly been touched.

She wasn’t a picky eater, and the dishes Shan Yi ordered were all moderate.
Shen Tiantian only felt a little bloated after finishing them.

Looking at the mess on the table, Shen Tiantian paused.
“What about these utensils?”

Shan Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
“It’s okay, someone will come to clean up.”

Shen Tiantian felt that it wasn’t fair of her to run away after eating, especially since it was Shan Yi’s office.
Leaving the smell behind would be unpleasant.

She wanted to clean up, but Shan Yi stopped her.
“You’re going to be late.
Aren’t you afraid?”

Shen Tiantian: ….

“Go ahead.” Shan Yi chuckled.

Shen Tiantian hesitated for a moment.
“Let’s eat out next time.”

Shan Yi readily agreed, “Okay.”

 Shen Tiantian suddenly realized what she had said and her face grew warm.
She quickly left the CEO’s office.

By the time she returned to her desk, her colleagues had already returned.
Fortunately, no one noticed that she had come back from the 18th floor.

Perhaps it was because she didn’t sleep well last night and didn’t take a nap at noon, Shen Tiantian felt a little drowsy.
She went to the pantry and brewed herself a cup of coffee.

Sitting at her desk, Shen Tiantian couldn’t help but think of Shan Yi again, and her face became slightly flushed.

She patted her face.
‘Wake up.
You’ve only been separated from her for less than 20 minutes.‘

But she still couldn’t control herself.

The corners of Shen Tiantian’s mouth were curled up the entire afternoon, and she didn’t even notice it.

Since seeing the several hickeys on her neck last time, Lu Xiaochun was convinced that Shen Tiantian had a boyfriend.
When she saw her looking like she had been nurtured by love, she couldn’t help but tease her.

“What good news made your heart flutter like this?”

Shen Tiantian shook her head.
She rarely talked about her personal life with anyone outside her close friends, and Lu Xiaochun was not someone she could confide in.
Moreover, with her unguarded nature, she naturally couldn’t tell her that she had lunch with the CEO.

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Seeing this, Lu Xiaochun returned to her seat disinterestedly.

Shen Tiantian wasn’t busy with work in the afternoon so she opened WeChat and looked at the profile picture of a pig.

She hadn’t added a nickname for Shan Yi yet.

After thinking for a while, she changed the nickname to  — Dear CEO.

Looking at the words “Dear”, Shen Tiantian suddenly felt a little embarrassed.
She didn’t know what Shan Yi would think if she saw it.

But she quickly got over it.
How could the CEO possibly see it?!

She put down her phone and was about to focus on her work, but then the WeChat notification made a sound, catching her attention once again.

It was from the CEO, whose name she had just changed.

Shen Tiantian’s heart skipped a beat for no reason, and she quickly opened the message.

— Wait for me after work.

Shen Tiantian was initially confused by the sudden request, but she quickly agreed without asking anything, secretly looking forward to their meeting that night.

The spring evening was quite cold, and the night came faster than in the summer.
In addition, it had rained at noon, so the sky was completely dark by six o ‘clock.

Shen Tiantian waited until all her colleagues had left before she slowly packing her things.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated, and Shan Yi sent her another message.

— Are you done?

Shen Tiantian’s heart raced again, and her fingers quickly tapped on the screen.

— I’m done.

— Wait for me at the elevator.

Shen Tiantian blinked.
‘Did this mean that they were leaving together? But what if someone from the company saw them?!’

The elevator ascended swiftly from the first floor to the 18th floor.
In less than a minute, the doors opened on the 17th floor, revealing the CEO and Assistant Yang standing before her.

Shan Yi smiled elegantly at her.
If it wasn’t for Assistant Yang being there, Shen Tiantian would have fallen for her.

“What are you thinking about?” Shan Yi’s voice rang out.

Shen Tiantian snapped out of her daze and realized that she hadn’t entered the elevator yet.
Assistant Yang was pressing the elevator button to prevent it from closing.

She quickly entered and stood as far away from Shan Yi as possible.

Shan Yi: ….

Assistant Yang lowered her eyes, an ambiguous expression flashing across her eyes.

The elevator ran smoothly, without anyone speaking or entering midway, and soon arrived at the first floor. 

By this time, most of the people in the building had already left, leaving only the security guards at the front entrance.
The three of them walked out together without attracting too much attention.
When they reached the door, Shan Yi asked Assistant Yang to go back first.

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Shen Tiantian said goodbye to Assistant Yang and silently followed behind Shan Yi.
She thought about how she had interacted with the CEO for the past two days and the kiss last night.

‘Why did they seem like a couple …’

She glanced at Shan Yi’s back and quickly lowered her head, lacking in confidence.

Shan Yi suddenly stopped in her tracks and turned around.
Shen Tiantian was caught off guard and collided into her shoulder.
Perhaps it was because the impact was too much that she felt a sharp pain shoot through her nose.
Shen Tiantian cried out softly and took two steps back, covering her mouth and nose. 

Shan Yi was stunned and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
“What are you thinking about again?”

She had intended to turn around and ask her what she wanted to eat, but she didn’t expect this woman to be daydreaming while walking.

Shen Tiantian shook her head and covered her nose, feeling a little embarrassed.
She couldn’t possibly tell Shan Yi that she was thinking about her, could she?!

“Move your hand, let me take a look.” Shan Yi didn’t get a response, but she wasn’t in a hurry.
She slowly pulled her wrist away.

Shan Yi’s expression changed.
“Your nose is crooked.”

Shen Tiantian blinked, not understanding what she meant.
After more than ten seconds, she suddenly touched her nose.
“No way!!!”

She didn’t think it was that serious.

Then, she felt a slimy sensation in her hand, and upon looking down, she saw that it was stained with blood.

She said blankly, “Ah, I’m bleeding …”

Shan Yi had already taken out a tissue from her bag.
When she heard her calm tone, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
What kind of reaction was this?

Meanwhile, Shen Tiantian looked at her innocently.

If Shen Tiantian hadn’t been bleeding, Shan Yi might not have been able to control herself and kiss her passionately.

She shook her head helplessly and raised her hand to gently wipe away the blood.
She couldn’t help but ask, “How did you manage to survive all these years?”

Shen Tiantian tilted her head and widened her eyes.

‘Was the CEO making fun of her?!’

It turned out that someone as elegant as the CEO also knew how to make fun of people!

The height difference between the two of them was about ten centimeters.
Shan Yi was wearing high heels and had to bend down slightly while wiping the bloodstains.
Their breaths intertwined.

Shen Tiantian tightly clutched the corner of her shirt and blushed as she gazed at Shan Yi.

Shan Yi was fully focused on wiping the bloodstains, but she sensed Shen Tiantian’s gaze and looked up slightly, meeting her eyes.
Without thinking, she leaned in and gently pressed her lips against Shen Tiantian’s.

Shen Tiantian’s eyes were wide, shining with watery light, and her long eyelashes trembled, as she didn’t know how to react. 

The CEO had kissed her again.

Shan Yi raised her hand and gently held the back of Shen Tiantian’s neck, deepening the kiss cautiously, carefully parting her teeth.


Shen Tiantian finally reacted and put her hands on Shan Yi’s shoulders.

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Shan Yi slowly pulled away from her lips but kept holding onto the back of Shen Tiantian’s neck.
She maintained the same posture and stared at her fixedly.

The air became still as the two of them locked their gazes intensely, neither one speaking up. 

“CEO, Tiantian?”

A sweet female voice interrupted their gaze.
Shen Tiantian was so frightened that she instinctively pushed away Shan Yi and took a step back.

“Tian, Manager Tian.” Shen Tiantian’s face turned from red to white as looked at Tian Jing, who had suddenly appeared.
She then remembered that this was the company’s parking lot.

Shen Tiantian’s mind became a mess.
‘Did Manager Tian see everything?!’

Compared to Shen Tiantian’s panic, Shan Yi was very calm.
“Manager Tian, why did you get off work so late?”

“Oh, I was organizing some documents.
That’s why I got off late.”

Shan Yi smiled.
“Thank you for your hard work, Manager Tian.”

“Not at all.
It’s what I should do.” Tian Jing returned the smile and her eyes landed on Shen Tiantian who was standing beside Shan Yi.
She quickly averted her gaze and asked, “Is the CEO and Tiantian dating?”

Upon hearing this, Shen Tiantian was so scared that she quickly waved her hands and explained, “No, no.
I accidentally fell and got a bloody nose … The CEO was just helping me wipe the blood.”

This kind of denial only made things worse.

Shan Yi didn’t feel disappointed by Shen Tiantian’s words since they hadn’t confirmed their relationship yet.

Based on the scene just now, no one would believe that Shan Yi was just helping Shen Tiantian wipe away her nosebleed.
However, Tian Jing didn’t expose her and asked with a knowing smile, “Oh, I see.
I’m heading home now, and it happens to be on the way.
Do you want me to give you a ride?”

Shan Yi turned her head to look at Shen Tiantian.
‘Tian Jing knew where she lived?’

For some unknown reason, under Shan Yi’s gaze, Shen Tiantian felt guilty, even though she didn’t know what she was guilty of.

She scratched her head and looked at Tian Jing, politely declining her offer.
“No thank you Manager Tian, there’s no need.”

Shan Yi raised her eyebrows and the anger that she had just felt was instantly soothed.

‘Very good.’

Tian Jing was very tactful, “Okay, then I’ll go first.”

Goodbye, Manager Tian.”

After Tian Jing left, Shen Tiantian breathed a sigh of relief and turned to smile at Shan Yi, her red nose looking particularly cute.
Shan Yi was amused by her expression.
“Do you still want to go eat?”

Shen Tiantian rubbed her still-sore nose and nodded.


Mini excerpt:

Shen Tiantian: CEO, why do you like me?

CEO: Guess.

In the future, she will write about why she liked Tiantian.

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