A Sorceress Struggle

Chapter 5: A small Mind trick.

I was asleep inside of that windowless room.

The light never came in and it was stuffy, not to mention I had no food or drinks eversince they locked me in here.

With each passing minute I was getting more and more… feeble.

On the other hand, I got quite a lot of time for myself and was starting to get used to having a conversation with myself!

I don know if thats an alarming sign or not, but its quite fun thinking about how Ill be turning the lives of Satians many enemies into a dreadful hell.

At least thats what I was doing before the door finally opened up.

I pretended to be asleep when the footsteps approached.

that was the sound of female servant.

She reached her hand out to me and pulled the sheets away

The maid was talking in a polite manner, but her tone was obviously that of a person whos dissatisfied with something…

Satiana is used to this kind of treatment, no servant except for her nanny treated her like a noble miss…

As Tania, I grew up as an orphan…I am use to not getting affection. But to treat me this way…is something new. And obviously I won be tolerating it.

I stood up and brushed my hair back and pointed my finger at the maid then said

The maid clenched her teeths and walked away leading me to where the duke was.

The moment I stepped a foot outside the room, the bright sunlight almost made me go blind… and I also think that I heard the maid laugh…

The way to the dukes office was quiet.

I took my time observing the surroundings and thinking about the reason why he would summon me after days of starvation.

By the way…isn this place just WAAAY too fancy???!

I mean the decorations and all…not to mention its a castle filled with green in the middle of a snow mountain! Did they install some kind of heater?!

At that moment a thought came to me…it was a memory of Satiana asking the same question to her nanny…and the answer was ”Its the lords magic ”.

Evansons magic… ”The winter ” is that it? The magic Satiana never got…even when she turned dark she didn get the winter.

Back to the observation! It looks like I was locked inside of a side building that is connected to the main building Wich by the way looks very fancy. The two buildings are connected by a bridge and beneath there is a garden spot and a small lake…on the other side of the lake is a training ground or at least that is what it seems to be.

By the way…are they planning on taking me to the duke wearing this? Its the same dress I was wearing during the entire prohibition and what about these cuffs and collar?!

I muttered to myself and it looked like the maid heard but even so I didn care.

A few doors, a few hallways, a few turns here and there…and we finally reached the room where ”His Grace ” is waiting for me.

The servants opened the door and announced my arrival, surprisingly now they are treating me like a noble…yay me~(being sarcastic)

The room I entered was not an office, it was the main dining hall of the evanson main house, and I am seeing quite a lot of familiar faces over here…

The head of the house and my dear father who I despise a lot for locking me for days with no food…also known as ”Cassius Von Evanson ”.

Right beside him is His sister and my aunt whom I also despise a lot for tormenting poor Satiana in the pas. ”Caitlin Von Evanson ”. She a woman who got married and divorced more than my hands could count and she got a nasty pair of brats called ”Sally ” and ”Molly ”, twins by the way, both have strongly inherited their mothers annoying character.

On the other side is where my brother is sitting, ”Vincent Von Evanson ”. Lets say that my relationship with my brother is inexistant. Shame to call him a brother for all what he did put Satiana through just because of some prejudice.

In this house, the duke acts as the Lord…and my aunt acts as the Mistress of the house. Of course shes in charge of our studies and our spendings…basically she rules over the servants and everything that happens in the castle instead of Cassius wife who sadly passed away.

They kept staring at me and I kept staring back at them with an emotionless expression. I knew the hatred they bared to me and Satiana already tasted it! Crying or cowering in fear would only bring them joy and laughter…

But what choice do I have?

I slightly bowed my head and gave my greetings and stood up firmly.

Said the duke after looking at me from the top to the bottom assessing what state I was in.

I went and sat a few chairs away from them, where Satiana always sit and quietly waited for the first attack.

Sally spoke first

They giggled before her twin sister Molly spoke

Wow…direct offense from the sisters huh? They both inherited a fraction of the winter from there mother and are simply looking down on me because despite not having the magic I still have the name they would never get.

So the right way is to actively attack them directly!

First I need to get these cuffs off me, and for that I need the big guy aka ”His Grace ” to spit the keys. So lets try sugar coating him shall we?

The brother remained silent completely ignoring my existence and the father was no different. It was like if he was watching two insects squabbling near his feet.

Aunt Caitlin decided to speak

Lets act oblivious There reaction was obvious, they kept staring at each other wishing I would never awaken ”The Winter ”.

And then I took the opportunity The suggestion was obvious, if they wanted to know if I have the winter or no, theyll have to remove the cuffs!

And if the cuffs are removed…theyll never be put on my wrists ever again!

They kept silent for a moment and the duke didn respond…I could feel his gaze assessing me from head to toe. I bet he can tell if I have ”The Winter ” with just one glance without having to remove the restraints.

And in the end…He ordered the servants to serve the food and completely ignored my request.

”Bastard ” was what I thought! This old senile Bastard who looks like a frozen sculpture is a total bastard!

Fine! The shackles can wait for now, Ill just have to try another approach at a later time.

Right now, I am starving! I haven ate a thing for a week! Can work with an empty stomach!

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