Chapter 7

Bwithy0u’s note: Eden is a count & not a duke.
I’ll change his salutation in the prev chapters when I have time.


Deep night, LionHeart’s office was lit.

Eden was reading the report.

It was a report update by the spy who went around gathering information throughout Vis this morning.

It was a long-awaited news.

But he could hardly concentrate on the report.

Insomnia was also insomnia, but above all, there was something else that disturbed him.

[Daddy hwug me!]

[I lwike everything my dad does for me.]

[Thwank you, dad!]]

A tiny babbling voice hung in his ear.

Whenever he thought of the white and hollow-cheeked face, an unknown unfamiliar feeling kept coming.

‘What the hell is happening?’

He crumpled his face.

Soon, he deliberately began to read the report aloud to prevent a flood of miscellaneous thoughts.

The aristocratic forces of the Eden Empire are divided into three families.
The Count of Dunbarre and the Count of Riano, and the Baron Dapé.
Each of the three families forms power around the capital city of Vis.”

It will certainly work.

The thought of revenge calmed him down.

“All three families are closely related to the high temple in the center of the capital.”

The high temple…

Eden was lost in thought. Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

‘That’s a bit of a challenge.’

Unlike ordinary temples that are open to commoners every weekend, high temple Hall is difficult to access.

As a beast origin, he needed to raise his reputation in society to gain official access to the exhibition.

“Its going to get annoying in many ways.”’

To be honest, Eden didn’t want to step into society.

It was a place where all kinds of greed-infested humans gathered.

Especially women.

‘Somehow, they’re going to try and make trouble for me.’

Before coming to the capital city of Vis, it occurred to him that local aristocratic women were interested in him.

They wanted to make sure the rumours surrounding him were true.

He thought it wouldn’t be much different here in Vis.

The more a man has, the greater his desire.

‘It’s going to be very impressive.’

High-nosed aristocratic women were pictured waving theur ostrich feather fans gently in their heads.

He wanted to burn it all up if he could.

It was rare to go suppress his desire, considering that they were right in front of his eyes.

If there’s anything like that…….

“That’s all it was a while ago.”

Eden was recalling a face to a bird without him realizing.

A child with pigtails who would shake every time she hopped.

‘The red ribbon looked pretty good on her.’

He clenched his fist imagining the touch of the time.

It was pretty soft.

The movement was quite interesting.

Soon Eden began to punch in the air as if he were possessed by something.


It looked as if a curious cat was driven by instinct and gave a meow punch.

‘I almost acted instinctively, but I endured it well.
If I have a chance later, I’ll have to touch it…….’

Oh, damn it.

Eden gripped his forehead.

“When did she take control of my mind again?”

He didn’t even invite, but he was confused by unexpected guest who kept coming in his head.

“What do you mean?”

Eden, who was in another thought, belatedly noticed that Richard had entered the office.

“!” Eden hurriedly picked up the report on the desk.

“What are you so surprised about?”

“When did you get here?”

“Just now.” Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

“I’ve told you to knock first before you come in.” The report was held upside down.

Well, he seems pretty embarrassed.

“Three times as usual, I did it politely.”

Richard tightened the twitching corners of his mouth.

“It’s not even a matter to be avoiding all day.”

“What do you mean avoid?”

“Since my ‘daddy’s class’ in the morning, you seem to be avoiding her strangely.
Did I misunderstand?”

“It’s an obvious illusion.”

“Oh, I thought it was because you were shy.”

As soon as the words were finished, the report in Eden’s hands was crumpled.

“Noisy, Richard.”

“Well, then, since you’re fine, I’ll go straight to my next class.”


It’s a situation where he can’t even take it out.

“The title of this video is Sweet Dad, who sings a lullaby for his child’s good night.” Do you like it?”

Richard said, holding the recording harness in Eden’s hand.

* * *

“Is this Eden LionHeart’s bedroom?”

Left alone in the room Richard guided me, I was squatting below the bed and looking around the room.

“It’s really wide.”

There was a big shadow over my head in the midst of looking around.

When I looked up, Eden was standing.

I didn’t even notice it, when did he come?

I felt guilty because I thought I was caught looking around without the owner’s permission, so I suddenly spoke to him first.

“Did you cwome?”



There was an awkward silence.

He fixed the magic stone silently on the desk.

Is he angry?

I took a look at him and brought up another topic.

“Well, thank you, Cwount.”

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He faltered for a moment and spoke.


“You lent an inn.”

What happened last night was honestly touching.

Eden sent me and Richard back to the mansion first, and then went to visit the orphanage alone to notify them of his decision to adopt.

His decision after that broke my expectations.
What was he thinking?’

Eden rented a whole nearby inn and lent it to the orphanage people without any conditions.

“Don’t be mistaken, that’s because I just don’t want to be bothered by your whining about useless things in the future.”

He gave a cold answer.

‘Looking at his attitude, I don’t think he did it for me.’

In any case, it was fortunate that Noah and the orphanage family could stay safe until the fire-damaged building was restored.

“Thank you, though.”


Eden, who had finished installing the magic stone, pointed to his bed.

“Lie down.”

“Too high….
Im going to pretend to be a kid.”

Habitually trying to open my arms to him, I corrected my words when I saw his weirdly changing expression.

If I ask me to hug you one more time, it looks like I’ll be  in big trouble.

I had no choice but to go up to bed by myself.

Here we go!

I was able to climb to bed after hanging on the sheet and whimpering for a long time.

“Im finally did it!” With pride, I turned around.

He was sitting at the desk opposite the bed staring at me.

What? Since when have you been watching? I wriggled my fingers in embarrassment.

“Cwount you’re not going to sleep?”

“You can go to bed first, so don’t worry about it and lie down.”

You must have a lot of work to do.

The desk was full of papers.

“Yes, I’ll stay hwere quietly.” I lay down in bed calmly.

with a click.

He activated the magic stone.

It was embarrassing to lie alone in a king-sized bed.

Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick


It’s been quite a while, but I can hardly sleep.

Is it because of the tension of using the same bed as a beast?

As she rolled he glazed eyes along the mural painted on the ceiling, she glanced at Eden.

He sat there looking at the papers like a picture.

‘You’re working really hard.’

Revenge is the driving force behind him.

I thought the expression was perfect.

‘He’s been suffering from insomnia since he got a trauma.
I guess he’s going to stay up all night.’

It bothered me that the shade under his eyes seemed to represent his life in an uneven state.

‘He’s going to hurt himself.’ Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

After worrying about him for a long time., I think I fell asleep like that.

* * *

When Eden felt the fatigue of his eyes and raised his head, the clock hands were heading toward 3 a.m.

I can sleep for about two hours.’

It was a relief to sleep that much.

I thought I’d gotten used to the boring insomnia now.

The fatigue weighing on the whole body has not been adapted to the problem.

“Do I need more sleeping pills?”

He took off his gold-rimmed glasses and pressed down on his eyelids.

Then suddenly, Eden, who recalled something, roughly arranged the documents he was looking at and turned to the bed.


There was a steady breath.

‘She fell asleep.’

He rose quietly and approached the bed.

The child was asleep like a doll.

The bulging tadpole boat went up and down at a constant speed.


Eden, who was watching the scene, reached out casually.

The fingers that came out long

It settled on the plump cheek of the chubby child.

“It doesn’t feel so bad.”

It was not long before he moved his hand.

‘Did you like it?’

The child’s pigtails were still tied in red ribbons, as he tied them in the morning.

The slow-moving hand touched the white hair that had been lingering in his mind all day.

‘As expected, it’s soft.’

It was as just as he thought.

The corners of his mouth went up at an angle without him knowing.

Perhaps if the humanizing transformation had been released, his tail would have fluttered madly.

Then, suddenly, he thought, “Oh, my.”


He coughed for no reason even though no one was watching, as he tried to leave the room in a hurry.

By the way, there’s only a rattling sound.
The door seems like its not intended to open.

“?” Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

He pulled the doorknob again, but the door didn’t budge.

Clack, clack, clack.

Feeling strange, Eden tried to pull the rope to call Richard.

However, there was a familiar handwriting note next to the hanging rope by the bedside.

I thought you’d do this, so I locked it in advance.

I’ll open it for you tomorrow morning, so you have to stay with the young miss all night.

It’s locked with a magic device, so don’t try to open it by force, sir.

Even the five well-drawn asterisks were reprehensible in many ways.

‘Damn it, that dog like bastard.’

He swallowed a swear word in his heart.

Now what should I do.

He didn’t have to think that long.

I have to film a video to submit to the government office anyway.

It is better to get a start first.

Looking down at the sleeping child, Eden sighed briefly.

I’ll just have to pretend.’

At last he lay down on the bed.

‘Will this angle make it look good?’

He thought about it while looking at the magic tools on his desk


What kind of dream do you have? The child rolled over in her sleep.


In an instant the child drifted away from him


His body reacted ahead of his head.

He grabbed the child preventing her rolling to the edge falling off of the bed.


Thanks to his quickness, the child narrowly escaped falling.

Boom, boom, boom.

His heart beats fast.

Looking at the child who was still asleep without knowing the world, he laughed in vain.

“This is ridiculous.”

It was momentary, but it was funny that he was worried about a human child who had nothing to do with him.

He laid the child in a safe place in the middle of the bed and he sat far away from her.

Yeah, this is just the distance.

This is what’s right.

He lay down in bed thinking that.

The little white child began to roll like an acorn again.


A rolling child came into his arms who was lying on the end of the bed.


He hardened as it is.

The child murmured quietly in his arms, with him which had hardened, forgetting to breathe.


The voice somehow sounded mournful.

Maybe that’s why.

Eden couldn’t bear to let the child out of his arms.

“……Daddy, where are you gwoing……?”

Listening to the voice reminded me of my childhood.


His arm, which had been frozen down, moved slowly, unable to do this or that.

The child came into his arms.

It was a stable posture as if his arms existed for the child from the beginning.

Quietly. Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

The child’s soft breath touched his chest.

There was a strange feeling again.

“Is there a feather in my heart?”’

Eden was very serious.

For some reason, the insomnia that had plagued him so much seemed to be unable to control him today.

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