“No more unnecessary waste of time, let’s get down to business.” said Eden, sitting on a chair away from me.

“Before we start, I think we should have a teatime to recover from fatigue.”

“Skip it, I don’t need it.”

“Your face isn’t saying the same thing.”

When I heard Richard’s words, Eden didn’t look good.
A shadow thickened under his eyes represented his tiredness.

‘Did he say he suffers from insomnia?’ Seeing him press down on his temple, he seemed to have a headache.

“You didn’t sleep at all again, did you? You’ll ruin your body.”

“I slept for about two hours.”

“That’s what they call a sleepless night.”

“Stop the small talk, and get to the point”

When Eden didn’t even pretend to hear the nagging, Richard shrugged as if it was a familiar situation.

“Well, anyway, let’s get down to business and start Daddy’s class”.
(Dad 101 class)

The time has come at last.

‘Daddy’s class’.   아빠 수업.’

The four letters were tense all over.

There are several things that must be prepared separately from the ‘adoption application’ in the service, which has strict adoption standards.

a foster identification card

a letter of recommendation from a orphanage.

And finally, “Daddy Class” that we have to complete.

The problem was that the ‘daddy class’ was quite embarrassing.

Seeing that Eden looks like he stepped on poop, he must have heard the explanation in advance.

“I have already explained it to your excellency, but I will explain it again for you my lady.”

“I know what daddy’s class is.
it is a must-have program before adoption.”

“I didn’t expect you to know what it is.” Richard’s eyes grew round a little surprised.

Is it a difficult concept for a four-year-old to know? To avoid suspicion, she made the most innocent expression.

“An adopted sister from orphanage told me not too long ago.”

“Thanks to that, it’s easier to explain.
As you know, you can carry out the program with your Excellency for one-week as a temporary protection period.”

“Uh, yes.” Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

To be honest, I wasn’t confident.

It’s not anybody else, it’s Eden LionHeart and Daddy’s class!

When I saw his consistently cold attitude to me, the future was clear.

“There is nothing to worry about.
It’s not that difficult for you.”

Richard, who stopped talking along the way, said, looking toward Eden with a face that seemed somehow in dismay.

“On the contrary, the other side will be difficult.”

No, Richard.
It’s hard for me, too.
I swallowed my answer in silence.

In general, “daddy classes” make the relationship between adoptive parents and adoptees strong.

If I were a normal kid, I’d be as he said.
It will be a time to have fun making memories with adoptive parents.

But my opponent……, It’s a lion’s beast that has a deep grudge against humans’

There’s no way it is going to be harmonious with LionHeart, who is known for being cold-blooded, as usual!

“I told you not to go side road.” (not to speak other useless things)

Look, look, look, look at the attitude.

I was already disturbed to think that it was something I might hear in the future.

“Well, we’re busy on our schedule, so shall we get started?”

Richard, the only hope of my adoptive life, lifted me up.

“Since it’s my first time, I think it’s better to start with something relatively easy…”….”

My stomach is growling.

Suddenly there was a roar in my stomach.


I was in a hurry to wrap my stomach and pretend I didn’t know

My stomach is growling!

What a slow-witted navel clock.
Suddenly letting out a frivolous cry


“……Hah” Eden snickered in the flowing silence.

“In many ways…..” He didn’t say anything behind his back, but he clicked his tongue.

What, what, what, why! People can be hungry!

I wanted to hide in a rat hole.

“Oh, my lady must be hungry.”

“I’ll be back in an hour.” Eden left the room.

I buried my face in Richard’s chest.

‘When a baby is hungry, it’s amazing not to cry.’

He didn’t even know that…..

“You’re just a nasty-tempered lion.” I glared at the door where he left for no reason.

“Will I ever get along with that feisty king?”’

In many ways, tough dad classes were expected.

* * *

Fortunately, I ate alone.

Eden skips breakfast or something like that.

Well it’s a thank you for me.

I was very relieved that I didn’t have to be conscious at least when I’m eating.

“Did you like the meal?”

“Yes! I really enjoyed the meal.” I nodded vigorously.

The richness of the tomato meatball stew still lingered on the tip of the tongue.

“I’m sorry to have to serve you the food bought outside because there are no chefs in the mansion yet.”

“I’m fine.” Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

Richard took out a handkerchief and wiped my mouth.

“For the time being, I think we should buy meals from outside like today.
I’ll try to get a cook as soon as possible.”

“You don’t have to overdo it.” I was really fine.

It was because I liked the food he bought at the restaurant on Main Street.

“When I’m in the orphanage, I don’t have a chance to eat expensive food like this.’

The children of the orphanage wanted to try the food of a high-end restaurant, but the finances of the Need Orphanage were not very sufficient.

The first and last time we ate the food of restaurant was last year’s Family Month Banquet.

The caretaker bought us high-quality food by spending all the money she had collected.

Nevertheless, she was sorry that she couldn’t buy us often.

“I can’t believe I can eat such expensive food every day now.”’

No way.

I’m admiring LionHeart’s wealth

Eden burst in with the door open.

“You should have ventilated it.”

As soon as he entered my room, he frowned and said hateful things.

“MY lady will be exposed to the cold air outside.”

“Tell her to cover herself with a blanket.”

“Then she’ll catch a cold.”

In place of the stationary Richard, Eden opened all the windows in my room.

The cold air rushed into the room.


I sneezed automatically as this was a fragile child’s body.

Eden looked at me with a crooked face.What else was he dissatisfied with.

“You’re uselessly weak.”

But your body temperature is naturally high? I got emotional that I talked to myself for a while.

He suddenly took off his coat and threw it at me.


The fluttering heavy clothes settled over my head, and somehow I was wrapped around his clothes.

‘What, what?’

Is he cursing or taking care of me.

He should have choose one of the two…….

It’s confusing.

“Don’t make a scene and start.”

Eden turned his eyes away from me who had a puzzled expression on.

“You two have a good start, so the first mission won’t be difficult.”

Richard held back his laughter and put what he had prepared into the room.

a large full-body mirror

an expensive wooden comb

accessories with precious jewels

a portable hanger full of children’s dresses

And lastly, the mysterious Magic stone.

Tension grew for no reason over the unusual items that lined up one after another.

“What’s this?”

“What do you mean? It’s the first evaluation in daddy’s class, food, clothing, shelter & other necessities.”

I didn’t think so, my God. Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

Richard shouted brightly as he looked at me with his mouth wide open.

“The title of the video that will be recorded is – Sweet Daddy, who helps you dress up.”

“Video recording?”

“It was stated in the class completion criteria, and it said to record and submit the video using the designated Magic stone.”

“Put a lady in the right place.”

Perhaps expecting an answer from Eden, Richard pushed the underlined paper into him.

“I’m sorry, but you have to carry out your class yourself.” He didn’t look sorry at all.

Eden closed his lips tightly.
Like he didn’t like something.

“If you can’t do it, would you do another option?”

Eden nodded his head.

“In the category of food, clothing, and shelter, the choice other than helping to get dressed, the arrangement is…… There are direct bathing and changing diapers.
What’s your preference?”

Wait a minute.
What, what, what?

Eden and my body hardened at the same time.

“……I will go with the first earlier option.”

“It’s a great choice.”

Richard quickly gave him a brush.
Eden was forced to hold a comb and stand in front of the mirror.

‘It’s like a giant playing house.’

I can’t believe I’m seeing him holding a cute child comb, not a sword for slaughter.
It has a pink ribbon.

Somehow my face burned with the strange combination.

“Then we’ll start recording.”

with a click.

The operation button of the harness is pressed.

Now Eden and I had to play a friendly father-daughter relationship in front of a recording harness.

“Sit down.”

said Eden, pointing to the chair in front of the mirror.

“It’s too high.”

Eden didn’t budge.

No, to be exact, he didn’t seem to know what he was supposed to do for me.

In the end, I stepped up first.

“Give me a hwug”


“I can’t go up there alone.
Dwuke have to hwold me.” I spread my arms at him.

Again, he didn’t move.
Maybe he didn’t like the name.

“Daddy, give me a hwug.”

I corrected his name without meaning to it.

It’s just acting for the recording anyway, so Eden will understand, right?


The voice, which had been cold all along, trembled slightly.
He was like a broken robot.

Coming up with a stiff gesture, he helped me sit myself in the chair.

“……then……let’s start combing.”

“Yes, please take good care of me, Daddy.”

His hand, which touched her hair, flinched and soon began to move slowly.


It was a clumsy brushing act as if it had never been done before.

It didn’t hurt at all.

“You’re considerate of me, too.”’

My long hair was tangled because I just woke up, but it didn’t hurt thanks to a careful comb.

“What kind of style do you want?”

“I like everything you do for me.”

We had normal conversation as a father-daughter would.

Hardly combing her tangled hair, Eden pulled out a moderately colorful red ribbon from the accessory box.

“Let’s do it like this.”

“Is it strawberry jam color? I like it.”

Since then, he has been fiddling with my hair for a long time.

After concentrating, he tied it with a ribbon and finished it, and then stepped aside.

“It’s done.”

I could see myself in the mirror.

pigtails tied high

The point was the red ribbon that Eden chose and tied by himself.

“I love it, abswolutely!”

As I moved my head, my long hair and ribbon shook together.

When I looked at it as a girl, it was obvious that he had tied it for the first time, but this was not bad.

‘Since he has done his best, shall I reciprocate?’

I stepped up from my chair with his coat on, to finish the video finale with the figure of a lovely child.
Then I hugged him tightly around the waist.

“Thanks, Daddy!”



I thought you’d say something, that you didn’t like it, or push me away.

No response was returned.

It’s just that Eden’s eyes strangely stayed with me for a long time.

Richard, who felt strange, stopped the Magic stone operation and called him softly.

“……Your excellency?”


Surprised, Eden stepped back, covering my face with his forearm.

“Ah!” Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

Along with that, I lost my balance and stumbled.

‘That scared me.’

Fortunately, I was alright since I’m athletic.
I almost fell off my chair and got hurt.

“You surprised me.”

I looked at Eden with a thumping heart.

“……that’s the end for the recording.”

He was leaning sideways and fanning his face.

‘The beasts had a high body temperature, but was it hot because I hugged them?’

It was red from the back of his neck to the ears.

“Are you hot, dwuke?”

He left the room without answering my question.

You should say it’s hot if it’s hot.
Why are you pushing people?

“Im gonna die because its freezing.”

Richard laughed when he saw me sniffing at his coat over my shoulder.

“I’ll close the window for you.”

And so, we couldn’t even see Eden’s nose until late in the evening.


Isn’t daddy Eden such a tsundere? Luna’s real cute too!

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