“Was it that I was going to take care of?”

Eden wiped the blood on his face with the back of his hand and asked me.

“What’s your answer?”


Empty eyes tested me.

He seemed to want her to cry like an ordinary child and make her confess the truth, saying, “I’m sorry for lying.”

A normal kid might do that, but I…….

I decided to take a slightly different path.

“What about the fire?”


“Did the fire in the orphanage go out? Did anyone get hurt?”

“Is it time to worry about that?”

He asked back in a tone of bewilderment.

Anyone would’ve asked the same thing, because she is worried about the life of others at a time when she may die or live right away.

That’s just a four-year-old kid.

“If you answer first, I’ll answer the question.”

Eden, who was staring at me quietly at a slightly bold question, opened his lips.

“The fire is gone.”

“Did you put it off?””

“I was just trying to stop a forest fire, so don’t imagine it uselessly.”

“Twhank you!”

He continued, who paused at my loud voice.

“……the injured are those who have been briefly knocked out or scratched during the explosion.”

I’m glad, everyone’s fine.

My fingertips trembled as I let go of my nervousness.

“Now it’s time to hear your answer.”

He looked down at me at an angle.

I answered clearly, not avoiding eye contact.

“I’m not dying today.”

“How come?”

“Because dwuke have no intention of killing me.”

“Isn’t it just your wish?”

“But I’ve already found out how you feel.”

Her eyes held together as she stretched out her fingers and pointed to something that had become a mess – once an assassin out to kill her.

I don’t care what the reason is.’

It means a lot to me that he stepped up.

“I think I told you not to be mistaken.
I just cleaned up the garbage I bumped into.”

“It’s just a coincidence for dwuke, but it’s a miracle for me.”

“Miracle, you say…….”.

What a load of nonsense.

His low muttering to himself passed on to me in the night breeze.

Did he think of his family?’ The expressionless face looked sad.

When he did it only for me, I remembered a scene where he desperately wanted a miracle.

[Hope the family comes back to life]

[I hope the people who slaughtered my family, friends and colleagues will be punished.]

He said he probably begged for it.

But Children’s aspirations did not reach the sky.

The desire to fall head over heels in the mud gave birth to hatred and revenge, and he grew up as a closed adult.

Is it because she knows all of Eden’s narratives?

He’s a bloodied, creepy figure.….

No wonder he looked lonely.

“I’ll be a miracle for you, dwuke.”

His eyes were fixed on me by the whisper.

“You, my?”

He snorted lowly.

The light laughter was quickly blown away by the wind, leaving only a stiff expression.

“How are humans all the same?”

He came up to my nose in the blink of an eye.

He must have thought of an enemy.

His eyes, which had been subdued all along, were filled with anger.

‘It’s annoying.’ That’s what Eden’s eyes were saying.

It didn’t matter if he concluded that he would kill me who is a human being, as he had learned from past experiences.

I’ve got something to believe in.

“Your grace! No, you can!”

A chestnut-sized thing jumped up at the right time.
It was Tori, the squirrel beast.

He quickly climbed onto Eden’s hand holding me.

“What are you doing? Tory Mook.”

“A-Are you going to kill me?” Tori blocked the front with his arms open.

“I’ll follow your will!” He trembled like a reed in front of the wind, but did not back down.

“Get out of my way.”

“This beast……this beast owes her his life!”  (I translated as shapeshifter previously but im not sure if he can shapeshift or just a beast? Lets wait for further chapters.
I’ll use beast for now)

“Get out of the way.”

The callous order was not taken.

Tori, who was as light as a feather, eventually landed on the floor as if he were being kicked out.

“Why did you save him?”

I smiled quietly at the question that flew straight in.

‘I guess my prayers are with God.
Seeing that I’ve got a chance.’

I clearly remembered the setting I read in the novel.

I sang joyfully in my heartily.


I’ve got a way to live.

If I were an ordinary child of the Eden Empire, I would have brutally hunted the squirrel I encountered in the warehouse as I learned from adults, but I let him live.

Maybe for this moment.

“It’s just a coincidence.”

“By chance?”

“Let’s cherish any life.
I happened to meet a squirrel in need.”

There was silence after the answer.


I looked up carefully to read Eden’s expressions and thoughts.
The lips, which were often answered, were tightly closed, and the expression was subtly cracked.

……did it get through?

I was nervous, but Richard, who had been watching, burst into laughter.

“Well, it seems you’ve had a blow your grace .”


“If you kill her, you’ll feel uncomfortable because Tori Mook is in debt, but you won’t be able to leave the only witness alone…….
What would you ever do in this situation?”

“Noisy, Richard.”

“How about this?” Richard snuggled me up.

“This child has no parents, and doesn’t your lord need a child?”

What? Hold on.

Hanging on Richard’s side, listening to the conversation silently, I quickly rolled my head to grasp the situation.

‘The world’s greatest villain is adopting me?’

That’s completely.. Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

‘You’re getting the best background, aren’t you?!’

Oh, my gosh, I swallowed my breathless.

“What a coincidence! How do you like it, adopting this child?”

The fuss continued.

Of course, Eden didn’t give an easy answer.

“No matter how much I think about it, I think this is the only child who doesn’t cry when she sees your face.”

Yeah, no matter how much I think about it.

‘This is an opportunity that won’t come back’

I decided to seize the opportunity that heaven gave me.

“Please adopt me, dwuke!”

She shouted with all her might as if she was going to break Eden’s eardrum.

Please adopt me……!

Adopt me…!

Let me…!

A courageous cry echoed through the Prima forest.

“Well, what choice are you going to make?”

Richard and I looked at Eden with bright eyes.


He turned around without an answer.

In time,

“Take it.”

A low voice flew in and stuck in my heart.

“Oh, really?”

My heart began to pound.


“Don’t make a fuss, Richard.
It’s just to gather information.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

Eden coughed for no reason and began to walk ahead.

“Let’s go together, Your Excellency!”

Richard, who held me in his arms, followed Eden diligently.

The swollen heart was holding tightly so that it wouldn’t fly away, and Eden, who was walking earlier, murmured softly.

“There are times when we run out of food.…… well, that’s a big help.”

It would have been better if I hadn’t heard the following words.

* * *

The next day, I had a peaceful morning in a strange place.


While tossing and turning in a fluffy blanket, I suddenly came to my senses when I saw the colourful mural painted on the ceiling.


a picture of a lion under the crescent moon

It was a familiar symbol of the LionHeart family.

“Ah yes, I was adopted yesterday.”

It really wasn’t a dream.

It was my first time sleeping in such a large room in my life.

‘As expected, he has great financial resources.’

In the orphanage, three to four people used to gather in a small room and live in together.

It was an empty room except for the bed because there was no furniture yet, but even that was a thrill to me.

“Then my name will have a last name, too?”

Luna LionHeart.

I couldn’t bring myself to speak and carefully recited it in my mind.

The first morning at LionHeart’s mansion, though it’s still only temporary protection

Somehow, I felt strange.

‘The aristocrats who often come to the orphanage to see the children said I wouldn’t be able to be adopted by them.’

When they grade a child to adopt, they value ‘noble blood’ or ‘intelligence’ such as magic and divine power.

According to the assessment, I am rated F as an adopted child candidate for an aristocratic family.

And to put it in perspective of them

It was “an unadopted existence.” Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress. Do not copy or repost

But I was chosen.

And to LionHeart, who is the most popular among the aristocrats these days!

Even in the not-too-distant future, the LionHeart family will be on par with the three top families of the Eden Empire.

‘So, I’m saying that it’s like winning a lottery!’

Of course, there were still some formal procedures left.

The adoption process in the Eden Empire is quite complicated, so simply bringing in a child to adopt from a nursery is not the end.

As in our situation now, we need to prepare adoption applications and materials to be submitted to government offices during the provisional protection period.

“What kind of nonsense is that?”

Speak of the devil.

Beyond the door, a conversation between Eden and Richard was heard.

“I understand how you want it to be nonsense, but unfortunately, that’s the law of Vis.”

“Can’t humans live without the word ‘law’?”

“That’s the kind of people they are.
They have a framework for every little thing, and a handful of powerful people like to control it.”

“I don’t like them all.”

“Anyway, you have to endure it even if you don’t like it because it’s a prerequisite for adoption.”

Closer and nearer, the sound of words ceased.

Soon the door opened, and two men entered the room.

“Good morning, child.”

“Good morning.” (she replied in english.
Aww cute)

She waved to Richard, who greeted him brightly.

“Wasn’t your bed uncomfortable last night?”

“Yes, I like it because it’s soft.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

I was chatting with Richard, who somehow felt comfortable, and I could feel someone’s gaze next to me.

Unconsciously, I turned my head to it and made eye contact with Eden.

Oh, my.
I totally forgot.

“Have you slept well?””


Is he offended by the belated greeting?

He turned his head to the other side without pretending to hear.

“Uh…… Well…….”

Thanks to you, I was embarrassed.

Richard whispered in a whisper to me, who rolled his eyes.

“His Excellency is expecting a morning kiss.”

“What?” I asked back in surprise.

What do you mean, Morning kiss?’

Richard burst into laughter when he saw me hardened like a wooden stone.

“Richard, don’t teach her anything weird.”

Eden blamed Richard.

How did you hear that soft whisper?

It must be true that the hearing of the beast people is dozens of times better than that of humans.

“What do you mean strange? It’s a big misunderstanding.
I’m just giving you a little tip for your future relationship.”

“I don’t need it.”

“It’s said that infancy is a very important period that affects the formation of a bond between father and daughter.”

Richard even brought out a professional parenting book and said.

Do you think that’ll sense?

Inside, I was curious about Eden’s reaction, so I peeked at his face.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“You don’t know what will happen, your grace.”

There was a deep groove in Eden’s forehead.

I knew it wouldn’t work. Please read this novel at Bwithy0u Translation wordpress.
Do not copy or repost

“I won’t say it twice.
I don’t need a morning kiss.”

“I’m sure the time will come when you regret your remarks today.”

“If you say something weird one more time, I’ll give you your funeral, Richard.”

Richard took a step back at the brutal warning.

‘This is it.
I might have to write a survival story when I just got adopted.’


As I watched the conversation between the two men, I naturally sighed.

At some point, Richard, who approached me, whispered without getting tired.

“His excellency is shy, so don’t be too hurt.”

“Uh, yes.”

Of course.

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